We, the Australians, are not a hyphenated people, but a people which developed to appreciate this timeless Continent as our homeland, with a singular adaption of European culture that served as the underlay for a unique nationality.

We are sometimes condemned from amongst our own if we adopt motifs, place names and stories from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander co-continentals, and are then derogatorily called ‘settlers’ only as if our identity is illegitimate. We say we are not a people who were transplanted here. Our forebears planted a seed of another Race, but it nativized to the soil. We understood Place. We defended it in blood.

We, the Australians, do not recognise any ‘First Nations’ people on this Continent. We have heard fakers describe the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this way. And it is wrong. To us, that is United Nations propaganda and falsehood from the diseased minds of certain ‘White folks’ who detest their own and who pretend to honour the indigenous, while ultimately scheming their dispossession by Third World ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’, the future labour armies of the great mining and agricultural corporations. If there is a first nation (sic) then there is a final nation and they are in that scheme destined to be just a background tale, a song and dance routine, locked into multiculti. Their heritage will be lost and they will be cleansed from the Continent.

No. The Aborigines are the Aborigines. The Torres Strait Islanders are the Torres Strait Islanders. Their history, by culture and by science, tells us they entered the Continent in waves from some 6500 years ago to 60,000 years ago. They have their “place” and they must now defend it. They should now speak with that voice, not in the chatter given to them by others.

The true Australian people, not the globalised, multicultural-ized and liberalised mess we have become, not those who have otherwise entered our homeland on visas or with granted ‘passports’, took up arms in a Great Patriotic War Against Japan and in saving ourselves, rescued the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (some of whom fought alongside us) from a fate of certain genocide. This fate now awaits us all from new enemies armed with the best weapons, or the worst of corrupting economic ideas.

We, the Australians, proclaim openly to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders and those part-but-recognizable persons of such descent, that they have no future without us and our future would be incomplete without them.

We invite them to join us in a movement that secures our futures on the Continent—come what may and if necessary, against the world!