Nationals succumb to Labor disease – ‘Whatever it Takes’

The New South Wales National Party this month at their conference in Bowral voted to accept political donations from property developers, alcohol and gambling companies of up to $5,200 per donation.

For a political movement that says it believes in equal opportunity for all Australians that opposes social and political ideas that threaten freedom and democracy in Australia, signing up to developer bribes scraps the heart of the Nationals’ credibility.

The Nationals now have also sold their souls to big corporate end of town.

When Labor’s then NSW Premier Nathan Rees in 2009 hit out at the push to overturn the developer donations ban, he proclaimed that he banned donations because the community had a view that there was undue influence by property developers in decision making’.

‘When donations come from big companies particularly those involved in controversial issues such as urban planning, the community is deeply skeptical.’

So true.  Rees had the gumption to stand up against Labor’s apparachiks, but he was installed by them and so was beholden to them.  The moment he stood up to the political donors, the faceless Labor men back stabbed him.

Rees upon his dismissal declared:

“Whoever emerges as leader will be leading a party that Nathan Rees described as dysfunctional, corrupt, malignant and not capable of doing the job in NSW.”

Since the early 1990s Labor has lost its integrity and followed apparatchik Graham Richardson’s mantra to ‘do whatever it takes’ to get into power, and then to stay in power.  Gillard is following the recipe to script, back stabbing, breaking promises, arrogantly ignoring the electorate.

The Nationals unholy alliance with influential property developers is clearly contrary to serving the public interest.  Most rural and regional people do not have the wear-with-all to fund such political influence.

Most Australians would prefer to just trust those in politics to do what they say they will.

No Corporate Donations to Political Parties!