Danny Nalliah’s Rainbow Family and the People’s Temple

by Ms Lorraine Sharp and Dr Jim Saleam

Danny Nalliah, pastor of the Catch the Fire Ministries and leader of the Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP), presents a picture of pathology amidst the decaying rot of the multiracial society.

Into our Australian crisis has come a supposed man of God, a Sri Lankan, who says that he is “Australian” and “black” and that he seeks to create a true Australian identity on the basis of a grand project of multiracial assimilation. He has even held a meeting on June 22 to accept unto his assembly the “guilt” of white Australians (he uses the term “Anglo Saxons”) for the historical ‘mistreatment’ of the Aborigines. He has ‘healed’ Australia and set that matter aright. He is a leader to lead this new Australia. His effrontery knows no bounds.

Dandenong's illegal melting potDandenong becoming an illegals melting pot


But he is best known as an ‘anti Islamic’ activist and in that guise he has reached national prominence, ‘warning’ us all of the dangers – sometimes correctly stated –  that Islam represents on Australian soil. That is his ticket to be heard. Nalliah seeks the unity of all regardless of race or origin – against Islam.

In that regard, he echoes the quiet sub text of the Liberal Party which has been running that line for a decade or so. It takes the public eye off the overall danger of immigration from all non European sources and certainly away from the rise of the Chinese superpower and its plans to colonize Australia.

Ironically, it was Scott Morrison, Liberal immigration spokesman, who was caught out a few years back in a confidential memo suggesting the Libs push a little ‘anti Islam’ to garner votes and allay public fears at the immigration program generally.

In the shadow of the Liberal Party, the pipsqueak seeks to roar.

Does History Repeat?

History repeats, first as tragedy second as farce. But then others say, that those who don’t learn from the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. We are drawn by the incredible similarities between Nalliah and mass killer Jim Jones – as we shall explain.

Jim Jones lived inside his mind in the “end times’ as prophesised in the Bible. So does Nalliah too – and with a few twists besides.

We think the anti Islamist Nalliah will not like this analogy, but he is styling himself like the secret Imam of Islam, a saviour yet to be recognized, a man ready to act to bring on the end times. In Islam, this hidden imam is helped by Jesus whom God returns to earth as an emissary and agent of holy war. Of course too, this theme of a militancy designed to actually precipitate the end times, to force God’s hand, also appears in various heresies of Christianity. It is a tangled mix that has often produced an array of fakers – and death. And as you shall read, Nalliah makes the claim to be the saviour.

To observe the Jones / Nalliah similarity is to be warned.

Pathology of a Liar

Nalliah is a self-proclaimed pastor and doctor. His ministership was honourary as is his doctorate. Indeed, the doctorate comes from a degree factory and is of no intellectual value. No substance is the theme. Now anyone may preach a faith and say he labours for God. It is a matter of whether they proclaim titles they have not earned. So he was no minister and no doctor.

Nalliah makes many claims, like when he said he had provided trucks of support materials to the victims of Victoria’s bushfires a few years back and added that his help was extensive. It’s just that no one saw it.

Nalliah says that people attending his services register gold dust on the hands, an old scam practised in the United States decades ago.

Nalliah has said that he has witnessed the healing of blind, deaf and crippled people at his prayer sessions and said that a dead girl was resurrected also. He asserts the power of belief over reason, a curious stand for one who would criticise Islam.

Nalliah also says he has resurrected others, including a woman on a bus in Israel. We note that Jesus Christ only performed resurrection twice – on Lazarus and himself. One must wonder where Nalliah has acquired the theological power to do the feat which Jesus did? Any Christian would call such a claim – utter blasphemy. But in a church inspired only by pure faith, such a claim becomes ‘normal’. It places the members of the church on a slippery path where they are surrounded by miracles. This is cultism.

Nalliah has claimed that he was instrumental in securing the release of 31 Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia in 1998 and that his work influenced the highest levels in the US government when President Clinton demanded the release of these prisoners. This is nonsense. It did not happen.

