Lisa Clutterham, welcome to Ruddism

So Big Kevin Rudd’s Baldrick deputy, Anthony Albanese, bleated forth Ruddism ego so beholdenly last Monday, that by Labor anointing King Rudd it could but only elevate the Labor brand.

Rudd’s Albo has surely tasted sperm!


Rudd’s deputy continued:

“Rudd’s change is aimed at boosting party membership.  This is an opportunity to re-engage in Australian politics for all those who are Labor true-believers but have, up to this point, questioned the value of party membership,” Albanese said.

See, we were right!

Albo goes on… “And today we launch a massive recruitment campaign. We want people to be a part of Labor.  If you support Labor, if you want to be engaged with Labor, we are saying to you, that we want your participation as a member.  And in return for that you will get a say in who is the leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party.”

So Big Kev wants to give Labor Party members a say in deciding who leads Labor?

To ensure it has to be Big Kev, what better tactic than denying an informed committed Labor Caucus?

Put the vote to the people, they luv me says Big Kev and with my media branding – better than Gillard’s 457 McTernan eh?

So naively responding to Big Kev and Albo’s invite for Labor’s  mythological true-believers to come forward, innocent young pretty local thing, Lisa Clutterham says.. “er, ok Kev, I believe in you as Labor’s messiah”.

So vicious Labor faceless forces quickly grabbed, ‘persuaded’ and anointed their young Ms Clutterham to transformationally become Labor’s fresh new pre-selected Labor face of traditional working class Melbourne seat of Lalor.

Strangely enough, Lalor is Julia Gillard’s seat.

So Kev is more desperate than Clive Palmer to find anyone to be a candidate.

Ms Clutterham joined Labor Party just as Kev backstabbed back to PM office in June.

”So I’m a very new member,” she said. ”It isn’t much of a pedigree.”

Lisa Clutterman

Ms Clutterham confirmed on Thursday that former foreign affairs parliamentary secretary – now Trade Minister – Richard Marles, a Rudd supporter, had encouraged her to run for Lalor.

Dumb by naivety, Lisa Clutterham on an ABC interview, declared no connection to Melbourne or Julia Gillard’s seat of Lalor, other than her partner visiting Werribee as a child.

Clive Palmer candidate to a tee!

Clutterham’s only credentials for Gillard’s Seat? – being a pretty young thing at just 29, who probably got sourced by Kev on Facebook.

Other than that Lisa was an Australian diplomat to Papua New Guinea.  She has never lived in Melbourne and has been a party member for less than a month.

That’ll do, Clive Palmer candidate to a tee!

Then after being interviewed by the media as Kevin’s sudden new thing to replace Julia,
Lisa came across as a bit.. ‘young’ ?

Rudd subsequently, rather than defending his new recruit candidate by a proud political leader, instead spontaneously belittled and laughed off Clutterman’s media interview as ‘interesting’.

Nice one Kev.

Bleat “sorry” to Australia’s indigenous and then expect them to just move on. Appoint heaps of women to Cabinet, but then dismiss young folk and other “pushy little things“.   Hail Ruddism!