Harris Park, a Brown Ghetto of the Foreign Labor Party

And still the illegal leeches keep coming under Australian Foreign Labor Party’s abandoned Border Protection policy.   The Green’s Queen of the Illegals, Sarah Hanson-Young knows she has Labor by the short and curlies holding the balance of power in the Senate.

Illegal Tears
Queen of the Illegals
Tamil Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Bleeding heart for illegals.  Hates and detests Australians – “they’re all racist!”


With Christmas Island overflowing with illegal leeches arriving by boat daily from Indonesia and Sri Lanka, Labor has all but given up retaining illegals in detention centres, instead auto-dispensing bridging visas and telling arrivals go mix with the Australian community.  Hanson-Young has so politically shit-racist-bluffed Labor that her illegals have been shielded as so uber-politically ‘hot’ as to have become ‘Green Untouchables‘.

Touch my illegals and I’ll racist slur you!

The Evil Green Witch at work, has become a piece of work.  All Leftie smoke and mirror hysteria.

Economic LeechThe Economic Leech


And Foreign Labor’s message sure as shit has got back to wannabe asylum seekers in Sri Lanka, making Foreign Labor’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s trip to Sri Lanka in December 2012 another waste of Australian taxpayers’ money.

Carr flew to Colombo last December, supposedly try to address the rising tide of Sri Lankans chartering fishing boats to illegally enter Australia for work and immigration.  Carr’s half-baked local advertising campaign was thought up to deter Sri Lankans from the Australian good life.  Useless that was.  Since then the boats from Sri Lanka to Australia have increased to record levels, typically 1,500 illegals on chartered boats a month.

 Boat Illegals
Touch my illegals and I’ll racist slur you!


Carr while he was there armed with PM Gillard’s cheque book, gifted another $34 million to the criminal and corrupt Rajapaksa regime to boost primary and secondary educational opportunities in Sri Lanka, nothing to do with stemming the flow of illegals.  It was just another one of Foreign Labor’s Aus-Aid gifts for foreign regimes off the cuff.

Foreign Labor is now so overwhelmed by the torrent of Sri Lankan illegals arriving daily, it has handballed the accommodation problem to any organisation that has access to cheap dodgy housing, including the Australia Red Cross, church groups and Leftist organisations encouraging illegals, like the privately-owned Australian Homestay Network.

The Australian Homestay Network was setup by self-interested and Leftist identity Paul Lange to facilitate foreign students seeking backdoor immigration into Australia with cheap accommodation.

It has been found out secretly housing illegal arrivals in Australian urban communities without the knowledge of neighbours.  It is like letting paedophiles move in to a family community without telling anyone and without any care to the likely consequences.

Australian Homestay Network, currently managed by a certain, David Bycroft, has been found out housing 80 Sri Lankan illegals at Macquarie University in a secret deal with Transfield Holdings.     It has also just been found out housing Sri Lankan illegals in a dodgy unused commercial building in Harris Park, a concentrated Brown Ghetto in Sydney’s ethnic west, long overrun by Indians and Sri Lankans.

At least ten Sri Lankans have been discovered sleeping in converted offices in a single storey house that formerly was home to a drafting and engineering business in Marion Street, Harris Park.

Sri Lanka Illegal LeechOne of the Sri Lankans who paid $10,000 to people smugglers to bypass Immigration
Housed by Labor in Harris Park and on welfare within weeks


The Sri Lankans told the Parramatta Advertiser they had been freed from detention centres in Curtain and Weipa in the Northern Territory, flown to Sydney and initially accommodated at Adele House in Toongabbie (pushing out Australia’s own homeless men).

Jacqueline Carter on her bed in the back of her car.Traditional Australians forced to sleep in cars, while illegals get preferenced homeless accommodation.  Nice.


Then just this week they were moved by an undisclosed private organisation to their present location in Marion Street – an empty dilapidated commercial building, unfit for accommodation, and probably in breach of Parramatta Council’s planning controls for boarding houses.

Each of the Sri Lankans had prepaid up to $10,000 to charter a fishing boat for illegal passage to Australia, seeking work after hearing about the opportunities and successes from their compatriots already in Australia.

The group said they receive welfare of $438 a fortnight from the Federal Government without having to work.  They have all been liberally handed bridging visas and await expected immigration approval.

In the unfurnished commercial building, the all-male illegals sleep two a room, on the floor and shared one toilet and shower.

Among the men living in the office was Daxchan Selvarajah, 21, who allegedly broke into a female student room at Macquarie University and put his hands down the pyjama pants of a young woman who was sleeping.  He is in custody and will apply for bail next month.

It was only four years prior that in 2009, that a Brown Riot erupted in Marion Street Harris Park between ethnic Indians/Sri Lankans who had since displaced ethnic Arabs in the suburb – all foreigners who have no place causing riot and affray in Australia.

Indian invaders of Harris ParkTraditional Harris Park unrecognisable today


Send ’em back.

Following the kidnapping of a boy, a many hundred strong crowd converged in Marion Street Harris Park chanting slogans, carrying poles, baseball bats and pelting beer bottles and eggs, injuring many on both sides.

Harris Park Brown Riot 2009Harris Park’s infamous Brown Race Riot of June 9, 2009


So this is what Foreign Labor has done to the good burghers of Harris Park, saturated it with brown Indians and Sri Lankans, forcing the traditional habitants out.  It is Whitlam’s 1972 Multicultural Manifesto perpetuated, forty years later.    Harris Park is now a brown only precinct, lately a melting pot for any Sri Lankan illegal for housing, a criminal underclass just walking distance from commercial Parramatta.  The Arabs that were there have since overrun nearby Auburn.

This is the reality of Foreign Labor’s dog whistle politics – handball monocultures of illegals into specific Australian urban communities and turn a blind eye to the consequences.