Nick Folkes ‘Party for Freedom’ or his lonesome party to rehab?

by Dr. Jim Saleam and others


It’s too silly for words.  Nick Folkes’ Party for Freedom is imploding.

Watch Nick Folkes terminate his political credibilityWatch Nick Folkes trash the last remnant of his political credibility


One was directed to two significant items concerning the so-called ‘Australian Party For Freedom’, as led by the redoubtable Likud-Nick Folkes.

First: a video he posted last night, a rambling rant at his former associate, a certain Mr. Ralph Cerminara, in which he also asserts that I and two other men are “government agents”.

Second: a comment he made on line in the early hours: “Jim Saleam is another government agent. Beware of him. He has pictures of Adolf Hitler hanging in his toilet.”

It has been a matter of mass exposure in the last several weeks that the Party for Freedom (PFF) and Mr. Folkes have links to the Liberal Party’s dirty tricks operative, Howard Crawford.

Mr. Crawford was caught out on secret video explaining how Likud-Nick Folkes would receive $20,000 to cover court costs in his fiasco in which dishonoured the Cronulla Civil Uprising of 2005 – as a “riot”.

It has further been revealed to us that elaborate corflute signage used by Mr. Folkes at his demonstrations was paid for by a Liberal with connections to the so-called Sydney Traditionalists.

It is also our claim, endorsed historically, that the Liberal Party’s dirty tricks department (known as Australians For Honest Politics) has had political police linkage, back over many decades

Now it seems, Mr. Folkes is screaming that the “government agents” are not contained in PFF – but serve with me.

This is great stuff.

Rather be concerned by the rants of Mr. Folkes, I have intervened as president of Australia First Party – to post this video below.

I think our members and followers need to ‘get it’ for themselves. Is this why we don’t run after any and every group of would-be patriots to ‘get together’?

Well, yes. We do not deal with nutters.

Mr. Likudnik Folkes attacks these “government agents” because in his mind he associates us with the exposure of PFF as a Liberal Party connected ‘satellite group’. Paranoia?

In our parlance, a satellite means a self-motivated and administered group bound to a major political movement (the Liberals) and in their service, for the purpose of misdirecting and limiting the patriot and nationalist movements.


Nick Folkes Party for FreedomCandle in the Wind Likudnik is outed absolutely.  Game over.

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And all those people who supported him in any way have been deceived and ripped off. Is the pain now unbearable for Mr. Folkes?

However, speaking for myself and everyone who attends our offices, I am more than intrigued about my supposed toilet facilities! I am interested about the linkage of government agent and pictures of Hitler in the loo. Of course, I do not have any picture of the German dictator in my loo.

Beware? Will the (alleged) pictures come alive and make you a government agent?  ..twilight zone material!

PFF puff of smokePFF?  T’was but a fleeting puff


In my view this strange rant about toilets suggests as the video does too, that the days of Mr. Folkes pretending he is something he is not, acting it through, being reported by a compliant media and earning the praise of his band – are coming to an end. The PFF is simply imploding and will soon vanish from the political landscape.


Should there be any sincere people anywhere near PFF who are looking for a nationalist alternative, you are welcome to contact us.

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