Obama Democrats hate White America so much they’ve legalised 5 million Latino aliens just to get re-elected

Obama is all talk. His failures mean he is not popular. Now in his final term he is lame and desperate.

The first black U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama II, last night delivered his foreboding immigration decree from the East Room of the White House. Obama’s Immigration Speech decreed to Americans that 5 million illegal immigrant Latinos are undemocratically authorised to become Americans.

Obama has no democratic right to inflict 5 million illegals upon the American people!

Obama Latino InvasionThe Latino Stampede


Black Obama declared this by his presidential executive decree, just like Black Robert Mugabe ordering whites to abandon their farms in old White Rhodesia, now 100% Black Zimbabwe.

No U.S. President has a constitutional mandate to declare war nor to allow invasion. The circumstances of the U.S Civil War deserve revisiting.

Democrat Latino PlanObama is an anti-White Racist


America’s immigration experts believe that the real number of illegals seeking work and the good life in the U.S. across the Mexican border into American is closer to 30 million.

This heralds the beginning of The Latino Stampede !

Obama has effectively removed America’s southern defended border that has protecting it from the entire Central and Southern Americans seeking the good life in the U.S.  Latino illegal entry into the U.S. has nothing to do with seeking asylum and everything to do with economic preference.  The immoral smuggling has resorted to the unaccompanied child scam to immorally exploit a U.S. legal loophole so that the children’s parents must be imported later for “humanitarian reasons”.

Central America including and beyond Mexico has 35 million Hispanics.  South American countries total another 400 million.  That is one heck of a load of humanity for the United States to succumb to.

Once it does, the U.S. as sure as hell will degrade into an overpopulated, welfare ridden second world nation.  The Third World Americas will have parasited their equity out of host nation United States.

Obama:  (Immigration) has “kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial.”

Mexican Border

Every one of the $5 million Latino illegals will now vote Democrat, so this is to be Obama’s ultimate abuse of power and his most destructive legacy to White America.

Forget Obamacare.  That was a walk in the park.  Obama Immigration is White America’s death knell.  Of the 320 million Americans currently in the United States, 54 million are Hispanic, 40 million are African, 20 million are Asian, 4 million are Arab, 3 million are American Indian/Alaska Native, and 190 million are Non-Hispanic White American,

White Americans are down to 60% of the United States population.  Demographic immigration trends point to White Americans losing their inherited majority status in just a generation by 2043.  Black Kenyan Obama know this all too well and is happy to progress this along sooner than later. Lame ducks can only quack so much.

Non White House

Decendants of the American frontier settlers, of the American War of Independence, of the American Civil War, Americans of the two World Wars, of the War in Korea and in Vietnam – you all benefit from your forefathers only.  You are a nation of immigrants, so accept just as many Hispanic illegals into America then let the voters decide which of America’s borders should be ripped down.

In this way the global socialist Democrats will hold power in Washington in perpetuity.  The Republicans will steadily shrink as white breeding shrinks and as the big breeding migrants arrive in their masses and auto-vote Democrats – doing so to pay homage to the Democrats like Obama who declared them Auto-U.S Citizens – regardless of skills, language, finances, health, indeed background checks.

Thanks to Obama, White America is destined to go the same way as White South Africa, where a Jacob Zuma orders blacks to take control of white farms, by force if necessary. South African farming has become the most dangerous profession in the world.

Historically it was wrong and foolhardy for colonial Americans to dabble in the slave trade.  The Atlantic Slave Trade only invited a mass of Africans to plantations to boost southern family profits.  And the Deep South got greedy thinking they could become American Aristocracy on the back of Blacks giving no lip.

There is no room for American History in a future Latino United States.

American Deep South Aristocracy

In hindsight, the 18th Century American Planter Class ought to have picked their own cotton and left the Africans in Africa, preferring instead resigned to have more humble abodes.  Sure they would have forgone all the ostentatious material excesses in the short-term, but retained White American destiny and cultural wealth without the immigrant scourge.

More importantly, the blacks would have remained home in Africa, none the wiser of American Civil Rights.  Africans could have taken their protests to Africa’s Big Men and see how far that got them.

The later going to war for black emancipation only fueled a Black America of more problems that the early profits were worth.  The 1960s Black Civil Rights Movement and now Ferguson’s black riots are inter-generational consequences of the greedy Atlantic Slave Trade.  Martin Luther King Jr would have made a great leader of a West African nation. Obama would have made a better Kenyan president than Uhuru Kenyatta.

These days it’s the Latinos scaling America’s southern perforated border.  The many American families and businesses choosing to hire illegal/undocumented Latinos, has just like the Black Slave Trade, only helped fuel the mass illegal influx just to save a few measly dollars.  By not employing real Americans on real wages Americans are only selling out their own.

White Americans risk repeating the selfish mistakes of their forefathers.  It is time to take a stand to defend America against immigration invasion and against an undemocratic black president.

White American Pride