For the Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton, it is “inconceivable” that Australia would not join the USA to defend Taiwan if China chose to attack it.

Taiwan’s place in the global economy (sic) and the production of components for computer technology, in particular, makes it an ally of the United States. Its strategic position is such that the globalist trade system may use it to protect its interests. Necessarily, current Australian political leaders see that as a reason to support Taiwan in all circumstances.

However, Australian nationalists put Australia first and have a different view. Involvement in such a war with China makes Australia a target, not because of a specific Australian quarrel with China, but because of a rivalry between the globalist system (operated by the United States) and China. Australia has a necessary issue with China. We seek the expulsion of Chinese imperialism from Australia just as we should seek our departure from the arrangements and institutions of globalism. These goals can be achieved, but their effects would be long-term.

Simultaneously, Australia would need to demonstrate that its goals were not part of the immediate struggles of the two leading superpowers, as proceeding “against” one invariably invites the other to intervene. Rather, it should be shown that Australia wanted no role in their contest.

Such a policy is one of armed neutrality. It is the highest form of patriotism. We are entering a time where there will be two types of “patriotism.” Or more accurately, a position that really puts Australia first and is true patriotism, and another “patriotism” which beats the old drum that service for a “protector” master against an “aggressor state” is the very definition of the term.

Australia first made its commitment to armed neutrality long ago, a position that says that Australia picks no ‘side’ and angles only for its own specific interests. Australia arms itself for continental defence and allows no foreign bases or troops on its soil. History will prove who the real patriots were!