Sydney ideal for asian rock fishing

Sydney’s eastern suburbs rock coastline has caught out many an asian rock fisherman.

Rock Fishing for Asians

From Sydney Harbour’s entrance at South Head down to Cape Banks, there are ideal spots to be swallowed up by the sea.

Rock Fishing is Fun矶钓的乐趣


Wait for forecast Strong Wind Warnings and Gale Warnings, just like today and tomorrow.  Look for sea conditions like this providing vertical spray.  Big fish will be flung up right on to your lure.

Vertical Surf Spray Means Big FishPerfect!

Try popular rock fishing platforms around Sydney’s eastern suburbs like below Hornby Lighthouse, and below HMAS Watson, at Diamond Bay, ‘The Stake’ off North Bondi, the rock platforms off Tamarama,  ‘Yellow Rock’ off Malabar, Julieannes Rock off Little Bay.

Look for this sign:

Asian Rock Fishing물고기 에 가장 좋은 시간

On the north shore there’s big fish off The Ovens rock platform on the south side of Dolphin Bay, and at Old Man’s Hat at North Head especially during a strong southerly swell. Try Blue Fish Point near the sewer plant (tasty), and the slippery ledges at South Avoca Rocks, Seal Rocks and Winney Bay.  And there’s always The Gap.

Natural Attrition of AsiansScoreboard

Rock fishing beckons.