Royal Commission into Labor slush to continue unabated into union corruption

The Trade Union royal commission has opened the lid on a hidden culture of violence and a coercive internal culture within Australia’s Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.  Commissioner Dyson Heydon has today dismissed a union slush funded application calling on him to step aside…

Labor Unions:  “his investigation into our corruption is terminally tarnished”…

Bill Shorten cross-examined over AWU corruptionBill Shorten for slush PM?

ACTU Secretary Dave OliverDave Oliver for slush PM?

CFMEU Dave NoonanDave Noonan for slush PM?

ACTU Ged KearneyGed Kearney for slush PM?

CFMEU Tanya PlibersekTanya Plibersek for slush PM?

CFMEU John SetkaJohn Setka for slush PM?

Union ThugsMick McDermott for slush PM?

CFMEU Criminal John PerkovicJohn Perkovic for slush PM?

CFMEU Joe Myles and Luke CollierJoe Myles and Luke Collier for slush PMs?

CFMEU Darren GreenfieldDarren Greenfield for slush PM?

CFMEU Norm MeyerNorm Meyer for slush PM?

CFMEU Bilal Fatrouni and George AlexIslamic Bilal Fatrouni and George Alex for slush PMs?

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