Cronulla Riot a myth. It was Lebanese gang violence that sparked a civil uprising by locals

Lebanese dumped on Australia unilaterally through Bob Hawke


Australians should know their history, then learn that it was former Labor PM Bob Hawke (1983-91) who unilaterally invited hundreds of thousands of Lebanese to Sydney as permanent economic refugees. It was treacherous poison. It was another Labor betrayal of the heritage values of Ordinary Australians, just like that inflicted by Whitlam before him.

Hawke’s mass importation of unscreened war-torn Lebanese to Sydney amounted to blind importation a violent foreign culture. Dumb Hawke fueled Cronulla’s Civil Uprising decades later in the summer of 2005.  Hip-shooting unilateral Hawke was future-dumb to the domestic consequences in Sydney.

Bob Hawke sold out Australian sovereigntyAustralians have never been able to trust Labor an inch with our nation’s borders nor with our national sovereignty.

Since the 1980s civil war in Lebanon, a town-loads of Lebs have flooded and clustered across south-western Sydney. Gangs of fatherless disaffected male youth have emerged and egotistically menaced Sydney locals.

Lebs are territorial and Leb gangs exist to take territory,like in tribal Lebanon. Read up on Lebanese history to begin to comprehend this Arabic mono-culture. Hawke really had no idea of the menace he chose to invoke in his head as some multicultural Samaritan.   Simple folk don’t grasp long term social consequential complexities.

Similarly, Labor’s Keating, Rudd, Gillard, Albanese, Shorten and Plibersek all aspire to blindly herald and follow Hawke’s whims as ideology. Labor these days is more than happy to abandon Labor’s working class roots and to abandon Ordinary Australians

Hawke’s invited Lebs let their patriarchal sons roam like alpha males, terrorising local Sydneysiders, particularly beachgoers and particularly blonde Australian women on Sydney beaches.  Blondes don’t naturally occur in the Middle East, so they are a novelty to Middle Eastern males.


Lebs have snubbed Australian assimilation

Beaches and seaside strips of Sydney’s popular seaside beaches at Brighton-le-Sands, Bondi, Manly and Cronulla have for over 25 years (since 1990) been ‘Leb-attacked’ at weekends over summer.

Less crowded Sydney beaches like Freshwater, Curl Curl and Clovelly didn’t offer the Lebs the spectator crowd to massage their sunken chesty ego.

Male gangs of Middle Eastern Appearance convoy out of their hot south-west Sydney ghetto and cruised Sydney’s beachside strips.  Replete with testosterone, bad attitude, bad haircuts, bad garlic breath, bathed in aftershave, dog neck chained, and flinging spastic cramped finger motions. They cruise in lowered four cylinder Japanese cars with attention-seeking blow-off valve exhausts and blasting out doofer rap through neighbourhoods to let the local Aussies know they are in town.  As if Hezbollah wannbes, they pre-load with alcohol, bad attitude and knives – simply to menace the locals for criminal kicks.

It’s all predictable, stereotypical and pathetic.

Leb CarTypical Leb Viagra 4 cylinder crass, but no-one can tell ’em



Buy hey, the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, so all the Lebs can go back home now to da Lebanon!

Tension had been building for months as gangs of Lebanese swarmed on to Sydney’s Cronulla beach, jostling elderly patrons, abusing Australian families and threatening to “rape Aussie sluts” for wearing bikinis.

Leb gangs arrested heading to CronullaLeb gang members arrested heading to Cronulla

They don’t come to enjoy the beach in the Australian tradition. They came to flout their disrespect for Australian culture and for Australian law and order.

Muzzie Gangs of Sydney

Police turned a blind eye.

Locals had been putting up with this invading ‘multicultism’ from the Middle East for years.   The Lebs harassed, bashed, mugged, abused, stole and raped locals, such has been their hate and disdain for Australia and Australians.

Cronulla shopfronts smashed by Lebanese gangsMarauding gangs of Lebs damaged Cronulla shopfronts with baseball bats


The Leb Riots at Cronulla

Mid-afternoon on Sunday December 4, 2005, two local volunteer surf lifesavers from North Cronulla Surf Club were minding their own business with their two girlfriends as they were leaving the nearby Woolooware Golf Club.  

