Julia Gillard a Trotskyist Spy

Did anyone do background checks on Julia Gillard before she joined the Labor Party, or before she joined Cabinet or before she ousted Prime Minister Rudd in a coup?

We know she has a criminal mind from her AWU fraud involvement and Union infiltration while at Slater and Gordon before she entered politics proper.  She will not get a job again at Slater and Gordon, nor in Law practice in Australia.  She probably won’t ever get a job in Australia.  Who’d employ Gillard?   She’ll have to find work overseas and consistent with her OneWorldist Trotskyist idealism, the United Nations is her likely destination.

If a foreign spy were to sabotage Australia for the benefit of foreign interests, what more could they do that Julia Gillard hasn’t already done?

Trotskyist Julia Gillard

Classic Political Career Path

Julia Gillard was born in Wales in 1961.  She has no natural affiliation with Australia or to Australian culture.  She grew up in safe sheltered middle class Adelaide, then went to Adelaide University.  It was here, after meeting certain influential people including the daughter of a State Labor Minister, that Gillard launched into politics joining the Labor Club.  Gillard decide to take a political career, and at an impressionable age decided to leave her home environment in Adelaide and take up law and set up in a safe Labor Seat of Lalor in working class Melbourne.  By studying law she took the classic academic path into Australian politics.

By specialising in industrial law she set herself up for Labor Party alignment.  While at university in Melbourne she joined the student union and the Socialist Forum, further aligning with the Left.  She also deliberately practiced debating.   By 1983, at age 22 Gillard was head of the Australian Union of Students and secretary of the Socialist Forum.  No messing around.

In 1987 Gillard at age 26 worked in industrial law at Slater and Gordon and then joined the Labor Party proper.

Worked her way to Power

In 1995, Gillard continued the career politic, initially campaigning for a Senate seat then becoming chief of staff for Victorian Labor’s John Brumby.  Just three years later, Gillard ran for the safe Labor seat of Lalor and won.

After Labor’s defeat at the 2001 federal election, Gillard got herself into Labor’s Shadow Cabinet with the Population and Immigration portfolio and redesigned Labor’s immigration policy.

Between 2001 and her ultimate seizing of power in 2010, Gillard built up her portfolio of ministerial experience and influence, taking on Health, Industrial Relations and Education; but grabbed deputy leadership as soon as the opportunity presented in 2007, once had Rudd replaced Beasley and Jenny Macklin had resigned.

In December 2007,  Gillard tasted the duties of the Prime Minister, and in 2010 she ousted Rudd and took ultimate power as PM.

Secured Personal Power and Control

Since Gillard ousted Rudd in 2010, in all her actions and policies she has sabotaged Australia for the benefit of foreign interests.

  • Formed an Inner Circle of ‘media advisers’ to supplant Cabinet
  • Created a Propaganda Machine
  • Silenced Critics with Spin Doctoring

Dismantled Australia’s Sovereignty

  • Perpetuated Rudd’s dismantling of Border Protection
  • Built up Foreign Ownership and Control
  • Aligned with Asia – prescribing Australia embrace the ‘Asian Century’
  • Removing Defence Capability

The Gillard

Sabotaged Australia’s Economy

  • Fragment Society by wedging a class divide
  • Dismantling Local Manufacturing
  • Dismantling Local Food Production
  • Increase the Cost of Living
  • Spending all Treasury Wealth on grandiose projects that achieve little modelled on Rudd’s $16 billion in Rudd’s wacky “Building the Education Revolution” program.
  • Maximising the National Debt Burden
  • Make Higher Education Unaffordable
  • Removing Local Industry Protection
  • Increasing Welfare Dependence
  • Trash the Economy

At the end of the day, when Labor or the Australian electorate finally gets rid of her, they will realise in hindsight that all her talk about acting in the national interest was calculated propaganda to distract from her narcissistic mission of implanting Trotskyism throughout Australia at any cost.

Gillard the DarkWhatever it Took