Stawell Gift a Chariots of Fire spirit of unique Australian sporting heritage since 1878

Young Australians make us proud.

Matthew Rizzo and Vic Ryan win this year’s Stawell Gift, Victoria’s Wimmera, Australia’s own footrace – on grass, on handicap, up-slope and over 130 yards.

The two Aussie teenagers won respectively in 13.72 and 12.10 seconds. Viv ran like the Lithgow Flash.

And the $40,000 prize money each sets the standard for men and women’s equality in sport, an Australian value.  So wake up Cricket!

The Stawell Gift is Australia’s oldest and richest short distance running race every Easter Monday run by the Stawell Athletic Club at Central Park in the Australian pastoral town of Stawell since 1878.  The annual event fosters the spirit of fair competition, the pride of our youth and a celebration of our local sporting ability.

Like Aussie’s tradition of Two-Up, betting is permitted and the bookmaking is quite sophisticated.  The handicapping can be controversial, but it’s part of the unique tradition of the event.

And it is not just one race.  There are many heats and categories. It is a complete sporting carnival.  Thousands of Australians make a day of it in the country every Easter.

The Stawell Gift gets Australians back out into the countryside to experience Real Australia.