Susan Jakobi for Cranbourne in Nov 24 Victorian State Election

Australia First Party is pleased to announce that Susan Jakobi is running as an independent for the seat of Cranbourne in the Victorian state election on November 24.

Susan says:  “Victorians demand action to improve both our quality of life and public safety.

If you oppose Chinese imperialism, the freehand African criminals have under the traitorous Andrews government and are looking to oppose the establishment voting order, then Susan promises the following:

  1. I oppose all fast-train projects which are part of an immigration program to create a “Big Victoria’. Rather, I will fight to upgrade existing public transport. I reject the open conspiracy to explode the population of Melbourne with the creation of special fake ‘eco-zone’ areas and ‘global growth’ (sub cities) where Australians have no work rights or residence. Because the idea of a ‘Big Victoria’ can only undermine our environment and eradicate our culture and identity, I am resolved to organise my fellow Australians to resist.
  2. I stand for Australian home ownership, and access to the rental market, and access to public housing over the interests of all foreign companies, overseas students and so-called refugees.
  3. I will push to legislate for the right of the citizen to employ appropriate home defence and properly licensed firearms owners to use their weapons against home invasions, now the crime of choice by migrant gangs.
  4. I demand the deportation of all African gang members and would work to ensure the end of all immigration from Africa.

Voting for fake nationalists such as Avi Yemini and his warmongering Zionist ALA will be a waste of a protest vote. Make your protest vote count and put it on someone with real potential.