‘Free Trade’ for millionaire exporters at the price of cheap imported labour armies



The insidious agenda to re-colonise Australia and, fully enmesh it into the Asian sphere, is something that has been the goal of the big parties from as far back as the 1880s.  However now some 150 years onward, the acolytes of those back then are in the processes of fully-implementing their schemes. And the Summit [on how to manage China] held in Sydney on Monday November 18 in 2019 and indeed the Morrison Liberal government agreeing to allow India to export thousands and thousands of its two bit workers to fill jobs gaps – bears stark testimony to this treachery.

About ten days ago I dispatched a discourse alerting people to the forthcoming Summit in Sydney on Mon Nov 18. It will involve bringing together a bevy of high-profile politicians and business people to discuss:  ‘How will Australia handle its relationship with China?’

To that I said and now reiterate, this Summit is effectively, going to be overtly a brown-nose fest, whereby most of these participants will readily sell-off different facets of Australia’s autonomy in order to placate and facilitate the demands that China places upon us. They just for want to get the big bucks. Having said that, I’m fully aware of how important China is and has been to Australia’s ‘prosperity’ for close on three decades.

However, where I take great umbrage is with how China is now attempting to lord it over Australia – as it is duly also doing to scores of nations on four continents.  It seeks to force us to forgo our economic and political independence!  Tragically, in spite of the glaringly obvious danger that China poses to the stability and independence of many countries around the world, made worse by it establishing military installations in the South China Sea. These cretins are prepared to totally ignore the detrimental aspects of a rising China in-lieu of profit.

Effectively, this Summit looks awfully like the main players want to surrender Oz and to receive its directions from Beijing. In other words, making Australia a vassal-state of the Dragon!

But, lo and behold, I read The Australian November 12 in 2019, by Ben Packham titled: ‘India eyes opportunity to fill skilled jobs gaps’, (reproduced below) it becomes rather conspicuous that our despicably reprehensible band of politicians – in the Federal and State echelons – are collaborating with big-business to make this scenario even worse by importing labour.

Quite simply, as the heading of Ben Packham’s piece clearly says, our politicians have been involved in colluding with India as an inherent part of the trade-pacts that they’ve been negotiating over the past 6 years. The free-moment of workers is a primary element that India has demanded as an inherent requirement that we are going to bring Indians into Oz to fill the jobs gaps.

Without beating around the bush, all of this is part of the long-term agenda implemented by our incredibly devious collective of politicians and captains of industry to implement the agenda to recolonise Australia. But, of course, for anyone who is at least 30 years of age and is familiar with either Sydney or Melbourne or both, is fully au fait with how this programme of the recolonisation of Australia – is already in full swing.

To assuage that truth, merely requires travelling on almost every bus and train in, or out of the City of Sydney or Melbourne CBD, and observe that, persons of Anglo-Celtic/European extractions are now in varying degrees – the ethnic minorities. Overall, AEs are now, at best, around 48% of the country’s two largest metropolises. However, in scores of suburbs, in either of our two largest cities, non-ACEs account for between 75-90% of their residents.

Of course, for the Big-Australia-Brigadists, this is all so marvellous because these immigrants equate to consumers, therefore, increasing their profits and/or revenues.  Unfortunately, all of these greedy entities can’t realise or maybe, refuse to accept, the immense trade-offs in these scenarios: the sociological cohesion of Australia has been sacrificed for their short-term benefits.

For make no mistake about it now that, Sydney and Melbourne have been transmogrified into cabals of ethno-cultural tribes which means that there is no future for the country, because it’s inevitable all these elements must succeed with the fracturing our society into racial zones and who knows – communal warfare.

‘Indian eyes on skilled job vacancies in Australia’

by Ben Packham, Foreign Affairs and Defence Correspondent, The Australian, November 11, 2019, https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/politics/indian-eyes-on-skilled-job-vacancies-in-australia/news-story/931218dcbdcdd6704d15924b8ae2b7c8

An Indian strategy to boost economic ties with Australia will recommend skilled Indian workers “fill the gaps” in the Australian economy.

Former ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who is writing the ­Indian government’s response to a 2018 Australian report on the bilateral trade and investment relationship, said Indian health workers, infrastructure specialists and security guards could fill labour shortages in Australia.

The report, to be released before Scott Morrison’s visit to India next year, will say it is ­“imperative” that India focus on Australia to meet its future minerals needs, and a new port on the country’s east coast offers opportunities to boost imports of Australian LNG. The draft ­report identifies acquisition of Australian agritech companies, cotton farms and food companies as key investment opportunities for India, and says India can benefit from Australian expertise in renewable energy and electricity grid technology.

Speaking in Delhi on Monday with former Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade secretary Peter Varghese, who wrote the Australian report, Mr Wadhwa said India’s decision to stay out of the 15-nation RCEP free-trade deal offered a “a great opportunity” for a fresh look at a bilateral trade deal with Australia. Mr Wadhwa said Indian doctors and nurses were already filling skills shortages in the Northern Territory, and there was scope to expand co-operation in providing skilled workers.

“Provided we have skilled people from India to fill these gaps, there would be some amount of meeting of minds ­between the two sides,” he said.  He said security was “a growing area in India”, offering the potential for Indian security guards to work in Australia.

Indian Lathi Security

The push to lift Indian access to the Australian labour market will be a potential point of contention for Australia.  Australia and India began ­negotiations on an economic co-operation agreement in 2011, but the talks stalled in 2015 amid difficulties over agriculture and services market access.

Mr Varghese declared in his 2018 report: “There is no market over the next 20 years which ­offers more growth opportunities for Australian business than India.”   He means a few multi-millionaire exporters based in Australia, and Australian free work visas in return…?