In Australia, Australian values Rule OK!

Mass immigration is undermining Australian Traditional Culture.

Australian traditions based on heritage, sporting culture and common language are threatened by mass immigration, a leading demographer has warned.

Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell has said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and most major cities were feeling the population strain.

“This is not a pretty picture,” he said.  “Social divisions are becoming more obvious and geographically concentrated and certain areas are being overlain by an ethnic identification.”

Approximately 40% of Australia’s Muslim population now lives in Melbourne. At the 2001 census Australia’s Muslim population numbered 221 856, of which approximately 72 000 had been born in Australia. The Muslim community in Australia is ethnically and linguistically diverse, with more than 70 groups represented, including Turks, Lebanese, Egyptians, Malays and, latterly, Somalis, Afghans and Bosnians. Arabic, Turkish, English, Farsi and Urdu are the main languages.

Melbourne’s Muslim community is scattered throughout the metropolitan area but is particularly numerous in the northern suburbs. The suburbs with the highest numbers of Muslims (according to the 2001 census) are Meadow Heights with 5195; Reservoir, 2467; Dallas, 2462; Noble Park, 2283; Coburg, 2176; Thomastown, 2149; St Albans, 2067; Broadmeadows, 1935; Lalor, 1861; Dandenong South, 1833. There is also a Muslim presence in Brunswick, Preston and Doncaster. Almost all these areas have businesses ranging from halal butchers and restaurants to other ethnically based enterprises.

Melbourne now has 25 mosques concentrated mainly in the northern suburbs of Preston and Broadmeadows. Melbourne also has five Islamic schools, established since the 1980s: King Khaled Islamic College (Coburg), Minaret College (Springvale), Islamic College (Werribee), Darul Uloom College (Fawkner) and Illim College (Dallas).

Muslim Attitude

Dr Birrell has warned that with Labor’s 200,000 current annual intake of foreigners Rudd’s infamous ‘Big Australia’ population target of 35 million by 2050 will become a disaster for urban living and the environment.

“One would have to wander deaf, dumb and blind through Australian capital cities to not notice how urban congestion has already reduced the quality of life,” he said.

The intake dominated by people from non-English speaking backgrounds was transforming Australia, Dr Birrell said, especially Chinese and Arabs.

“We are losing core elements of what was once shared. Almost all could once aspire to a house and land … and sharing a common language, sporting culture and heritage,” he said.

But mass migration was creating ethnic enclaves in suburbs with cheap housing, and planning rules were forcing Australian-born “losers” and non-English speaking background migrants to live in congested neighbourhoods, “cheek by jowl”.

How easy is it for Chinese to get their piece of in Australia? Farms, houses, apartments, vineyards, and other finest piece of assets of Australia. Real estate agents spearheading campaigns in Shanghai, China dealing properties here in Australia. ” There’s better buying at the moment, the market is down” says the real estate agent. Chinese are now buying, and they are buying big.

Chinese Invasion of AustraliaChinese ‘snapping up’ Australian property  (Channel 7, Today Tonight)


Opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, has previously called for an inquiry into how many people the nation can support.

“It’s about what the carrying capacity is,” he said.  “We need to get that perspective from regional areas as well as metropolitan areas, where issues of congestion and housing affordability are major problems as well as public transport.

“What’s more important, is the process for planning. For example, the states and territories have no input into questions of immigration and migration intakes but they’re the ones at the end of the day that have to service the needs that are created by it.”

Australia is not the Australia it used to be. There are areas in Sydney and Melbourne where traditional Australians no longer feel comfortable in any more, like an outside in their own country.

We allow all these diverse cultures into our country at the expense of our own. Then we have to pander to these minorities so we don’t offend their sensitive values. There’s something wrong with that. How about they come over here and respect our values instead.

Fly Australian FlagFly the Aussie Flag, Fly it Proud


An overwhelming 91 per cent of people with car flags agreed that people who move to Australia should adopt Australian values, compared with 76 per cent of non-flaggers.

A moratorium on immigration altogether would be even better.