Populist Pauline Hanson’s backing of Liberal tax cuts sacked her Senator Burston for agreeing

On May 8, 2018 Liberal Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down his third budget which promised $13 billion or so in income tax cuts two elections away, as a pork-barrelling voter bribe. It was premised on perpetual sunny economic days, mass immigrant demand, crystal ball gazing and ignoring $600 billion in snowballing debt.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in the months leading up to the Liberal’s budget had reasoned that supporting tax cuts would boost her populism with voters and so indicated support for the Liberals’ subsequent Bill for future income tax cuts.  Hanson’s fellow Senator Brian Burston agreed the Bill supposedly in March with a secret handshake with Liberal Finance Minister and government Senate leader Mathias Cormann.

Then after the budget speech, in late May Pauline backflipped after reading pollster tea leaves, Tarot cards and newspaper palmistry.  Pauline unilaterally withdrew support for the tax cuts publicly in what she declared her “final decision”.

Of course as an alpha-female, Pauline expected and insistent upon blind backflipping loyalty from her dwindling senate seat warmers.  But Brian Burston refused to backflip. So Hanson fumed in an ADHD crying tiff on camera and on May 31 all but sacked Burston for backflip mutiny.

Days later Burston resigned from Paulie Hanson’s dictatorship, became and independent senator for a few hours then joined Clive Palmer to follow the money.

But then two days ago, Hanson then double backflipped and supported the Liberals’ $144 billion income tax cut legislative package – the entire three-stage, seven-year plan, lock, stock and three smoking barrels.


“Yes we are supporting the personal tax cuts … we are pleased to do so.. even though the third stage is not coming in till 2024, six years down the track.”

Pauline, please explain!

Ya all but sacked your last loyal Senator Brian Burston in an ego dummy spit because he voice his view and shook hands on tax cuts.

That was after ya changed your mind – Backflip 1.

Then you ended up agreeing on the tax cuts just like Brian did – Backflip 2.

And so now out of all the ego whim thing, you’ve burnt him when you both voted the same way – for tax cuts.

So you’ve managed da Double Underflip and pissed of all ya mates in the process.

Who’s left in One Nation Mark 2 now?  Pretty boy Peter Georgiou (44) an easygoing fill-in for sacked brother-in-law Rod Culleton, and gay boy James Ashby (38) the manipulator – both under an alpha red female cougar aged 64.

Scary ego-politics.

The Liberals call it ‘Centre Alliance Support’

This is Liberal-speak for reigning in all its factions like Hanson when they need to.