Third World leeches costing Australian economy billions a year – 93% get Centrelink and have no English

Vocal backbencher Tony Abbott now reckons Australia should halve Canberra’s mass immigration fetish (currently net 245,000 a year).  But go further, impose an indefinite moratorium on all immigration.  That it provides a net benefit to Australia is a fallacy.  It only makes Canberra’s economics look good, while imposing a net burden on the rest of the country!  Our capital cities are choked with foreigners while rural Australians are denied a democratic share in our national wealth.

Abbott this week tempered his immigration revelation at the Liberal Party’s Sydney Institute, stating “until infrastructure and housing stock catches up.”   What 50 years?  Prior to wrecker Whitlam, lucky White Australia was the envy of the world in 1971. That was nearly 50 years ago, and it will take that long again to undo all the flood gate harm of mass immigration, globalisation, privatisation, foreign control, and criminalization.

Abbott has apparently woken up to mass migrant demand being the driving force of Australia’s rising cost of living, our low wage growth (he means shrinking disposable incomes), unaffordable urban housing prices and all the social integration problems (he means the abject failure of multiculturalism).

He’s right.

Abbott also reckons halving mass immigration will reduce house prices and make it easier for locals to get work.

He’s right too of course.  This has been Australia First Party’s policy since year dot.  Dick Smith has been screaming at Canberra on this issue for years.

Yet also this week Abbott was launching a curry munching vego restaurant chain ‘Saravanaa Bhavan’ Melbourne ethnic outer south-east.  When asked about his recent utterances on scaling back immigration, Mr Abbott said:

“I’m completely in favour of immigration and Indian migrants make wonderful Australians. But we must serve the interests of all those people who are already here, including the Indian community, so that we have unclogged roads, increasing wages and lesser pressure on housing prices.”

Indians only employ Indians – cash only and below Australia’s decent wage rates

Is he having a bet each way like duplicitous Turncoat and Shorten?  May be Abbott wants to now feel relevant while relegated up the backbench back.  This is the same bloke who captain-called 12,000 Syrian welfare seekers when he was in charge.  It was a kneejerk to da leftard tear-jerk photo fraud of that staged washed up toddler on the Turkish beach – a fake refugee.

Remember Da Leftard Drowned Toddler Fraud…

Toddler, Aylan Kurdi (real name Ayan Shenu) was not a refugee but the victim of a greedy father who wanted free dentistry in Finland


Father Abdullah Shenu was a labourer in Turkey whose family had received free housing in Turkey for the past three years.  Abdullah did people smuggling on the side. His sister Tima in Canada wired him $5000 to fund people smugglers so he could pretend to be a refugee and get new teeth in EU Finland via Greece. 

To make sure his family had cut to the front of the line in the refugee application system, Abdullah sent his wife and children on a dodgy inflatable first, alone, so that a lone mother and children would get help first.  Then, under ‘family reunification’ program, he’d join them…

That manipulative greedy pig of a father was never even on the boat.  Greedy Abdullah wanted free dental care and sends wife and babies on risky journey to cut in the refugee queue is nowhere near as pretty a narrative as ‘babies drown trying to escape war’..

But never let truth get in the way of leftard propaganda.

The actual photographer was Ms Nilufer Demir of Turkey’s Dogan News Agency, who was covering the illegal water crossings by Third Worlders from Akyarlar in southern coastal Turkey 5km across the sea to the Greek island of Kos.  Demir photographed a bunch of Pakistani illegals washed back to Turkey ashore after two smuggler inflatables sank.   She took the infamous drowned toddler photo around 6am on September 2 2015.  Her editor then shock splashed the dead child photo on the front page, breaking journalistic standards.

Then one Peter Bouckaert, leftard Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director, sent it viral across Twitter and Facebook in a global tear-jerking outrage propaganda campaign to appeal to First World pollies to permanently resettle millions of Syrian so-called ‘refugees’.   It worked because the toddler was White dressed up like a rich White toddler.

Abbott as PM bought the leftard fraud hook, line and sinker.  On 9 September 2015, he announced that Canberra would make an extra 12,000 humanitarian places available for Syrians in response to the civil war in Syria and Iraq (aka da dead toddler photo).  And that was in addition to the already annual Third World intake of 13,750.  

But government figures are rubbery at the best of times with dodgy definitions and sneaky confusing statistics .  Look at this lot.

Actually, Abbott’s 12000 extra Syrians have in fact been Syrians, Iraqis and Armenians.  They go flown free from Istanbul to Sydney at $1400 a seat.  That was another 17 million hidden from Canberra’s migration statistics and accounts.  They got mainly dumped on already congested ethnic Fairfield.   Of course Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone, a multiculti Italian, is overjoyed.

