Rural Victorians lookout for secret African recolonisation and home invasions out of Melbourne

A treacherous Greens plot has been exposed to displace needy rural Victorian families for thousands of Negro African welfare seekers currently on temporary visas in Melbourne.  They are all from Third World civil wars (mainly Negro African) with mental health baggage, unskilled, are entirely Muslim and they breed like rabbits.

African women are constantly pregnant as slave uber-breeders

Australia needs to send a serious message to the Third Worlders to dissuade them being lured to Australia by treacherous leftie groups within.

Greens refugee-hugging groups have convinced both the Andrew’s leftie Labor Government in Victoria and Turncoat leftie Liberal Government in Canberra to move the Negro ghettos in Melbourne to despoil rural Victoria.  The arse logic is to bring the nightly menace inflicting Melbourne’s Third World ghettos of Werribee and Dandenong to more Victorians.  The latest focus group solution is to spread the love, the diversity the cultural enrichment out to rural Victorian towns.  Why should Melburnians have all the car jacking, home invasions, Airbnb trashing, street riots and machete savagery?    Rural farms stays should share the imposition and experience.

It’s just too quiet in rural Victoria.  Greens groups reckon it needs livening up with African diversity.

The Third Worlders are predominantly Sudanese, Congolese, Somali, and Burmese.  They can’t speak English, are unskilled so work for scab pittance, culturally conditioned to breed huge families and so get massive taxpayer welfare and are guaranteed to be an inter-generational cost burden to the local government services where ever they are placed.  They are black as the ace of spades, do not assimilate into Christian White Australia, they herd in monochrome gangs (black) and inevitably demand a mosque in each town they colonize.

Low end of the gene pool:  early onset hand osteoarthritis and denim incontinence

African beachheads have been secretly secured in traditional White Australian farming towns like Nhill and Hamilton by leftie group Rural Australian for Refugees (RAR) – a fake charity sect that hates Australians and has misguided loyalty to Third Worlder rights to leech off First World nations like Australia.

Country Victorian towns targeted for secret African recolonisation are basically those towns who harbour a chapter of the RAR sect and have McDonalds and KFC monkey food outlets – the staple Third Worlder diet.

Especially if the joint is open 24/7

The chosen Victorian towns being targeted for Third World enrichment are:

  1. Aireys Inlet
  2. Alpine Victoria (lookout Bright, Wandiligong, Porepunkah, Harrietville, Mount Beauty and Myrtleford)
  3. Apollo Bay
  4. Ballarat
  5. Beechworth
  6. Bellarine Peninsula (lookout Barwon Heads)
  7. Benalla
  8. Bendigo
  9. Castlemaine
  10. Central Victoria (lookout Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Daylesford, Macedon Ranges and Maryborough
  11. Colac
  12. Daylesford
  13. Deans Marsh
  14. Dunkeld
  15. East Gippsland (lookout Bairnsdale and Sale)
  16. Echuca/Moama
  17. Euroa
  18. Kerang
  19. Grampians
  20. Hamilton
  21. Healesville
  22. Morwell
  23. Lorne
  24. Macedon Ranges
  25. Mansfield
  26. Maryborough
  27. Mornington Peninsula (lookout Rosebud)
  28. Phillip Island
  29. Queenscliff
  30. South Gippsland (lookout Wonthaggi)
  31. Surf Coast
  32. Swan Hill
  33. Trentham
  34. Wangaratta
  35. Warburton
  36. Warrnambool
  37. Winchelsea

This is a neo-communist ploy to deculture White Australia.  Should locals complain then be prepared to be branded ‘racists’.   It is the anti-Australian sect who are treacherous toward Australian culture, indeed hateful Anti-Australian Racists.   Resist.

Much of rural Victoria has entrenched disadvantage because LibLab Victorian governments are perpetually Melbourne-centric, where the self-interested votes are. Vital community services outside Melbourne are neglected by government.   Rural health is poorer, schooling is poorer, skills training distant, job opportunities are few, youth unemployment structurally around 16%, drug and alcohol abuse are chronic, family breakdown is common, aged care support is poor, mortgage stress is epidemic and homelessness growing.

The treacherous lefties are stereotypically leftie Greens blinkered voters, Uniting Church members, mostly self-funded retirees, nearly all grandmothers with time on their hands and look like this.

Over 700,000 Australian children subsist in poverty, yet hypocritical Uniting Church goers turn their backs to instead favour uber-breeding Third World welfare seekers

The leftie propaganda has started via the ABC with the con that “migrant families wish to escape Melbourne’s ‘busy’ lifestyle for Hamilton in country Victoria.”  “The Nyandwi family say the landscape of south-west Victoria reminds them of home.”  “But for a group of migrant families, there is much to remind them of their roots.”  “In the countryside, the environment here, I feel like I’m home,” Negro Leonard Nyandwi reckons in translation (his Anglicised name).

Meanwhile Negro Bacumi Niyibigira (his real name) and his wife also moved to Hamilton with their seven children, drawn by the RAR in Hamilton who were happy to displace local Aussie families for African leeches.

Africans moving in next door in Hamilton, Victoria

Niyibigira works in a local joinery, where owner Brad Thomas has had to train him from scratch using sign language, but is no less happy because Brad only has to pay Niyibigira pittance.  Canberra deems it an humanitarian job and uses taxpayer wealth to subsidise 90% of the wages.  “Beats me forking out decent wages to local Aussies”.

Since the ABC story went to air, more than 300 African migrant families (typically 7 kids each) living in cities across Australia have registered their interest in moving to regional areas.  The program is now being evaluated by an academic to test its successes and see whether the model could be rolled out across Victoria.

Busy bloke

The next step is to secretly relocate 10 Negro families (numbering nearly 100) to the Southern Grampians Shire and another 10 secretly into the Glenelg Shire by the end of the year.  Needy locals will of course be displaced.