Reckless Rudd the pink batt fool should just “disappear”

Labor’s reckless pink-faced Rudd can’t be trusted with Pink Batts, or with young Australian lives, or with protecting Australia’s borders, or with Australian manufacturing, or with Australian jobs, or with financial management, or simply with the plain truth.

Labors expensive failed schemes are worse than national wealth wastage, they are betrayal of the Australian people:

  • Pink Batts failure
  • Green Loans failure
  • Grocery Watch failure
  • Fuel Watch failure
  • Gillard’s useless school halls failure
  • $900 Plasma TV bribes
  • $5 billion to house 50,000 illegals instead of Australia’s own poor, elderly, ill and indigenous
  • Labor’s NBN Blowout failure (ignoring asbestos)
  • Labor’s Greens placating to allow 50,000 boat illegals leeching welfare


Ruddster you Fraudster!

The only thing Rudd can be guaranteed of is his growing his own ego, his Big Congested Australia full of more illegals on structural welfare and of 457 foreigners stealing Australian local jobs.

Pink Batt RuddYoung Australians:  follow my pious piping
But Ruddster the Fraudster
we see your Ego, we hear your Ego, but we don’t speak for your Ego

No More Rudd Ego

Reckless Rudd has presided over 4000 cases of suspected fraudulent Pink Batts scandal, and four direct deaths.  It will linger with him to his grave.

In 2010, the Australian National Audit Office revealed 22,302 payments totalling $29 million made to installers for Rudd’s Pink Batts jobs relating to householders with different names but the same telephone numbers.  Some 657 companies made 24,550 claims for jobs they did outside of the states they said they would service.

Pink Batts RortsRudd’s Toxic Mess:  Brisbane-based pensioner David Hunt and his wife suffered bronchitis and asthma from Rudd’s inept and dodgy installers pumping toxic felty fluff
– “the house is virtually unliveable.”


More than three years since Rudd’s Pink Batts Scheme was terminated in February 2010, Rudd has only mealy mouthed a hollow ‘sorry’ on behalf of Labor, only because of the damning national indictment by a Brisbane Coroner’s findings last week into the deaths of three men due to Rudd’s poorly implemented Pink Batts Scheme.

Dodgy Pink Batts

Coroner Michael Barnes found that two men, Matthew Fuller, 25, and Mitchell Scott Sweeney, 22, as well as teenager Reuben Kelly Barnes, aged just 16; were all electrocuted between 2009 and 2010 while installing Rudd’s ordered roofing batts.

In all cases the men had not been given adequate training or supervision by the companies involved, and  directly criticised the Rudd Government for rushing through the pink batts program.

A fourth man, Marcus Wilson, 19, in New South Wales was found by Coroner Dillon to have died in November, 2009 of complications arising from heat stress causing total organ failure from working in 50+ degree temperatures as a roofing insulator in a house in St Clair, western Sydney, without adequate hydration.

They were all following Rudd’s direct rushed orders, like dozens of small businesses and so Rudd is accountable, responsible and liable for his orders and his decisions to start and end his programme – as government commander in charge financially and morally personally.

But Rudd has only said sorry, only because

Rudd has now been publicly embarrassed by a coroner.

It says everything about the man.

Matthew Fuller’s parents have said they held three people responsible for their son’s death, Rudd, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan, who they said had shirked their responsibility. Rudd had not apologised to the family.

Mother of her dead son Christine Fuller was succinct about Kevin Rudd,

I’d like for him to disappear.

Rudd was actually warned in writing on 10 occasions that there were dangers associated with the program and he had not released those letters, because he had the letters shredded to protect his own skin.

The Labor reported cost hole was conservatively publicised at $26 million.  The cost has since been quietly amended by Labor to $124 million.

But Rudd’s hurried free Pink Batts scheme is just one of Labor’s costly policy and implementation debacles under heady team Rudd and Gillard.

Reckless Rudd, following his pink batts brain snap, needs to disappear down the Labor Party Values Sink Hole.

Labor Party Sinkhole
Labor Party Values Sink Hole