1 April 2023

Australia First Party

The only truly Australia party for all true Australians.

Ned Kelly

“The White population is being driven out of the labour market by an inundation of Mongolians. When the White man is driven to desperation there will be desperate times.”


~ Ned Kelly, 1879.

“A racist. is a person who wins an argument with a multiculturalist.”

~Graeme Campbell MHR, founder of the first ‘Australia First Party’, 1995.

Eureka Flag of Australian NationalistsWe know exactly what’s going on to undermine Australians. 

Join us and find out…and stop it !

Australia First Party is NOT just a party formed to do some good things around a decent programme; rather it is a historical party formed to express the values of Australianism from the time when our Nation was young, the values which we must re-invent for a dangerous present. It is the ‘history’ that is within us that gives us strength!


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