Nalliah also tells many stories of his time in Saudi Arabia and has built himself up as an almost guerrilla fighter for Christianity behind ‘enemy lines’.  No proof of it exists.

It is obvious that Nalliah is building a cult and cults are dangerous machines.

Pathology of a Con Man

Catch the Fire Ministries‘ must be all about money and getting lots of it.

There are requests for money to persuade worried girls not to terminate their unplanned pregnancies. There is a demand for the odd million or two for the new church building in Hallam near outer-ethnic Dandenong, Victoria.

There are always requests for money for Sri Lankan projects (whatever they may be) and that country seems to be a key financial fixation. Of course, Nalliah is Sri Lankan.

Danny Nalliah

Consider this one appeal sent to the faithful:

“We are very grateful to the Lord for supplying all the money to completely pay off our land. Our next challenge is to raise the funds to build our new building, which is estimated at 1.4 million dollars.

Above is the 3D image of what it will look like. We invite you to be part of this. Please use the form at the end of this newsletter. Another option is Paypal by credit card via the website (http://www. catchthefire.com.au/).

Catch the Fire Ministries

If you donate by a direct deposit or Paypal please mark your gift “BF” with your name.  RESCUE SRi LANKA The Feeding Programme has just moved to a new building where the children are fed a daily meal and attend different classes in the afternoon. They need financial assistance to build a new kitchen to cook the meals. The children and their parents are very grateful for our monthly donations. Please mark any donations to Rescue Sri Lanka and send to Catch The Fire or pay to our account below.”

Nalliah needs money for Bibles; he needs money for Chinese Christian activism. Money. Money.

Who holds all the money? Who controls it? How is Nalliah paid and what is he paid? What is reasonably clear is that Nalliah has acquired a certain lifestyle paid for by the faithful. It is time this church was audited thoroughly.

Lunacy and Blasphemy

We would adapt some material from a blogsite written by Nalliah.

The Catch The Fire Ministeries has said for years that a certain Smith Wigglesworth prophesied about Australia’s future “mighty revival” and how God would use Australia to impact the nations. 

Some years ago, Nalliah ministered at the Assembly Of God church in Sydney, where Pastor Norm Armstrong was formally the Senior Pastor. Some years ago, Nalliah said he had an amazing experience there, which he eventually felt it was the time to share – how bloody convenient!

It was this supposed experience that establishes Nalliah as a blasphemer and a psychotic liar and fantasiser.

The tale goes that as Pastor Armstrong got up to introduce Nalliah he supposedly came under a “great anointing of the Holy Spirit”, and started sharing about what happened when he was a young boy.

Armstrong claimed that when he was only a very young boy, Smith Wigglesworth, a Pentecostal preacher, came to minister in his home. The house was so packed with people that the only place left for him was the toilet seat.

Suddenly, Smith stopped preaching and told Armstrong to come out of the toilet. Then he laid hands on him and started at prophesy.  He said, “Australia, you have been chosen by God for a great move of the Holy Spirit. This move of God will be the greatest ever known in mankind’s history and will start towards the end of the 20th century and move into the 21st century.

This move of God will start a great revival in Australia, spread throughout the whole world and usher in the second coming of Jesus. This will be the final revival before the coming of the Lord. God will raise up a man in Australia who will lead this move of God under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

This man will bow down to no one other than God. He will have tremendous favour in the nation of Australia. My son, my (Smith Wigglesworth) eyes will not see this man, but you (Norm Armstrong) will meet this man before you go to be with the Lord. Now I will lay hands on you and pass on the mantle of God for this great mission.

When you see this man, place your hands on him and prepare him for this mission and pass on this mantle.” Then Nalliah says that Armstrong turned and looked at Nalliah and said, “You are that man I have been waiting for so many years, come here.”

Nalliah stated, “I was absolutely shocked when Pastor Norm called me out. I fell on my knees and started sobbing and crying in the presence of God as His presence was so amazing.”

