Australia free trade agreement with China good for jobs – Chinese jobs downunder!

Australia’s Liberal PM Tony Abbott and Labor’s ex-PM Bob Hawke both selfishly spruik increasing trade with Communist China, claiming it will be good for jobs.

They both mean Chinese jobs.  They ignore the risk of over-exposing Australia’s economy to this imperialist backward dictatorship.

Bob Hawke would.  He’s a Chinese-loving communist having had more Gold Card free business class flights to China, than most Aussies have holidays in our lifetime.

Chinese Bob HawkeHawke in the Pilbara in 1985: “So how much of Australia would you like?” 

Communist Chinese Hu Yaobang:  “How much can we have, Bob sun?”


Of course Hawkie spruils a China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).  Hawkie’s post-political career has well rewarded him at taxpayers expense, from setting up multiple business consultancies in China earning him the reputation of ‘The $370 Million Dollar Traitor‘, selling off our patrimony for personal profit.  While in office, Hawkie flogged off Australia as a quarry to the Chinese.  In 1989 he personally signed off on 46,000 Chinese granted permanent Australian visas after the Tiananmen massacre in Beijing by the same Communist Party he is business bed with.  Hawke said. “I had no consultation with anyone..I just did.”

Chinese Hawkie has a plush mansion overlooking Sydney Harbour and must be happy as more and more harbourside properties are sold off to wealthy Chinese.  It is the yellowing of Sydney Harbour.  “I have a deep love for the Chinese people,” says Hawkie.  Bugger the racist Aussies, I’m gunna have me eyes cosmetically slanted. I’ve already got the eyelid hoods.

Chinese Communist Party Certified ImportHawkie:  “I luv me chinese…don’t need teeth with me wonton.”


And mirror Labor policy of global neo-liberalism, Liberal PM Tony Abbott is keenly consistent with ‘economic rationalist‘ ideology of Australia’s previous Chinese luv’n narcissistic prime ministers:

  • Gough Whitlam
  • Bob Hawke
  • Paul Keating
  • John Howard
  • Kevin Rudd
  • Julia Gillard

LibLabs alike are all conned by the Chinese growth dragon. It is all about greasing us to national dependency on Communist China imports, just like our car industry.

PM Tony Abbott’s economic dumbing down philosophy:  “World trade is a multiplier of economic growth. If people are looking for job opportunities and advanced incomes, the path to that is in opening up trade.”

Me Liberal Party is about liberalism – global liberalism, liberalism with China, liberalism with multinationals.

“Me FTA with China will change Australia for the better, it will change China for the better, and it will change our region for the better. It will secure the future employment of generations of Australians”…to work for squat under da Chinese masters.  Chinese have a right to work in Australia and to buy up Australia.  Bugger Australian jobs,  bugger Australian world-class safety standards, bugger the detail, bugger sovereign risk. A deal is a deal.

Abbott's China Australia Free Trade AgreementLiberal Abbott:  “Any Australian who criticises global liberalism is a racist protectionist!”

“A deal is a deal. For Chinese people it means more beef and better wine.” Bugger sugar, rice, wool, cotton, wheat, maize or canola. Some Aussie exporters are more equal than others.

For Australia consumers it means Chinese imports flooding our shops, undercutting local manufacturers and putting Aussie-owned and made out of business.

China President Xi Jinping with a Penfolds redA 1959 Penfold’s Grange, Tony?  “To Bazza!”

Tony Abbott and his trade minister Andrew Robb spruik cheaper Chinese imports for Australian consumers.  But what he doesn’t tell us in Andrew Robb’s fine print is that Chinese will be allowed to buy up Australian property and businesses like never before.  Abbott’ Foreign Investment Review Board so-called threshold of $252 million has not stopped them to date.  Abbott’s threshold is to be $1,094 million.

Abbott will give Chinese firms the right to sue Australian governments for policy changes that adversely affect Chinese interests.

Chinese investors in projects valued over $150 million under an ‘Investment Facilitation Arrangement will have special rights to bring in temporary migrant workers on 457 visa to Australia without local labour market testing – such as electricians.

Asian ElectriciansIs it this wire?

