Farmers parched in upteenth Australian El Niño drought, yet why blindly keep voting lapdog Gnats back in?

But the bush hath moods and changes, as the seasons rise and fall, and the men who know the bush-land – they are loyal through it all.” ~ The Bulletin, 23 July 1892, In Defence of the Bush.

No Planning for Recurring Droughts & Floods

Eastern Australia is in yet another El Niño drought cycle which hinted after the last flood event in 2015.  Three years on and 2018 is emulating the prolonged ‘millennial drought’ (1996-2010).  Since then, wet La Niña weather conditions in late 2010 rapidly ended the drought, and brought on widespread flooding.

Yet again west of the Great Divide the rain shadow is like a perpetual eclipse – no rain, empty dams/tanks/bores, no fodder, starving livestock, failing crops, piling bills, no income.  Then the bank demands, foreclosures, rural depression, delayed crisis declaration from big city politicians, and finally waves of charity, but too little too late, again.

Generations of Australian farmers are well familiar with this recurring and alternating el niño/niña pattern.  Dorothea Mackellar’s “land of drought and flooding rains” poem of 1904 is a hackneyed bush quote.  So why is Australian agriculture habitually reactionary in the 21st Century of advanced agri-knowledge, First World sciences, advanced technologies and billions splurged weekly by Canberra?

Shortsightedness and blind faith in the urban elites – The Nationals presumed to care beyond what their big city masters tell them.

All-talk elitists donning Akubras don’t fool anyone

But Australia First is Listening

Rural Australia is being treated like second class citizens by the political class elites – Liberal-National Coalition and Greens-Labor Coalition alike.

Rural Australia built this country and deserves a new representative political movement, one truly Australian nationalist, Australia First Party.   Australia First advocates policies that recognise the interdependence of city and country.   We put real Australia and ordinary Australian families first, not big business, or globalist agendas or foreigners.  We advocate Australia’s traditions of self-sufficiency, full independence and sovereignty, to proudly stand up for ourselves. Australia First is the only political party in Australia that recognises the structural harm being caused by imposed mass immigration and calls an end to immigration and an end to foreign ownership.  Australia First exposes the political class elites abusing ordinary Australians and advocates to give Australian citizens a truly democratic voice by introducing citizen’s initiated referenda.



A tenet all Australians are wise to heed in our respect for our land can be gleaned from soldier, writer and founder of the world Scouting movement, Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941), “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it, and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate, you have not wasted your time but have done your best.” – his last words of wisdom.

So why are farmers in a pickle again?  Because government always leave them to fend for themselves – out-of-sight, out-of-mind of the urban power elites – the bipartisan big city LibLabs and their lapdog bush reps, da Gnats.

LibLabs:  Too Little Too Late, Same old Same Old

Last Sunday, Turncoat’s gesture of Centrelink and Lifeline on a media FIFO in rural Trangie to Australia’s drought striken farmers was capricious and too little too late.   How many Australians on the land have already gone to the wall?

Turncoat’s gesture is of a Medieval king tossing coins from his carriage to starving peasants as he but passes by.   It amounts to $190 million nationally, but across 30,000 odd affected that reduces to $6000 per farm.  That won’t go far on feed, water, transport, fodder infrastructure, fuel, bills, household basics, virtual counsellors and bullets.

Try about a week?  Worse is that Turncoat said he will drip feed the $6K to farmers monthly as a Centrelink cheque.

No-one is in charge.

Canberra’s Bureaucratic Forms

But farmers have to fill in 80 page government forms to be eligible.  Emailing photos like this just doesn’t cut it with Canberra.


“The desperation isn’t going, it’s not on a weekly basis, it’s on a daily basis.”    – Edwina Robertson.