Then Armstrong laid hands on Nalliah “and passed on the mantle as instructed by Smith Wigglesworth. He then lifted his hands up to heaven and said, “I am now ready to come home.”  After Armstrong died Nalliah said :”I pray, Lord please help me to fulfil this great commission.

I am a simple donkey for Jesus. I am so happy to carry Him wherever He wants to go. Please pray for me and my family that we will stay humble, but bold in the name of Jesus for our nation Australia and the nations of the world.”

It should be noted that many madmen have claimed over the centuries to be the one who would usher in the Millennium. Try the loonies of the Munster Commune (1525) or the various Fifth Monarchy Men types of England’s Cromwell period.

This bloke goes even further and seems to place himself on the same level as Jesus Christ. This self-description changes the mission of Danny Nalliah from purely a religious one to something far more extensive and he intervenes in the world of flesh. He is both religious teacher and earthly (political) activist.

So similar is he to radical Islamism that we can no understand his preoccupation with Islam. It seems the Islamist loonies are intervening on his turf.

But so much of Nalliah has been seen before in mass killer Jim Jones. Let’s see.

Jim Jones’s Rainbow Family and People’s Temple

One thirsty day In Guyana in 1978, American cult leader Jim Jones induced a mass suicide of his followers by having them consume a poisoned cordial.

This act was one related to the end times. On this occasion, he took life away for his ‘ends’. Like Nalliah, he had also claimed to resurrect life.

Jones once said of a resurrected girl:

“You’ll have to understand – she was given up to die; they said she’d never be able to move again….Such experiences are not at all uncommon to us. That’s the 43rd time this has happened. I just said: ‘I love you, God loves you, “come back to us.’ The registered nurses around her said it was so.”

These nurses were neither introduced, nor even identified.

Jones also raised people “black” and said he was a black cult leader with access to special powers given by God.

Nallaih is also a “black fellow” and performs this miracle. And they share the end times idea. It is a different version: for Jones it was impending nuclear catastrophe and for Nalliah it may be a crisis that surrounds his beloved Israel, a particular view that appears in Christian Zionism and some versions of Pentecostalism. Events in modern Israel are held to suggest the end of the world.

One writer said:

“Jones said that the world would end on July 16, 1967, and encouraged the congregation here to pool their money and follow him to California – where he promised they would find a place where only they would be safe from this impending disaster.”

Ultimately, Jones bought land in South America after being ‘found out’ in California.

In Nalliah’s world view, his homeland of Sri Lanka is important in his work. If  Nalliah is the last prophet who will usher in the coming of the Lord, might he go there and relocate a part of his flock? Are his works there part of the preparations?

Jim Jones used many tricks. It was revealed in a contemporary account that he:

“… uses people to visit potential church members, noting anything personal in the house, like addresses on letters, types of medicine in the medicine cabinet, or pictures of relatives. Then, when they show up in church, he tells them things about their ailments and the kinds of pills they take.”

When asked to comment on this charge, one Jones’ follower explained:

“I don’t remember anything like this. I believe Jim’s gift is authentic – or as he said in his sermon yesterday, he has paranormal gifts.”

Nalliah who appears to have paranormal powers to interpret God also uses techniques like Jones’s internal methods of mind control.

Organized religious instruction combined with sleep deprivation, means that people will do the strangest of things! Sleep deprivation is how an enemy breaks down prisoners of war or spy agencies conduct interrogations. Sleep deprivation is why new parents lose patience with newborns. It’s how Jim Jones controlled all those in Jonestown. Nalliah’s all night prayer sessions till 6am might be held to be milder, but similar, in form.

Remember Jonestown

Sleep deprivation also allows for subtle brainwashing. This is cultic conduct that can lead – anywhere.

For Jones, his Christianity was a universalist “rainbow” vision of all humanity living together in perfect peace. Nalliah’s vision is a multiethnic Australia living together in a single identity called Australian. Different, but linked to the dominant fantasy. In Nahallia’s case, the vision of Australia is linked to the great mission bestowed upon him to realize God’s work here. This is a charged atmosphere of cultic devotion.