Australia’s Electrical Trades Union (ETU) is scared, very scared.  ETU National Secretary Allen Hicks, says it is an “absolute disgrace” that Abbott will remove mandatory skills assessment testing for Chinese workers including Chinese electricians.  It will endanger the Australian community.  “It’s going to create significant workplace dangers, not only just for electricians, but all those people who use electricity.”   “China has a woeful workplace health and safety record. They have over 70,000 workplace deaths a year, so we are genuinely concerned.”  Mr Hicks said China’s statistics of workplace deaths was of “genuine concern” to Australians.

“Australia leads the way in electrical safety. We’ve got some of the best electrical workers in the world. A lot of countries aspire to have the same level of safety standards that we do,” he said.  “We’ve got a licence system right across the country — no matter which state or territory you work in, you’ve got to be licensed to carry out the work — and those sorts of systems aren’t in place in other countries like China.

Mr Hicks said the mandatory assessment requirement was designed to protect people from unsafe electrical work, and that the change would create significant workplace dangers. “If they aren’t aware of the requirements that are in place in this country and they do something wrong, then you don’t get a second chance with electricity and that’s the significant, concerning part,” he said.

Tianjin World Class SafetyChinese World-Class Safety Standards at Tianjin (August 12 2015) coming Downunder

Yet under Abbott’s Abbott’s Yellow Priority Agreement, thousands of Chinese foreign scab workers will be allowed to stay and work in Australia for up to four years with the possibility of staying longer will be granted to “contractual service suppliers” from China with a choice of working for an Australian employer or a Chinese firm that has a service contract in Australia.

Under Abbott’s Yellow Priority Agreement, up to 1,800 Chinese scabs a year can replace Australians as chefs, martial arts coaches, language tutors, herbal medicine practitioners, machinery installers, equipment service technicians and even electricians – even if they can’t read Engrish!

There will be no requirement for Chinese electricians to undergo skills assessment.

China Australia Free Trade Agreement

Tony Abbott is being greased by China. He is making our entire Australian economic nation China-beholden without any plebiscite.  Australia’s economic export trade is currently tied to the hip with China by $90 billion in goods and $6 billion in services.  Chinese imports have meanwhile destroyed by low cost dumping most of Australian decent wage paying manufacturers and industries.

Australia has become too dependent on China.  Shanghai’s stock market collapses, the Chinese Communists over-react by trimming interest rates 2.5% and devaluing the Yuan, and Australia’s stock market loses $60 billion, or 4% of its value in one day, Monday August 26, 2015. Now there are signs that Chinese urban growth is an empty bubble set to burst, a meltdown in its shadowy banking system and widespread local government debt defaults.

Shanghai building collapseShanghai Building Collapse..literally.  Chinese-built Lotus Riverside. One Saturday morning in June 2009 suddenly high rise became low rise.

Australia’s tax revenue dependency on royalties from resource exports to China have undermined Australia’s national budget.  if China’s current downward trend continues, economic forecasters claim Australia could forgo more than $500 billion in revenue over the next ­decade – mainly due to as a result of collapsing iron ore and liquified natural gas prices.   Australia’s currency has devalued for than 10% since the end of 2012 because the Chinese Community Party’s devaluation of its yuan.

Liberals like Labor have deliberately exposed Australia’s economy to China’s vulnerable emerging third world communism.  Australian’s refuse to be Turd World slaves on $2 a day, like peasant Chinese in a communist dictatorship.

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees!

Australian Diggers in New Guinea

Yet unions and industry groups say the free trade deal between Australia and China will put jobs at risk. For once, Bill Shorten perhaps has shown moral stamina (or political desperation) by defending Australian jobs against Abbott’s 457 Chinese scabs.

Abbott is no leader by his treachery to Aussie workers.  He avoids our media asking why his China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) gives more Chinese workers temporary skilled migration visas to supplant qualified and ready Australian trades.  The fine print of the Yellow Priority Agreement demands chinese scabs entry and temporary can stay in Australia for up to four years and have the right to stay longer if employed by Chinese “contractual service suppliers”.

Aussies need not apply!

No More Asian Australians