Victoria Police to ban the use of masks at public gatherings so ANTIFA faces can be Facebooked

Following an unprovoked violent attack by Black Bloc masked Antifa criminals in Melbourne last Sunday, Victoria Police are to outlaw masks, balaclavas, hoodies and blackfaces from protests.

Last Sunday, the Melbourne Anarchist Club orchestrated a violent ambush by Antifascists against Aussie locals protesting the impost of Islamic halal ritual food at the inappropriate Halal Festival in Melbourne’s Show Grounds.

Melbourne Anarchist Club62 St Georges Rd, Northcote in Melbourne
This filthy building needs to be condemned in one way or another


Islamic sharia is foreign and barbaric and against Australian secular Western values based upon Christian principles.  It is wrong for foreign cultures to Australia to impose their ways on us Australians, and to condone and evangelise anti-Australian practices such as throat slitting animals and requiring an Islamic imam to charge a fee to put a dodgy halal sticker on food produce like Four’n Twenty meat pies and Vegemite.

Australians have a right to protest such barbaric practices in our own country.

It is wrong for the Left to resort to an anti-democratic and anti-Australian totalitarianism to try to shut down vocal Australians defending our culture and values.

The protest against halal was quiet static and peaceful with a few banners, placards and flags drawing the Australian public’s attention to the evils of Islamic sharia and halal.   The anti-Islam protesters included Nick Folkes and his ziopatriot Party for Freedom as well as a few Reclaim leftovers.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said it appeared a bloody clash at the Halal Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Sunday occurred when a group of anti-fascist supporters on their way to a rally in Federation Square noticed the right-wing Party of Freedom peacefully protesting and decided to remonstrate.

Melbourne Anarchist Club in black bloc attack AussiesViolent anarchists in the masks:  Edna Van Pyrite, Lachie Hulme, Taylor Freeman,  Liam Brown,  Lisa Rapley, Chris O’Brien, Steve Shiels, Sue Stevens, Dave Saxton, Fraser Karhunkynsi, Rob Sparrow,  Dave Fregon,  Andy Toall, Nick Henry, ethnics Seu Quoiah, Kim Mi Young, Mart Ta, Tailor Freeman, Kevin Boers, gay Nando Mando, Lachie Hulme, Stuart McCarthy, Matt Costigan even old Leigh Kendall.


Victoria Police attacked by masked protesters

During the brawl, police were assaulted by the masks and one local Aussie was bleeding heavily from the head and others injured after being punched, kicked, and beaten with metal poles and baseball bats.

Antifa Anarchist ViolenceAn Aussie assaulted by members of the Melbourne Anarchist Club


Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane is focusing on protestors wearing balaclava’s saying the community has “had enough of it”.  “Masks..promote a mob mentality”.   Mr Leane said Victoria Police had been frustrated in dealing with the masked black bloc types who over the past 18 months had instigated unprovoked violent clashes, particularly in Melbourne’s CBD, Melton, and Bendigo,

“We really have to question the motivation of why they’re doing it.”

Answer:  No anarchy, but gang crime.

Of course, criminal form amongst this juvenile and deviant rabble is culturally entrenched.  The anarchists do not don masks for a sense of street theatre.  Instead, they kit up in black, black masks, blacken their faces and with various weapons to look for bovver.  It’s a foreign imported gang mentality labelled as ‘Black Bloc’ to commit violent crime – assault, riot, property damage, arson.

Masked Anarchists

If these intellectual midgets were to apply legally to police to hold a demonstration and to wear masks like a 2 dollar shop plastic Guy Fawkes Mask, then perhaps their purpose could be construed to have a semblance of political intent, else its just an excuse again to commit crime.

ANTIFA black bloc masks