White Flight escapes foreign Gladys’ mass ethno-invasion of Sydney

Laberal mission statement:  “The longer we’s hang on in parliament, the fatter our polly pensions.”


A vote for the urban Liberals of New South Wales promises to deliver:

  • Liberal driving Sydney megalopolis at all costs – über-highrise, a new 24/7 immigration airport, tolls on side streets, ethnic crime wave
  • Housing and jobs for Canberra’s mass immigrants – 457, casualisation, degradation of Australian decent workplace standards
  • Gladys Berejiklian’s totalitarian tramline bankrupting Sydney small business retailers for multinational retailers
  • Outsourcing high rise approvals for Gladys’ Sydney megalopolis of Opal towers, just like in Shanghai

  • More unaffordable highway tolls that democratically should be freeways because taxpayers funded them
  • Millions more immigrants because being Armanian Gladys aligns with foreigners before traditional Australians

  • A poorer rural New South Wales because Gladys hates and fears the Bush
  • Liberals pay shut up money to their lap dog Gnats in the regions
  • The same as what voters have now but worse, and more Asians
  • White Flight from Sydney.
  • Rural NSW to be declared an endangered species…

Persecuted:  The White Rural Australian   (‘Alba rusticus aussie’)

So knee jerk voting for Liberal-National politics-as-usual you cop what you deserve – more deceit, more abandonment.   Just don’t blame us for the dire outcome outside Sydney.

Or vote Labor-Green and you get a Richo desperado hyperventilating to con “whatever it takes”.

Labor’s frothing dyscalculia Michael Daley:  Labor’s 000 ring-in after Luke Daly’s Panty-Groping Gate


But just as Laboral as the Libs, Daley’s a team globalist for mass high-rise, mass immigrant welfarism, mass Aussie deculturalism, mass debt, mass privatisation, mass jobless, mass homeless.

So instead, vote Australia First Party to begin to restore traditional Australia in New South Wales outside greedy ethnic Sydney.  Australia First pledges an ideological revolution that mandates deporting all non-White migrants from Australia – Chinese, Asians, Arabs, Africans, Pacific Islanders, assorted traitors.

White Australian Wellness – Australia First Party’s Pure Policy