Aug 2015: Project 1000 – On the way to the Registration of the Party in 2015

The party’s National Council has resolved on ‘Project 1000’, an integral part of the necessary membership and re-registration drive, imposed upon us by soon-to-be-announced-changes to the Australian Electoral Act. One of the proposed legal changes demands we record and maintain 1500 members to qualify for admission as a Federal political party.

The party will raise its membership to 1000 by January 1 2016, all processed and recorded as per the new rules.

We wish to get the registration process right, streamline recruitment method and maintain the appropriate records. Hence, we shall move towards the 1500 goal incrementally. We shall first reach the 1000 plateau. And after the success of Project 1000, we can proceed forwards – more speedily.

It is necessary too, that we contact all current members in order to transfer some members from the various auxiliary State party groups to the new Federal party. It is further necessary we confirm the status of all members just in case a person has died very recently or in case of any other negative circumstance. We have to be right on the money with our membership data.

The success of Project 1000 would place us as the pole of attraction for all nationalist-minded people who see the benefit of a legal-party entity. It is unlikely that any other group on our side of the political fence could meet the test.

We trust that all members will give the party the assistance to achieve this crucial goal. We will need additional finance for the National Office to oversee the process and for State committees to implement the recruitment and other plans.