Immigrant Tim Soutphommasane an elitist thorn in the side of White Australians

Australians have had a gutful of privileged immigrants coming to our country and telling us what to do.

Immigrant Tim Soutphommasane, was appointed to the sanctimonious title of Race Discrimination Commissioner in August 2013 by then PM Kevin Rudd in the dying weeks of Greens-Labor leftist coalition government a few weeks before the national general election.  Rudd stymied the incoming conservatives by appointing a mixed Chinese immigrant as if a national defence lawyer to push for immigrant rights over Australians.  It followed Rudd’s similar sly act the month prior in July 2013 changing Labor Party leadership rules, mandating a 60% minimum caucus vote to be able to dump a Labor opposition leader.  Rudd was laying IEDs ahead of his imminent ousting.

So Soutphommasane, a 33 year old of confused race (Chinese, Lao, French – that he discloses) is an immigrant to Australia currently sucking on the public purse to the tune of $330,000 a year funded out of Australian taxpayer wealth.   And this arrogant bureaucrat, a leftist commentator with a lifetime in privileged academia, thinks he has a right to tell ordinary Australians what they can and can’t say and to slur proud White Australians?

Angry Tim SoutphommasanePrivileged, overpaid elitist with a chip on his shoulder against White Australians

They call him Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner (against White Australians, our rights, free speech, our heritage)


Soutphommasane was, before his anointment by Rudd, a leftist/globalist blogger and book writer serving his own pro-immigrant and pro-multicultural agenda.  He only defends immigrants, like economic illegals from not having more rights than local Australians.  Since when has ethnic asian Soutphommasane gone into bat for a White Aussie, for our national pride, identity and way of life?

At his propaganda speech to the National Press Club in Canberra yesterday, Soutphommasane, criticised Aussie free speech and claimed loaded statistics that most Australians  – 85 per cent – believed multiculturalism was good for the country.  Crap.  Soutphommasane has a vested interest in promoting Australia as a “contemporary multicultural society”.  In his social re-engineering books he maps out his globalist theories for social control. He benefits personally, but ignores the harm it causes ordinary Australians – ghettos, anti-Australian sentiment, unAustralian attitudes and behaviour, cultural conflicts, ethnic crime, ideologies that exclude ordinary Australians (Jewish or Islamic schools).

How can Australia have common unifying identity under imposed multiculturalism and diversity, with ancestral White Australians forced to assimilate with barbaric cultures like Islam?

Multiculturalism has encouraged so-called ‘home-grown Islamic terrorists’ who hate their adopted country and who set up mosques, preach barbaric sexist ideology and practice harm against women.  Soutphommasane turns a blind eye to immigrant crime.  He claims Australia has been a very successful multicultural society.  He is spinning a lie to suit his own personal interests as an immigrant want to convert Australia to some nondescript ‘melting pot’ akin to his own confused ethnicity.  He wants to change Australian laws to suit immigrants.

Multiculturalism in Australia

Most Australians used to be tolerant of immigrants because in the old days the Migration Act 1958 only allowed them in from Christian Europe to work hard on infrastructure schemes and to integrate into Australian society to Australian standards.

Read:  ‘In Australia, Australian Values Rule OK!

Historic Fact Check: 

The Great South Land (later ‘Australia’) was successfully invaded in 1788 by the White British Empire and became a thriving White British Colony – to civilize the antipodes.  The various primitive natives were easily overrun (they lost the Australian frontier wars), became scattered clans and many died of imported diseases, but otherwise were decimated into disparate minority groups, to which special laws applied. Such was the time of European imperialism, likewise comparably in the United States and Canada.

Then in 1901, Australia federated into a thriving nation of the White British Commonwealth. The Australian Constitution contains a short preamble. The preamble provides:

Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established.

Since 1901 Australia has been a White European nation, albeit remote and under threat from Asian imperialism.

But in 1972 Labor’s Gough Whitlam hoodwinked Aussie voters, seized power and declared “It’s Time to Destroy White Australia” and imposed mass immigration on us from the Third World – Asians, Pacific Islanders, then Arabs, you name it. Whitlam imposed his multiculturalism dogma on us where incoming didn’t have to adopt Australian values or mores. So Labor imposed foreigners on the rest of us to do what they want in our own country.  No wonder Gough was deposed, despite the fact that he couldn’t add up.  And he expected no resistance from ordinary Australians?

There was natural resistance then, like there is now.

Asians Out

When a guest to someone’s home lacks respect, humility and is critical of the host, that guest may be asked to politely leave, but is rarely ever granted a return visit.  Australia is the sovereign home of Australians.  All visitors and immigrants are guests of Australians.  Misbehaving guests are unwelcome. We don’t need them here in this country if they act like that.  Invaders are to be auto-deported.   Such a convention ought to apply in every nation-state, and mostly does.

Foreigners who are privileged to arrive in our country to make Australia their home have a moral obligation to become Australian.  You don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team.  You have no right to impose foreign values on Australians. To do so you are destined to remain a minority.  A nation with a collection of minorities leads to social unrest and that is what Australia has.

Tolerance of immigrants no longer is the norm in Australia.  Both the Liberals and Labor-Greens let in 300,000 foreigners a year and expect the states and the locals to just cope with the excess demand, the congestion, the inflation of cost of living and housing.  Bugger off!

Ordinary Australians witnessing arrogant immigrants being critical of their adopted host nation and its privileges, have a right to be intolerant.

Privileged ethnics should go back to where their fathers came from if they aren’t happy with what they have in Australia.  If an immigrant, as a guest on Australians is out of line, it is the business of any True Blue Aussie to pull the migrant into line, else if they don’t like our rules they should go back to where they came from.


In Australian democracy, freedom of speech means you can say what you want.  Soutphommasane can pull his head in and get a job in the private sector and stop bludging on Australian taxpayers and telling us what we Aussie should and should do.

Many immigrant ethnics are so sheltered by their multiculturalism that they don’t even realise when they are offending Australians.

Soutphommasane should be sacked for being a disruptive anti-Australian appointment by the failing Leftist government and a waste of Australian taxpayers money.  Many Australians have no time for him and his anti-Australian bigotry. The Human Rights Commission and its suite of commissioners need to be removed by an act of parliament.  Any genuine discrimination roles relevant to Australian citizens may be handed across to Fair Work Commission and its ombudsman.  The millions saved ought go to supporting Australia’s own needy.

Forced Multiculturalism