Australian farmers may be forced to plant rice and noodles

Australian farmers may be forced to plant rice and noodles to feed the Asian Century.

2 Minute Noodles

LibLab  ‘Asian Food Bowl’  vision for Australia  by 2025

The Labor Party has recognised that Asians to our north and their plane loads immigrating into Australia daily, simply breed like rabbits.   Asian breeding and their recent penchant to emulate Western lifestyles, are compounding unprecedented Asian consumer demand and luring vacuous and cash desperate politicians to kowtow, genuflect and bend over to self interest (Chinese:  “Zìwǒ lìyì”).

So Labor in October 2012, under PM Gillard keen to cash in (“capitalise”) on the rise of Asia’, launched its yellow paper diktat: Australia in the Asian Century

The diktat broadly prescribes that in just over a decade Australia is to be economically Asian-only dependent, dumb down decent Australian workforces to the Asian hourly rate, for us to become more ‘Asia-literate’, all talk Ching, and sign over to free trade to benefit cheap Asian imported food, and to ensure Australians learn to be more like Asians, Ying Yang loss of face cultural sensitivity included.

Pigs fly.   What it avoids is the supply-side myxamatosis option.

Mandarin speaking PM Rudd, Gillard’s Ying Yang predecessor and successor, wants more Chinese in Australia and more Australians to speak Chinese.

Rudd - more Chinese the better

Gillard warned last year that Australians must be ready to act as the food bowl of Asia.
“Australians should face dramatic changes in Asia ‘with confidence, optimism and strength, building our food-processing industry”, so that it can supply Asia’s growing consumer markets with even more irrigated farmland (Murray-Darling aside).

So Labor is selling the Australian farm to the Chinese, to open up land for farming in northern Australia in a plan designed to help feed China’s swelling 1.3 billion breeding citizens.

Asian CenturyCan I have Aussie Citizenship with that?

Labor’s Trade Minister Emerson (Whyalla Wipeout fame) took off again to China to sell large-scale investment by Chinese agricultural interests in undeveloped land in northern Australia, and now they own and control the Ord River Scheme, Cubby Station, Queensland Sugar, Atherton Tablelands and NT cattle stations.  The Shanghai-based Zhongfu group, which trades in Australia as Kimberley Agricultural Investments, has been linked with the potential investment in the Ord.

Labor jetsetting to Asia to sell off Australia has been constant and weekly. New noodle menu on each flight. Big Mao Rudd is addicted to both the noodles and the jetsetting, bludging on the Australian taxpayer tab in true Labor Value sense of career privilege.

And the Chinese?  Velly Happy, yes!

Gillard's Asian CenturyTastes good.  I pay for nothing.

Labor’s rubber stamping Foreign Investment Review Board in 2010 approved more than 5,000 investment applications from Chinese totalling $15 billion, most by the Communist Party. Not one was rejected by Labor.

Then if the uber-promising Liberals get to power, Abbott similarly is targeting the Asian corporates to double Asian foreign ownership and control of Australian agriculture, our national mineral wealth and our national energy resources – gas and coal.

Abbott’s coalition said it also has planned to publish a yellow paper on its Asianisation proposals if elected.  Abbott has revealed his secret intent to “unlock” Northern Australia above the Brisbane Line to foreign leasing,and the banks are creaming.   Cubbie Station, by a Chinese-led consortium, is just the beginning.

But Australian farmers, expert and world leaders in producing wheat, canola, cotton, sugar, wool, beef and fruit, may have to re-think their markets under Labor or the Liberals.  Asians eat rice and noodles and these look set to become the cash crops to set Australia up as the new ‘food bowl of Asia’.

Australia the Food Bowl of AsiaSo how do the Asians harvest their noodles, anyway?


Australia agriculture has traditionally been exemplary at producing what Australians traditionally consume – beef, wool, lamb, stone fruit and vegetables, cereal crops, sugar, as well as manufacturing baked goods and food processing like by iconic brands Uncle Tobys and Murray Goulburn.

But these Australian agricultural staples have little demand from Asian stir fry billions to our north.  So under either the Liberal or Labor Asian Century diktat, Australian farmers may be forced to convert to planting out rice and noodles.

And to learn Mandarin.

Asian Food Bowl

Bugger that for a joke!