Peter Dutton’s Syrian impost on Wagga condemned

Australia First Party in all States will be campaigning against the planned intake of Syrian refugees. The true ‘solution’ is to protect the camps – and return people home when President Assad (with the support of Russia) – wins the war!

But for the Liberal Party and its immigration minster to unilaterally impose foreign refugees on the people of Wagga Wagga amounts to dictatorship.

Former Riverina candidate Lorraine Sharpe wants immigration reviewed.  Ms Sharp says Wagga must seek to solve its own social problems before welcoming newcomers.

Lorraine SharpLorraine Sharpe of Wagga Wagga

“The reality is we don’t have the infrastructure,” she said. “We’ve got a myriad of social catastrophes ourselves going on … the drug ice … there’s 100,000 of our own people homeless.”

Meanwhile the Liberals mayor for Wagga Rod Kendall commits to blind faith and backhanders.

“I have absolute confidence in the (screening) system … I have absolute confidence that every one of those refugees will be genuine,” he boasts.

I have friends in high places

Wagga mayor Rod Kendall