Meritocracy in Abbott Government painstakingly fumigates Gillard’s Emily Listers from power

Julia Gillard will go down in the political history books as Australia’s dumbest, most wasteful, ‘chronyist’, spiteful and most sexist prime minister.

She was the first PM to have been sacked from her day job for “questionable” professional conduct and error in judgment over favours done setting up an AWU slush fund for her then boyfriend.

Julia Gillard

Gillard never won public office. She will be remembered as a Labor Left factional installation – starting as an installed candidate in a guaranteed safe Labor seat of Lalor, concluding by backstabbing Rudd for the job as PM.

To most Australians who voted Labor out in September 2013, Gillard with Rudd, will go down in history as having conned power by spending millions in clever election propaganda, then once in power plundering Australian taxpayer wealth, “zip” results, but robbing a generation of Australians from taxpayer inheritance.  Only politically blind Labor Left may fathom any attributes.

A card-carrying socialist, Fabian and feminazi, Julia Gillard detested male leaders in politics; even their blue ties. She banded with former Premier of Victoria Joan Kirner and her coven of socialist feminists to set up Emily’s List – a Leftist political faction within the Labor movement for women to get into power.

Emilys List Australia - women only no merit needed

For the years Gillard was in politics and then took power as PM, Gillard ensured plumb jobs for her Emily’s List women, not by merit, but because they were socialist women.

Emily's List

Nova Peris, an Emily Lister, was Gillard’s most infamous captain’s pick.

So too was Gillian Triggs, an Emily’s Lister.  Gillard as PM (17 July 2010 to 26 June 2013) who anointed Gillian Triggs as President of Labor’s new creation – the Australian Human Rights Commission (for boat people) on 27 July 2012.  Gillard granted Triggs a five year appointment and so an inherited burden for successive governments.

Triggs stayed silent during Gillard’s tenure as PM and through Rudd’s second tenure.  But once Labor lost the September 2013 federal election, and after tea with Emily’s Listers a plot was hatched.  Timely, on February 3, 2014, Triggs launched her Human Rights Commission inquiry into children in closed immigration detention – all of whom had arrived by boat under Labor’s six-year watch (2007-2013) but let’s not allow time to get in the way of a good stitch up of Abbott, eh Tanya Plibersek (Emily Lister)?

Triggs exaggerated and sensationalized supposed evidence in a July 2014 hearing to make the incoming Liberal Government Immigration Department and its Minister look bad.

Triggs claimed there was evidence detained children had tried to poison themselves.  There was no evidence. Triggs claimed there was evidence children had swallowed detergents or other poisons, put plastic bags over their heads, cut themselves and used the hijab to try to hang themselves.

There was no evidence.

Gillian Triggs politically indignant when it suits

Triggs claims “head-banging is very common”. “There were children with big lumps, untreated sores, red eyes. But most of them were coughing, had asthmatic conditions or stomach complaints. You would not tolerate that as a neighbour, as somebody meeting another person in a school environment.  “There, it’s endemic.”, Triggs hysterically burst out at the hearing.

Baseless mischievous crap, and no doubt Plibersek was a key orchestrator of yet another Labor smear campaign.

Attorney General Senator Brandis’ office had asked Triggs to resign quietly in February 2015, dismissing Gillards political implantation of a 5 year partisan term as illegitimate chrony politics.

Triggs is a sad case.

Today in Federal Parliament, Prime Minister Tony Abbott shook his head saying that the Australian Government has lost confidence in Gillian Triggs; the children in detention report was a “political stitch up”.

Mr Abbott said the government has lost confidence in Professor Triggs because she had decided to hold an inquiry into the number of children in immigration only when the Coalition was in government, despite Labor’s policies causing their detention.

“It’s absolutely crystal clear, this inquiry by the President of the Human Rights Commission is a political stitch up,” he said.  “I would be glad for Professor Triggs to be of service to the Australian government but I am afraid that the reputation of the commission will not survive the reputation of political partisanship, which I am sorry to say Professor Triggs [has].

Trigg’s appointment and her decision to delay her inquiry until an unfavourable government would be publicly held to account are both partisan politics contrary to any expected independence of her public office.  Triggs actions were a stitch up and her reputation is only as a Labor stooge.

Get the fumigators in!

Let’s hope more Labor partisan Emily Listers get fumigated.  Gillard was a foreign witch.  No part of Australia’s social conscience, past, present or future endorses an exclusive club of a privileged few to replace meritocracy with chronyism. Such tactics are unAustralian, and indeed. anti-Australian. Such tactics are inherently Richo’s Labor Party – whatever it takes!

Graham Richardson a politician of whatever it takes

If there is a role for an Australian Human Rights Commission, its terms of reference ought to start not with illegal migrants, but properly with underprivileged Australians such as Indigenous Australians and all those Aussies denied access to Legal Aid.