Protectionist economic policy in America which the Democrat-biased ABC politically won’t publish

President Donald Trump says he wants to ‘make America great again’, and has seemingly rejected globalist free trade. That seems okay and the response of our ABC deserves indictment since it is absolutely committed to the free trade mantra.

However, it is all more complex than that.

Of course, the ABC (our taxpayer-funded national broadcaster) imported Chinese CEO ‘Troughwoman’ relentlessly dishes out anti-Trump hate, Democrat fake news.

Our ABC is no longer the once trusted objective news and current affairs. Her hateful propagandist lackies Zoe Daniel in Washington, Trump voodoo doll stabbers Chas Licciardello and John Barron, feminazi Ellen Fanning and Labor man Barrie Cassidy – all froth the Democrat leftard anti-Trump fake news line at every opportunity – Russia-gate, Anthem kneeling, Metooism, Wall St Plummeting, Trade Wars…

ABC globalist Chris Uhlmann barked Democrat hate too far, so that’s why he was outed to the loss-making Nine Network.

What was missed totally by the ABC was that the USA cannot dismantle its industrial base because it is moving towards a confrontation with the very Frankenstein monster it carried – Red China. It needs its industrial base for war purposes.

Now that’s a story worth investigating!