Jones’s People’s Temple

The Jim Jones People’s Temple in San Francisco clawed its way to influence by the clever political activism of its leader. Jones made himself useful to politicians and built their campaigns.

Many thought he was a remarkable and “spiritual” figure. Jones was known as the suave if slightly sinister leader of Peoples Temple, a flock of perhaps 8,000 people, mostly poor and mostly black, who appeared to do everything Jones told them to do.  It was a great pool of campaign labour.

The con job went as high as Rosalyn Carter wife of a US President. But there were many warning signs that were ignored – defectors alleging irregularities and various criminal incidents. With willing workers, Jones made himself the perfect gift for the liberal machine of U.S. Representatives Phillip and John Burton, Assemblyman Willie Brown and Mayor George Moscone, which was trying to consolidate its hold on San Francisco politics.

So far, Nalliah’s organisation has no criminal conduct around it. However, it has the alliances with anti Islamic (sic) groups which provide it with credibility. Rumours suggest that the Australian Christians and the Christian Democratic Party have dealt with Nalliah and small Christian Zionist groups see him as a leader of note.

It is the Christian ‘Right’ that gives Nalliah his ‘in’ to Australian politics and he appears as the perfect crusader. His campaign against mosques in Victoria and his fervent propaganda for Israel are all ‘useful’ to our politicians who place us squarely in the turmoil of the Middle East – in Israel’s service.

The Reverend Lester Kinsolving  managed a major investigation into Jones in the 1970’s. Much was published.

A reporter won the confidence of 10 temple defectors, who poured out their story to him. He eventually collaborated with writer Phil Tracy, and they sold their story to New West magazine, which published the piece in August 1977. 

The article detailed beatings and fake “cancer healings” and reported that the temple had forced members to turn over millions from savings accounts and the sale of their homes. The piece became the catalyst for Jones’s flight to Guyana.

Other publications began to join the fray, notably the San Francisco Examiner, which assigned Reiterman, Jacobs, Nancy Dooley and other reporters to investigate Jones’ operations.  Tough-minded reporting dogged Jones during the winter of 1977 – 1978.

In June 1978, one month after escaping from Jonestown, Temple defector Deborah Layton went public in a San Francisco Chronicle interview and gave a stark description of life at the Temple’s Guyana stronghold.

Other local media, as well as TV and radio stations, continued to slither beneath their news desks as over the thought of standing up to Jim Jones. Some of them, like the late, famed Chronicle columnist Herb Caine, in spite of the Temple revelations, unforgivably promoted the lethal cult, all the way up to the slaughter in 1978. Nalliah’s allies similarly promote him.

For his public stands, Nalliah alleges all sorts of harassments, but there is no objective proof of any of it. He holds himself out as a man in constant danger from Islamist fanatics who sadly enough exist in our multicultural society.

Likewise, Jones received considerable criticism whilst in Indiana for his racial-integrationist views. White-owned businesses and locals were critical of him.  

A swastika was placed on the Temple, a stick of dynamite was left in a Temple coal pile, and a dead cat was thrown at Jones’s house after a threatening phone call. Other incidents occurred, though some suspected that Jones himself may have been involved in at least some of them.


Self promotion and self-glorification are common traits. All the threats are just too convenient.

The Way to Jonestown II and the Apocalypse


Given Nalliah’s modus operandi, we must conclude that he has based his strategies on Jim Jones, as it lines up too well to be ‘coincidence’. Fakers always copy. And why not? As self proclaimed men of God and men of the apocalypse, they disguise their fraud with the intensity of conviction.

Perhaps when Australia is supposedly overtaken by Islam, Nalliah will need to move his followers to Sr Lanka, to his land there (the Save Sri Lanka compound?) – perhaps a prophesy soon to be announced? Perhaps a dream yet to come? as with the Victorian bushfires which he was told were God’s wrath? Will it be that Australia has allowed Islam to take the path of becoming the dominant culture God will tell Nalliah in a dream to take his people to Sri Lanka? With around half Nalliah’s followers non European, it truly is the rainbow family model of Jones.

