Scomo’s $2 billion pork barrelling wasted on Climate Change Cult better off going to Queensland floods and NSW drought

‘Laboral’ PM Scomo has launched his pork-barrelling pre-election sweetener to appease the Climate Change Cult lobby, pledging $2 billion for brainsnaps to reduce Australia’s CO2 (exhaling rate) emissions by humans, industry and animals (but only farm animals at this stage).

The $2 billion climate tax is not Scomo’s money, nor elite Canberra’s sheltered workshop play money to bribe voters.

What a shameful waste of Australian tax wealth for a superstitious hoax that is Global Warming/Climate Change, which exploits and fear mongers historical climate variation and recurrence.

This Christmas I’ve way over-indulged.  Salmon in abundance, penguins, beluga whale pups with kelp jus, tender young walruses on the barbie, seal fillets ringed or bearded, matters not – tho best minced and baked in a traditional pie with rich gravy and covered in a pastry crust

I’ve got bad heartburn now or what?”


Scomo’s splurge is an Abbott-esk ‘Direct Action’ climate control pledge (rebadged the more results driven ‘Climate Solutions Fund’) over ten years.  But why?   To adhere to some foreign leftist globalist clergy in Paris.

It’s all tokenistic CO2 breath-holding multi-pronged Canberran dreaming.  Like Snowy 2 hydro fake power.  Like Asian electric cars, and more of them noisy Chinese wind turbines and lethal Chinese solar panels on the homes of the hopeful.

Scomo’s minders reckon his Liberals have got “cool heads, not just impassioned hearts…meaningful, practical action on climate change, without damaging our economy or the family budget”

…yeah as they frolic around in their brand new imported air-conditioned prestige Comcar fleet, that cost taxpayers how much?

All the while Scomo signs off on 300,000 immigrants a year dumped on Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane, who demand and pollute way more than what Australia can power, house, educate or feed.

Scomo’s Sustainability Solution:  Plant one tree for every 5000 ethnics arriving by plane – that should do it.

The Greens-Labor coalition is even more climate devout, threatening to double the climate cult tax to $4 billion.  The hardcore cultish Greens go way further, way further, going to $8 billion insisting upon, banning reliable energy, denying heating and cooling, killing industry and manufacturing jobs, banning meat, dairy, eggs, indeed farms.  The Greens basically wish to evoke Stone Age Armageddon – a state of blackout, vegan hunter-gathering and human sacrifice for meat-loving Whites.

Your ABC of Negativity and Doom

But wait.  There’s news outside the smug ABC…

Australia First Party considers the global warming, climate change cult a dumb dangerous brainwashing hoax hell-bent on undermining First World industry, energy, economic independence and national sovereignties.   Of course it is a leftist campaign that plays consistently into the hands of anarcho-globalist ideology for a One World totalitarian regime controlled by the United Nations 2030 agenda.

Scomo’s $2 billion wastage to appease the bully mob of climate nutters.  Australia’s siphoned taxpayer wealth would be best to go recover rural Australian communities and economies from the Queensland Floods and NSW Drought.

Meanwhile regrettably, Sky News has fallen foul fo the PC disease.  It’s matter-of-fact Sky News programme Outsiders was mob-ruled by leftards to dump its presenter Ross Cameron in November 2018 after making this statement:

“If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai, on any typical morning of the week, you’ll see 20,000 black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned Chinese, desperate to get into Disneyland because they like and enjoy and embrace many aspects of western culture.”

Let the Truth Be Told

Ask the Kiwis how much they adore their Chinese invaders, or are they being reclaimed as Chinese gooseberries?