A gang of eight young men of Middle Eastern appearance abused the two girls and instigated an argument.  One of the Lebs threw a punch but missed which prompting a pushing match that escalated into a fight.  The two life savers protected the girls.. One of the lifesavers was badly hurt after falling and striking his head.

The following Sunday December 11, near the same place surf life saver Dan (26) was walking with his mates and two girls, when he heard a group of men in a beige Toyota Camry shout “Get the Aussie dogs”, and “Get the Aussie sluts.”

Unprovoked, four male Lebs got out of the car and approached Dan and his girlfriend.  Dan protected the girls, one of whom was his girlfriend.

But the Labs drew knives. Dan and his friends attempted to flee from the group. Dan was knocked to the ground and was repeatedly kicked in the head. Dan was stabbed three times in the back. Dan lost feeling in his back before he was stabbed in the right thigh. The attack ended when the 9.8 cm knife snapped off in Dan’s back, narrowly missing his spine and lungs.

Cronulla Riot by Lebs

Dan, who was a self-employed mechanic, was forced to stop work for three months after the attack.

One of the attacking Lebs was later identified as Yahya Jamal Serhan (22) from ethnic Chester Hill who had a job as a courier driver.  He was tracked down and arrested by police Strike Force Enoggera six months later, which identified Serhan after tapping telephone calls.   Serhan pleaded guilty in Sydney’s Central Local Court to one count of being an accessory after the fact of malicious wounding.

Police said Serhan had taken his father’s car, the beige Toyota Camry, which was in a convoy of 100 vehicles that set out from south-west Sydney to carry out revenge attacks at Cronulla.

On April 12, 2007 Serhan was convicted and sentenced to 13 months gaol.

Yahya Jamal SerhanSentenced Leb rioter at Cronulla, Yahya Jamal Serhan


The other seven Lebs remained on the run.

Then on September 30, 2006, one of the gang members Ali Osman (18) was also convicted of the vicious assault on Dan and affray.  But a Lebanese magistrate Jacqueline Trad of the Sutherland Local Court pardoned Osman from gaol and instead granted him with 300 hours community service.

Cronula Rioter Ali Osman convictedCronulla Leb Rioter Ali Osman convicted

One police witness testified that on that day at Cronulla there were 10 to 15 people on the beach wearing the same Wests Tigers football shorts that Osman was said to be wearing, while 150 males had similar ethnicity and comparable hairstyles.

Leb Haircut

In a separate Leb gang attack that same day, Jake Schofield (20) was walking along Hume Road at Cronulla around midnight when a car pulled up beside him.  Four men of “Middle Eastern appearance” jumped from the car, beating Mr Schofield repeatedly, striking him with a lump of concrete and stomping on his head and body several times before stealing his phone and keys.

The attack left him with a fractured eye socket, fractured nose, two stab wounds and traumatised.  Mr Schofield also suffered memory loss from the unprovoked attack.

Two Lebs were arrested a month later on January 27, 2006 and charged with armed robbery in company with wounding, malicious wounding with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray.

Lebs Stephen Elmir (20) and Wael Tahan (21) of Riverwood dobbed in their fellow gang members Michael Ceissman (22) and Mahmoud Eid (20) of Regents Park. All are West Tigers NRL supporters.  Mahmoud Eid, 26 later moved up the road to Punchbowl.  On March 25, 2103 he also pleaded guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court to three charges stemming from the Islamic Hyde Park Riot in September 2012.

Eid admitted rioting, assaulting a police officer, kicking a police dog “Chuck’’.

Cronulla Leb Rioter Mahmoud EidCronulla Leb Rioter Mahmoud Eid


All of the men had pleaded guilty in the New South Wales District Court to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.  They were each sentenced to a maximum two years’ jail, but were all freed within weeks.

Stephen Elmir is probably related to the ginger jihadist, Abdullah Elmir.

In handing down the sentence in the NSW District Court on Friday, Judge Brian Donovan said it had been a planned attack, but took into account the mens’ remorse and their prospects for rehabilitation.

What crap our justice system is!  Deport all Lebs convicted of serious offences back to Beirut.  The Lebanese Civil War ended in 1991, so the refugee Lebs can go back home now – Sunnis, Shias, Christians, the lot!

LebaneseMuslimGangs-CrimeFamiliesRoll Up, Roll Up!  Sydneysiders deserve a ‘Great Leb Roundup.’ 

Lebs overcrowd NSW gaols and will just re-offend.

Who needs them?