The system is increasingly bombarding Fair Dinkum Australians with over-stressed issues of Aboriginal identity. Welcome to Country, smoking ceremonies, renaming of places, historical-themed articles, calls for treaties, frontier wars, stolen children, welfare reports, and ‘Voices’ to State parliaments, are all being promoted like never before. So, what is the System’s agenda in featuring ‘Albino’ types, people with very little Aboriginal ancestry as Aboriginal spokespeople, and blatant ‘big lie’ statements about Aboriginality as some sort of mere ‘identity choice’?

In recent decades the titles ‘Aboriginal’ and ‘Aborigine’ changed. In earlier generations, our Aboriginal people were called Australian Natives, whilst Australians of European biological ancestry born on the soil of our Continent, were referred to as Native Australians; the term New Australian was applied to our post-WWII European migrants. Our Australian Continent was called our Native Soil. Such terminology is no longer used. Our pioneering generations well understood this Native Australian terminology as used in our Aussie culture referring to those born on our Native Soil, as well as Australian Natives referring to our Aboriginal peoples.

Indeed, the false naming of Aborigines epitomises the big lie technique unfolding over decades. It aims to psychologically condition the public and the Aborigines themselves. Common terminology was changed from Australian Natives to Aboriginal Australians, followed by Indigenous Australians, and now extended to ‘First Nations People’. The latter term is a load of United Nations propaganda. As the joker said: if there are ‘First’ people, who will be the ‘last’ people? Our Sacred Aboriginal Races originated elsewhere, and in their occupation of this old Continent down the millennia they had no concept of ‘Australia’ – they considered they were of the ‘Dreaming’. There must be an energetic struggle to put the lies to rest.

The new First Nations terminology, with its inherent meaning of continuous change, is the ultimate example of the big lie technique of the Aboriginal Industry, dubbed in over the groupings of Aborigines existing across the Continent at the time of the First Fleet. These were the tribes historically recorded as comprising anywhere up to a thousand and sometimes more, suitable groups primarily for food attainment needs and cultural life based on skin lore kinship and totemic lore, the very organisational structure for the tribal lifestyle. This is the true history and it has nothing to do with nations.

The repeated usage of the term ‘Indigenous Australian’ now refers to people with a ‘background’ only, and is especially taken up by albinos, as it helps cloud the essential nature of Aboriginal races as being Black Races. There is no such being as an Indigenous Australian, rather such a claim epitomises the big lie technique which relativises being Aboriginal to the possession of a ‘background’.

It also helps subdue the psychological effect some unfortunately carry from the worst form of racism, which is related to the destruction of a person’s biological inheritance due to miscegenation. It superficially aids their need to seek to belong to an identity. Yet, the miscegenation inflicted upon our Aborigines is genocidal. All should recognize it openly, including those who are its immediate victims, those who present as ‘albino’ persons with an Aboriginal ‘background’.

‘Indigenous’ is a UN-promoted adjective inferring the origin of a race from a specific place. It cannot apply to our Aboriginal peoples either given they have migrated into our continent in waves over the millennia, the last wave ending about 7000 years ago. Certainly, Aborigines have a long connection with the Continent and the law of DNA would suggest some also ‘evolved’ further in this environment. Yet, lightweight academics intellectualise against dubbing them a set of migrating peoples, something historical observations from personal encounters, including those by ethnologists, have well recorded.

The Indigenous identification ploy is a component of the UN Globalisation agenda being foisted onto certain countries to relegate the predominate national identity from being paramount for an independent National State. The “New World Order” of the money changers’ politicians has no place for nationalities! Or for ancient races, either! This remains the core underpinning the current Albino Aboriginal support for the demise of Australia’s cultural heritage today. For fair dinkum Australians, an understanding of the UN Globalisation agenda, the politicians’ multicultism/mass immigration programme and the albino Aboriginal industry, all at work to undermine our national heritage and identity, means we must find a pathway to ensure a future for traditional Australia.

The politicians and their allies, in expanding acceptance of indigenous ‘Aboriginality’ to include self-identifying people with the Aboriginal genealogy of any degree and even those who simply believe themselves to be Aboriginal, are increasing the genocide to our Aborigines through promoting acceptance of ongoing intermingling. This must end if our Aboriginal People are to survive! There cannot be a true Aboriginal identity without Aborigines. But the history has been one which was to challenge Aboriginal racial survival.

In 1788, the tribes were numerous across the landmass with historic estimations of perhaps some 300,000 people or more in total, though, the propagandists now try to expand the numbers to support the idea of a ‘genocide’. Such tribes were/are actually “Nations” now according to the Aboriginal Industry!

To parrot that tribal clans were/are nations, as the term is now understood beggar’s belief. This is another ploy for undermining fair dinkum Australians into accepting that our Australian civilisation on this continent is of secondary standing to the “First Nations” and an imposter not worthy of a national future, irrespective of the nation now built.

Furthermore, the connected Welcome to Country drill that is now repeatedly continuously across the land, particularly in the public services, has been exposed as a recent concoction made up of tokenism, and it is said by various traditional Aboriginal people to be without meaning. This ploy again expands the psychological undermining of fair dinkum Australians into accepting that we do not belong to our Native Soil, a preparation for displacement by an “Asian/globalist future”.

Something specific could be said of the false Aboriginal Industry. We should understand the actual driving attraction for the involvement of the Albinos is to undermine our Aussie civilisation. This draw-card for Albinos relates to the biological genocide inflicted on Aborigines through the extensive rate of European relationships that occurred as settlements expanded. It should be noted the industry condemns every aspect of European settlement—except this.

Tribal life for Aboriginal women could extend to appropriation as wives to one male, relative to skin and moiety, and for sharing for intimacies as per custom, which could also include with non-husbands; any resulting offspring were accepted as of the husband, and the Dreaming. This sharing custom, added to by settler demands and encouragements, resulted in the surge of mixed-race births, whose skin tone appearance to our Aborigines horrifically decimated their Sprit Child Dreamtime mythology about human origins, where the Spirit Child chose its mother, or the husband directs the Spirit Child to its future mother. The mixed-race surge led tribal elders to commit widespread infanticide to retain the mythology, which was the very essence of their culture.

However, the extent of miscegenation spiralled into undermining tribal and clan mythology and existence, leaving increasing mixed-race descendants who in experiencing the despair of knowing they were no longer true from the Dreaming, blamed and despised their white gene component-originators. And knowing they were not whites either, increased their dislike of our European people and derived civilisation.

Promoting a belonging category of “Native Albino, or Native Coloured”, distinct from both Native Australian, and Aborigine, all inherent to our Australia, could help alleviate the psychological ill-effects of miscegenation, and end its continuity. It could rescue these lost generations and place them.

One can acknowledge and respect all human beings, yet not countenance the extreme racism and self-serving thoughtlessness inherent in destroying an individual’s biological inheritance. The survival of our Aboriginal people and their Dreamtime organic values is an essential, non-negotiable component of our Australia, which necessitates extensive education for the avoidance of miscegenation.

The entire concept of Australia – emanating from the Latin “Terra Australis Incognita”, and the Spanish “Terra Australia et Spiritus Sancto” is European—as is the civilisation built by the determination/ hard work of our pioneering European peoples and paid for in blood in the Great Patriotic War Against Japanese Imperialism.

However, Australia’s Aboriginal races have a unique place in which we too would defend against the new globalist imperialism. The hour demands that Aborigines also stand up for themselves, for their future and identity.

That means we must define identity for all. Australianism is the pathway. ■