Liberal Senator Ian MacDonald is Australia’s most sanctimonious of grandfathered entitlement

So amidst the ongoing scandal exposing politicians’ expense exploitation of perks, rorts, bribes and outright corruption, bellows elitist snob Liberal Senator Ian MacDonald.  He dares to insist that he deserves some grandfathered welfare entitlement to a Gold Card Business Class Flight Pass for life after public life.   Why?  Ordinary Australians don’t.   This Gold Card privilege comes on top of Senator MacDonald’s already overgenerous bagful of undeserving retirement perks, as if he’s some aristocrat born to rule.

PM Turnbull wants to scrap Canberran pollies’ Life Gold Pass on July 1,2017, but only because he is under political pressure.

But Ian MacDonald doth protest. On top of MacDonald’s already aristocratic salary of $200,000 p.a. to do stuff all as a backbencher in Queensland, plus his expense perks, superannuation, retirement pension, etc, etc, insists he deserves his Life Gold Pass to fly anywhere business class for him and his family for the rest of his life.

No matter how lavish, the gravy train is never enough for our politicians.

If he wants to make himself the target of Aussie despise, then YEP he’s become Canberra’s top pig wallowing in the taxpayer trough.  Didn’t George Orwell call the head pig in Animal Farm, ‘Napoleon‘?

Sir, your elephant is ready.


MacDonald must be some insular fool and probably has early onset dementia.  Retire him now and wheel him out before he causes more damage.  Dementia would not be his fault, but he can pretend to be King Louis XIV, cordoned away from public responsibility and out of reach of the public purse – in his own taxpayer-funded chateau.

This grandfather holds arrogant aristocratic entitlement straight out of 18th Century European nobility.

The codger is poisoned dead wood.  This so-called ‘Father of Parliament’ is no ‘Sun King’ but a dithering safe seat, backbenching, freeloading, ‘yes man’ – a down right unAustralian sanctimonious git.

Worse, his insistence for deserved welfare makes him a hardened socialist, so exposing his lifetime of deception of pretending to be a Conservative.  He claims to be standing up for rorters rights.  He claims politicians work extremely hard and don’t get paid particularly well for their efforts, as he returned from his daily polly gourmet liquid luncheon.

What has Senator Ian MacDonald done for Ordinary Australians besides keep a passive compliant safe Liberal seat warm?

He’s of the privileged, a lawyer and a career politician – so he’s never had to really work.  His only real claim to fame has been to brand leftist propaganda unit “GetUp! being the Hitler Youth wing of the Greens“.

This was a gem, but not deserving a lifetime reward.

There’s always a faster way to go.