Ms Aussiephobia Mel Gregson diagnosed with terminal astynomiaphobia

When Victorian Police see feral communist Mel Gregson in a Melbourne protest crowd they roll their eyes.

Mel Gregson Serial Police PestDyed redhead Mel Gregson is a serial trouble maker for Victorian Police


Mel Gregson (30) hates authority and hates police.  Gregson can’t help herself getting stuck into violent street protests against authority.

Mel Gregson tug-o-war with Police

Gregson is involved in everything Commo.  Gregson is a union official with the UNITE union (hospitality & retail). Gregson is a lead organiser with the feral Socialist Party which co-ordinates violent street protests through Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Radio 3CR (Commo Radio), Green-Left Weekly, and violent anarchist online networks like Slackbastard. She also taps into the feral pool of the National Union of Students for each scheduled violent street protest.

Mel Gregson arrested againMel Gregson:  “I hate police


Gregson lives in Melbourne’s unionist inner lefty suburb of Collingwood, deliberately positioning herself walking distance from Melbourne’s hot spot lefty protest areas.

Mel Gregson arrested

Gregson has front-rowed dozens of Commo protests across her familiar inner Melbourne over recent years:

Mel Gregson MediaA Mel Gregson design

  • East West Link Tunnel street violence (Yarra Campaign Against the Tunnel)
  • Hugging curry munchers in their indignant protest again Operation Fortitude‘s crackdown on illegal Indians in the CBD
  • Demanding open borders for Third World welfare seekers, she calls “refugees” to flood Australia
  • Protesting against detention centres for illegals
  • Anarchist Anti Reclaim Australia counter protests (We Croon For Racism)
  • 2009 Indian Student Protests over violent attacks against Indians in Melbourne by their own countrymen – Indians
  • Protests against Islamophobia, Muslimphobia, Xenophobia, Sinophobia, Negrophobia, Coconutaphobia and even Mikatikoindicaphobia

Mel Gregson tunnel minded protestWhatever it takes she says, while she compulsively skin picks


Gregson, along with her communist comrades Anthony Main and Stephen (The wart) Jolly, are behind many of Melbourne’s violent street protests.

Mel Gregson in bed with FGM muzziesGregson holding muzzie award next to Stephen (the wart) Jolly in his Mao Suit

Gregson even lets Anthony Main grab hers (below) deliberately to provoke police as seen in this Melbourne protest against a visit by Dutch anti-Islamist Geert Wilders.

Mel Gregson cops assault from comrade Anthony MaimWe think Mel enjoys a bit of rough bondage on the side – plenty of bondage gear shops around inner Melbourne


It almost doesn’t matter what the issue or cause is – as long as there is an opportunity to dress in Black Bloc, throw objects, break shop windows and kick police and horses.

Gregson sides with anything anyone anti-Australian – Muslims, Third World economic refugees, Indian 457 visa scabs, you name it  as long it is not in Australia’s national interests.

Mel Gregon and Anthony Main play the PoliceThere she is again with Anthony Main and comrades taunting the Victorian Police to assault them for their Box4 Facebook video


Gregson’s communication tactics are criminal.  Gregson plans street protests for media headlines – so: ugly, foul-mouthed, violent.  She now even encourages Australian flag-burning at every protest. She hates Australians and hates Australia. It is a cultural affliction of the Left, termed ‘Aussiephobia‘.

Mel Gregson AussiephobiaI need Xanax now to calm my hysteria!  They’re all after me!

Gregson’s adopted cultural identity is somewhere between Tangier, Caracas and Pyongyang.  Gregson’s a true psychotic misfit.

Mel Gregson the red commoMore sedated, Gregson talks hateful shite, while struggling to control her hand tremours

One of Mel Gregson’s hero mentors (after Leon Trotsky, Nicolás Maduro and Kim Jong-un) happens to be Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore.  Gregson wants Melbourne to be saturated by Copenhagen bike lanes and to be carbon neutral (ie: to ban cars).

Gregson hates police.  So much so she has been diagnosed with acute Astynomiaphobia (fear of police), believed to be terminal. The psychiatric condition stems from unchecked have extreme mood swings and possibly related to undiagnosed Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) from her childhood.

Children with ODD show a pattern of stubbornness, aversion to authority, and frequently test parents, teachers (police) limits.  They repeatedly lose their temper, argue with adults, and refuse to comply with rules and directions.  They will throw temper tantrums over seemingly trivial matters. They are easily annoyed and blame others for their mistakes, and in an argument must have the last say.

Children with ODD can be manipulative and often induce discord in those around them.

Mel Gregson and commosMel going for a Logie supported by cameos from her comrades (circled)


Gregson came out punching publicly against a Reclaim Australia rally recently.  On Sunday November 22, two weeks ago, ‘We Croon For Racism’ organiser Mel Gregson blamed police for fanning tensions between the two groups.

“I think the reality is that the presence of police and particularly the riot police with all their gear and all that type of stuff actually creates more tensions,” she said.  “I think that if the police think there are concerns and want to come out and try to keep things calm then that’s fine, but that’s absolutely not what they’re doing in relation to these rallies. It is better the police were not here so that Lefties can take the law into their own hands against Australians.”

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner has said he supported people’s right to protest, but he was concerned some are out to spread hate. He described Mel Gregson’s street protest methods as “ugly and disappointing”.   Bit of an understatement.  In Melton, in Melbourne’s west, six anarchists were arrested and weapons including knives were seized when they attacked peaceful Reclaim Australia campaigners.

Mel Gregson arrested by Victorian Police

Gregson says she is now allergic to capsicum spray, and is applying for the Disability Support Pension to fund her nefarious activities.

Capscium Spraying Lefties like sheep dipDisinfecting feral lefties, just like Sheep Dip

Mel Gregson’s media releases also display signs symptomatic of Spheksophobia – fear of wasps.