Werribee welcomes the Australia First Party

Tuesday June 7, 2016:  Australia First Party members were present welcoming local Susan Jakobi, Australia First Party – as she filed her nomination papers for the Federal Seat of Lalor in Werribee (Wyndham) on the south-western fringe of Melbourne.

Susan Jakobi, Australia First Party LalorSusan Jakobi, Australia First Party


Victorian members know the usual means of contact.

Leaflets are now available and distributions can begin as early as Saturday.

Locals of Werribee, used, abused and neglected by vested-interest Labor, Liberals, Greens, instead now have a true fresh choice to vote for a local Aussie nationalist to represent Australians in Werribee and the surrounding region.


  • End Immigration

  • Default on Government Foreign Debt

  • Police da Gang Crime

  • Stop the Housing Sprawl

  • No Chinese Invasion Cities

  • Invest in Public Infrastructure

  • Act on the concerns of Aussie Locals

Join and Vote Australia First“Don’t vote informal. Someone’s got to stop the bastards!”

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