Nalliah talks of his great love for everyone. He has stories about helping some Muslim women stranded in the rain with a flat tyre. He carries their luggage through airports. And in the same soft voice of love he tells again how he can’t trust any of them to tell the truth.

What set Nalliah on this path of bringing down Islam and official multiculturalism? He tells the story of how, in 1983 in Sri Lanka, when the Tamils began their futile war of liberation against the dominant Sinhalese, mobs of the latter went on an ”ethnic-cleansing” riot against the Tamils. Nalliah’s family were Tamils. At the age of 20, newly turned to Christ, he came home to find his house surrounded by men carrying cans of petrol, swords, clubs and car tyres. They were calling for Nalliah’s parents to come out of the house.

Nalliah had that day, on his way home, seen 18 people set on fire. He says he immediately prayed to God and, soon after, a Buddhist-Sinhalese woman appeared and threw herself in front of the mob. She said the Nalliahs were charitable people and demanded that they be left alone. The mob wandered off. This was Nalliah’s first miracle.

Can we believe this wild tale?

”The British left in 1948. My father says within six years the government had split everyone up into their ethnic groups. It was a terrible mistake. Ethnic ghettos are poison.”

The little man now wants to merge Buddhism and Hinduism.

In 1996, he says he was working for an underground Christian church in Saudi Arabia, smuggling Bibles into the country – a crime, he says, that was punishable by imprisonment, flogging or even beheading. One night 20 soldiers “gave the dreaded knock on the door”. There were 400 Bibles stacked on his lounge room floor. His wife and children were sleeping in their beds. Calling on God, he says he confused the soldiers minds with prayer – such that they forgot why they were there – and they left soon after. This, too, was a miracle.

At the Rise Up Australia Party launch, he reduced this story to one line:

“In Saudi Arabia, my wife was nearly raped and killed.”

While his personal history is a matter of awe for his followers, it’s the claim to supernaturalism that many think gives Nalliah his authority. It is cultism.

In 2010, The Age reported that Nalliah had claimed he raised a Wagga woman named Diana Shield from the dead. They had been on a bus tour of Israel. The claim was supported by a Christian doctor, anaesthetist Murray James-Wallace, who had failed to revive the woman.  Instead of a blocked artery, Nalliah believed the devil was the problem. He called out: “In the name of Jesus, life return! Satan, you have no right to take this life on tour. Diana, come back, in Jesus’ name!” And she did – he says. We await the official Vatican inquiry into this miracle – or would they assess it prima facie as the usual cultic mythology?

Nalliah loosely chronicles other apparent resurrections and demon-castings in his self-published memoir Worship Under the Sword, about his conversion to Christianity and his mission work in Saudi Arabia.

Such a character cannot but live in delusion. Whatever be his political utility he is just not of the corporeal world. And we don’t mean that as a compliment.

A Useful Satellite Of the Liberal Party

The Rise Up Australia Party will serve over time to rope in some people who will take its politics seriously and not see it as an extension of a Pentecostal church. In that vein, these people are ripe for exploitation. In the new hyper-globalist capitalism that is coming after the Liberals take government soon, this ‘party’ will be useful as a satellite. We have already suggested how. They will whip up public concern at a particular problem whilst keeping the public eye off the bigger danger.

But of course, like Jim Jones there remains the danger. What if the loaded gun of madness – is fired?


It is a curious fact that fundamentalist death squads in South America have grown out of the more extreme fractions of Pentecostalism. Are we growing a Christian jihad (sic) formation?

Time will tell all.

Whatever be the case, the curious case of Danny Nalliah will be answered in struggle by the Australian nationalists and if Pastor Daniel wants to do Australia a service – he can deport himself to Sri Lanka where like a Christ, he really can work amongst the poor.