Our violent opponents on the Extreme Left

by Dr. Jim Saleam

I had read some time ago an article by the well-known Left identity, Tim Anderson. It is a very revealing text on many levels.

For our purposes today, it should be read as a particular indictment of Socialist Alternative (SAlt), the largest fraction of Trotskyist communism in Australia. The quality of both membership and leadership in (SAlt) is slammed in this piece.

Leftist Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson condemns the Extreme Left for playing the other side

For now, I would note:

“The group [SAlt] has slid further and further, under the leadership of Mick, Sandra and Diane [former ISO leaders, who shared the old ISO’s unjustified hostility to the left, and suspicion of members who are integrated into the [broader] left socially and politically … [they use] a gossip network to demonise critical members … [and call other members] ‘wreckers, right wingers, swamp dwellers, disgusting, degenerate, anti-Leninist, ex-revolutionaries, movementists, liquidationists, economists, dishonest, gutless’ … [they] have proven themselves to be completely incapable of developing an organisation that can ever rise above the level of a sect.’ (Marc N et al 2004)”.

Anderson says that Salt has not changed much over the decade from when that critical assessment was made – although it is larger and seemingly more professional in its publications.

The SAlt is one of the driving forces in street level ‘anti racism’ and ‘anti fascism’. Diane Fieldes, one of the leaders, said a couple of years back at a SAlt forum – that fascists had to be acquainted with the footpath and that confrontation was the order of the day.

University of Sydney Riot SquadJust another day at Sydney Uni

Clearly, a sect lends itself well to hyped up drivers who manipulate the foot-soldiers.

There is also a clear statement from Anderson, albeit in his own words, that SAlt is a Left satellite of establishment politics. We can only agree.

As our investigation of Left satellites unfolds, we expect much more will be said about the Trotskyites and Antifa.

See more at: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/07-07-2014/127979-lost_mines-0/


Socialist Alternative using UTS lecture theatresLots of Lefties hired out this UTS lecture theatre last weekend for Socialist Alternative’s Socialism Conference – to reflect on how Leon Trotsky’s ideology would treat deviant marriage, sharia and Chinese imperialism?  Some familiar faces there Tim.