Government insists to farmers to avoid delays in the submission of your application, please ensure you have scanned copies of:

  • Proof of your property location (“farm address” is unacceptable. Copy of latest Local Land Service (LLS) and Local Government Area (LGA) rates notices)
  • Statement of financial position (“broke” is not acceptable)
  • Proof of income (“none” is unacceptable.  Most recent Taxation Returns for your Farm enterprise. Include individual Taxation Returns and a current listing of all Assets & Liabilities held by each: Individual members of a Partnership/ Family Trust, Individual Director(s)/Shareholder(s) of all Companies))
  • Plus a monthly Cash Flow Budget for the next 12 months (“nil” in each column is not acceptable).


And check out Canberra’s special drought relief website:

So you click on Drought Communities Program (per above) and this is the page you get:

City Centric LibLabs

As New South Wales is declared 99% in drought (the bits outside Sydney), NSW Liberals in Sydney have been embarrassed to finally grant subsidies to drought stricken New South Wales for fodder and water for farmers and graziers.

But it is too little too late.  Gladys, the Armenian urbane Lib, is only interested in a bigger high rise Sydney.  Lib Turncoat has gifted her Sydney government $4.1 billion out of the Federal Government’s buyback of the NSW share in the Snowy Hydro scheme.  It was supposed to be a windfall for the bush.  Where’s the loot going Gladys?  Not to rural NSW, but to Sydney to catch up on infrastructure for the millions of Third World welfare seeking immigrants flooding into Sydney (like herself).  Hundreds Million for Sydney hospitals (Westmead, Concord), corporatised toll roads, Western Harbour Tunnel, city trains, and extravagant new sports stadiums.

Gladys tram to nowhere that no-one wanted has so far cost $1.6 billion and after four years of construction blocking retail businesses along the route, many have gone to the wall.

Gladys nightmare tram vision – Sydney, Sydney Sydney.


Meanwhile, there are always more cheap loans to further indebted farmers.  Else, Turncoat gestures “go ask Nationals lapdog McCormack or root-ratting Barney, after all you lot out here vote Nationals.”

It is the upteenth drought afflicting Australia.   So who in sheltered workshop Canberra cares?

Sorry, computer says ‘Not Worthy of Aid’

LibLab Ideological Globalism Ahead of Needy Australians

It’s big of globalist Turncoat, especially after this time last year Turncoat gifted $5,000,000,000 extra to Greens Gonski 2.0 agenda to top up welfare to schools of Third World immigrants offspring who just keep uber-breeding and hold their hand out.  Borrowed money of course, with government debt was on track to reach $667 billion, the steepest trajectory in spending of any developed economy across the globe.

Turncoat just captain-called a $444 million taxpayer-funded gift to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to study the effects of climate change on coral.  The foundation employs 6 elites in Brisbane situated some 1000km away from the Reef.  More poignantly, the foundation is propped up by Mal’s big business mates at BHP, Shell, QANTAS, Rio Tinto and Peabody Energy who use the association for fake conservation PR credentials.

Then there’s Canberra’s Foreign Aid gifting by rich bitch globalist Julie Bishop, amounting to $4,300,000,000 annually – all borrowed of course.

A globalist, she trots the globe like a Helen of Troy bearing gifts to millions of uber-breeding Third Worlders to lift them out of poverty (unlike our own suffering at home) in the tradition of the 1949 Colombo Plan (Sri Lanka) of wealth redistribution from the First World to the Third World.  It’s so we can all become Second World no-border mongrels in some anarchical global melting pot dystopia.


“Australia is a global wealthy country.  We have stabilised our aid budget at over $5 billion a year for the next two years and to increase thereafter at CPI. This is a generous aid program that puts Australia among the top 10 donors in the OECD world.”   – Globalist Jules of Troy.

Foreign?   Yep, auto-worthy of Aussie Aid


Canberra’s borrowed cash -handouts to Pacific Islands has risen to $1.3 billion dollars, amounting to 30% of Australia’s total foreign aid budget.

With bipartisan LibLabs running Canberra, seems if Australian farmers were to set up farm on a Pacific island like Kiribati, they would be automatically eligible to bottomless Australian foreign aid.  No forms.