Abbott promised Australians his 12000 welfare invites would all be Christians fleeing persecution by Asad and ISIS.

That was a con.  Most are muslim.

More islamic schools, mosques and attitudes to undermine Australian culture

And then Canberra snuck them into Australian urban neighbourhoods of Manly, Penrith, Campbelltown, Camden, Toowoomba, Geelong, Hobart and Canberra.  Leftard Kathy Ragless, director of Canberra-based asylum seeker support service Companion House was overjoyed.  ACT Liberal senator Zed Seselja, a multiculti Croat was also overjoyed.

The ‘Migration Benefits Australia’ Peddled Fraud

Wanna hear Canberra’s hackneyed con?

“Refugees, like everyone else, pay taxes, either directly or indirectly. The longer they stay, the greater their likely contribution.”

Canberra’s economic performance is only from relentless immigration and the reporting is book cooking to suit its growthist agenda.  Gross Domestic Product is such a narrow measure of our nation’s wealth.  It is an aggregate not a per capita measure. Of course inviting in 300,000 foreigners a year will increase demand.  It floods it and jacks up the cost of living.  Rudd’s Big Australia manta does not make our nation better.

Look at Turncoat’s wife addiction to high-rise for Sydney. Her Greater Sydney Commission wants 8 million in Sydney, replete with congestion, poverty and crime.  In migrant saturated Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, roads are choking, infrastructure is obsolete, utilities are struggling, prisons are overcrowded, child care is unaffordable, schools are overloaded and backyards have become endangered.  It’s a São Paulo vision towards Australia becoming Second World.

Globalist cultural diversity and multiculturalism have hatefully persecuted and stigmatized traditional White Australians in our own country.

Ethnics employ only ethnics – their own kin.  They pay cash and they underpay; lowering decent work standards and our First World way of life.

Australia’s Net Ethnic Welfare Burden

Canberra’s Department of Home Affairs statistics for 2017 revealed a net migration intake of 183,608, approaching government’s “planning level” of 190,000.  More than two-thirds of migrants arrive as skilled migrants and one-third unskilled from the family visa stream. So that’s another 60,000 on the Centrelink and Medicare welfare teat.

The major source countries include India, China and Britain. Most settle in Sydney and Melbourne within their ethnic ghetto beachheads so they only have to speak English and can get tax-free cash in hand from their compatriots.

While Turncoat and queen Lucy are off on a wining and dining junket this week to Washington, acting PM Belgian-born Senator Cormann, reckons the Liberals mass immigration policy “attracts the right people to make Australia their home..with the skills and the attitude to help make Australia an even greater place, pays taxes to help fund the services provided by government.”..crap crap crap.

Abbott reckons the Liberal’s rate of immigration is too high… “at a time of stagnant wages, clogged infrastructure, soaring housing prices and, in Melbourne at least, … has gone badly wrong with our resettlement system when 58% of refugees (economic) who have settled here in the past 10 years are living on welfare”.

Hypocrite Abbott, who as prime minister in 2014 approved a rise in the humanitarian refugee intake from 13,750 to 18,750 by 2018.

Since 2015, the Federal Budget has allocated $100 million a year in welfare payments for welfare seeking Third Worlders up until 2019 to fund the resettlement of Abbott’s extra 12,000 Arabs.  So this is half a billion and just for Abbott’s 12000 extra invites.

What about the other 18,000 bludgers let in every year?    If its $100 million every year for 12000, then it would extrapolate out to another $180 million a year for Canberra’s ‘normal’ Third World intake of 18,000.  So that’s near $300 million a year from 2015 to 2019 which comes to 1.5 billion over the five years.

No wonder the Commonwealth, state and territory governments spent roughly $157 billion on welfare cash payments and services every year.  In 2007 it was $117 billion a year.   The scale of Australia’s ethnic burden is scary.

According to the Building a New Life in Australia study in 2015 conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), Third World welfare seekers languish on a 93% unemployment rate.  Most can’t speak Engrish or read road signs or drive properly.

An Australia Bureau of Statistics survey showed that in 2013 around 59% of refugees and former refugees had government social security benefits as their main source of income – around 54,000 of the bludgers.   Spending on cash payments to people of working age in 2012-13 was close to A$60 billion. If refugees were receiving the “average” payment per person this could actually amount to around A$1.3 billion – around A$24,400 per economic refugee on welfare, and that’s no including family benefits.

Humanitarian Policy is United Nations Fraud  – it’s blatant Third World Migration in disguise

Why aren’t these bludgers here temporarily.   A ‘refugee’ is someone subject to persecution in their home country such as due to civil war.  Once the persecution ends, send them back!   Australia’s  Special Humanitarian Programme is for people outside their home country who are subject to substantial discrimination amounting to gross violation of human rights in their home country.  Once the discrimination ends, send them back!