Australia First supports Labor’s ‘whatever it takes’ policy on illegals

“As of today those that come by boat will never be settled in Australia”.

– Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, today

Australia First supports Labor’s ‘whatever it takes‘ policy announced today on the illegal migrant arrivals by boat threatening Australia’s sovereignty.   King Kev has finally seen the Right Light.  He is finally listening!

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We posit to go harder.  Go True Blue!  Apply it to the daily plane loads of economic migrant queue jumpers too!  The lot of them are sufficiently financed to pay for the expensive journey, else they couldn’t – could they, Kev?  The Third World asylum thing is both a con and a United Nations Leftist Policy to more conveniently physically encourage PERMANENT MIGRATION of any impoverished to the First World.  It is the UN’s Agenda 21 vendetta against First World nations not timely making their billions in unconditional donations to UN funds to migrate the Third World poverty to dependence on First World welfare.

Migration is Invasion, end of story!

Boatpeople deemed economic migrants are supposed to be sent home, a policy that has been pursued with much vigour and success in relation to the Sri Lankans.   So do the Right thing by Australians, Kev.

Iranian illegals comprise exclusively of economic migrants according to Rudd and we agree.
We support Labor’s new call for ALL illegal boat arrivals to be auto-transferred offshore to Manus Island, and we call for any other non-Australian island that our kind neighbour Papua New Guinea may offer up for such a worthy cause!


Australians First!

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Our True Blue Enactments:

  • Immediately revoke Australia’s membership of the obsolete 1951 Refugee Convention that has become a laundering law for people smugglers and their onshore lawyers.
Economic IllegalsTheir relatives say its great in Australia.  So they’ve paid good cash to fly one-way to Indonesia and thousands to the Indonesian military boat smuggler. 
They have skills and qualifications, but they hate queues.
So Here We are – quick look like a refugee!


  • Transfer all illegals (refugees/asylum seeker claimants or otherwise) out of the many onshore detention centres and from amongst the Australian community to offshore locations like Manus Island – Serco to operate.  Dismantle off onshore detention centres.
  • We include the taxpayer full cost of illegal processing to be a deduction from Australia’s total foreign budget – Navy, Customs, Federal Police, ASIO, Immigration, DOCs, chartered flights, detention centres, community accommodation, Medicare, Centrelink, etc.
  • Labor’s open door policy on encouraging illegals since 2007 coupled with extreme billion dollar gifting to foreign countries, have come on the back of an expensive strategic military crusade supporting for US strategic interest in Afghanistan.  Combined, Labor’s overseas junkets have blown multiple billions and years of Australia’s foreign budget.  So we will place a six year moratorium on Australia’s gross aggregate foreign budget – foreign aid, foreign trade, donations to the UN or any foreign power, all immigration, all military crusades not in direct defence of Australian territory.
  • All permanent visas handed out to immigrants deemed to be a refugees/asylum seekers since Whitlam came to power on December 5, 1972 – to be converted to temporary visas and any citizenship appointments of same revoked.
  • Immediate deportation of all foreign-born prisoners in Australian gaols back to country of departure before first arriving in Australia.  Costs to be deducted from Australia’s foreign budget. Stricter laws on ethnic crime would make Australian urban street safer to walk along like they used to be.
  • We will adopt United States Coast Guard proven border protection termed ‘Alien Migrant Interdiction (CG-5313)‘ to enforce immigration law at sea.  “Between 1991 and 1995, there was a dramatic increase in the number of undocumented migrants interdicted by the Coast Guard. During this period, over 120,000 migrants from 23 countries were interdicted.”  – better than John Howard’s Solution!   The task shall be contracted to a tasked private firm; and so freeing up Australia’s Navy to do return to its core naval duties.
  • Given the Australian taxpayer billions in costs to be deducted from Australia’s foreign budget, on top of more than $10 billion that Labor has squandered on foreigners including the US foreign crusade in Afghanistan, Australia’s foreign budget is long blown.  We estimate a 6 year moratorium on all foreign budget matters warranted.

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  • We relish today’s palpable raging face of Sarah Hanson Young – Queen of the Illegals.  Her in-camera poise short throwing a tanty is priceless television viewing.  The extreme Leftist bitch wants to dumb down Australia to be the fall guy and welfare bucket of the Third World’s problems.   She choses to avoid Australian ethnically crime saturated suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.
Sri Lankan Boat People on 457 Visas
Privileged refugees happy as Larry downunder

The moment you give them a visa, welfare, housing, Medicare, training, or a job

You deny an Australian a birth right!

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