Conservative Tory Cory Bernadi not for Ordinary Australians

So yesterday the Liberals lost another one.  Senator Cory Bernadi of South Australia quit the Turncoat Turnbull Coalition Team to return to his conservative liberal roots, establishing his own Australian Conservatives party.

Cory Bernadi is right about the demise and lost direction of the Liberal Party.

Of course Liberal PM Malcolm Turnbull and his fellow rats have betrayed conservative and non-conservative Australians alike.  The Liberals by their owe doing, back-stabbed democratically elected PM Abbott, no different to gutter tactics Labor did twice. Mal’s Liberals have since imposed leftist globalist policies on struggling Australians…as would have Labor.

Of course Malcolm was always in it for Lord Malcolm.  Liberals were blinded by his left-leaning personal preferences toward populist ‘Labor-lite’ appeasement.  So Libs blindly follow Mal’s current whim about renewables and childcare for migrants. These are not the priority concern of Ordinary Australians.

It is ‘housing unaffordability’.

Those old enough to recall will know that Liberal and Labor policies of imposed mass immigration forced upon urban Australians year on year continues to fuel unsustainable housing demand and so pricing out millions of Ordinary Australians from home ownership.  Imposed mass immigration is directly driving mortgages to the lot of only the wealthy and forcing both parents of most Australian families to have to work – so forcing the need for childcare in the first place.    

What would millionaire Lord Malcolm know?

Like Labor, Liberal conviction and gut feel for Ordinary Australians and for our sovereign rights have gone out the door.

Toxic Branding exposing the Point Piper Lord Malcolm’s new clothes


Of course the Liberals like Labor, have become a collection of individualist pompous career politicians self-elevated to the “out-of-touch political class” misguided by “expedient self-serving, short-term ends”.  Mal’s self-serving culture has infected the Liberals like cronyism.  Treasurer Scomo has lost his mojo and succumbed to the entitlement culture of the political party machine.

Bernadi truism in his departing speech extract about the lost Liberals and their crisis of conservative support:

“In short, the body politic is failing the people of Australia..the level of public disenchantment with the major parties, the lack of confidence in our political process and the concern about the direction of our nation is very strong.  This is a direct product of us, the political class, being out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of the Australia people.” 

But Core Bernadi is ‘right‘ as well.  He is Right Wing.  Right Wing is defined as ‘politically conservative’, the establishment class. We call it ‘born to rule’.

Tory Cory romanticizes Liberal Party nostalgia


So Cory Bernadi has done a Don Chip of 1977 but in the other ideological direction.  Like ‘small-l liberal’ Don Chip, Cory Bernadi has been a rebel with a cause, has sided with a losing PM in an internal leadership feud, and paid the price by being sidelined from Cabinet.

Don Chip’s resignation speech March 24, 1977:

“I have become disenchanted with party politics as they are practised in this country and with the pressure groups which have an undue influence on the major political parties. The parties seem to polarise on almost every issue, sometimes seemingly just for the sake of it, and I wonder if the ordinary voter is not becoming sick and tired of the vested interests which unduly influence political parties and yearns for the emergence of a third political force, representing middle-of-the-road policies which would owe allegiance to no outside pressure group. Perhaps it may be the right time to test that proposition.”

This really shows how the Liberals have been essentially ’emperorless’ since PM Robert Menzies departed in 1966 – arguably the end of Australia’s sovereign golden age of prosperity.

Does Cory expect his role to be more than just ‘keeping the bastards honest’?

Fellow conservatives in the Liberal Party are too secure with their privileged entitlement class lurks and perks to dare step into any sense of conviction and gut feel outside Canberra’s fake diplomatic fortress.

Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz, George Christensen and Andrew Hastie are might be conservative but they are career risk averse.

Tory Cory nurtures his support links to various secret ruling class wealthy elite donors of hope and of corporate Australia.  He’s funded by the wealthy elite, not just family but from various vested interests of the Liberal dissafected.  So it is these Bernadi investors he is liable.

Brand “common sense and the silent majority?”

Give Aussies a pub test!

Cory’s Liberal factional competitor Pauline Hanson presents most ordinarily and populist chasing.  Mal’s dissaffected blue ribbon Libs have started ralling around Cory – the ‘born to rule‘.

Not quite as Malcolm Fraser meant it where you needed colonial parliament heritage and a large sheep station. You can still become part of the new conservative elite by managing your way there, that is, rising through the ranks as a ‘professional’ or through the party apparatus and so on, in proving your loyalty, but the ideology of the new conservatism suggests the conservative elite have the heritage and the principles to be the master group. They would manage us into an Asian future, with the flag waving, the Constitution still in play and the monarch’s head upon the coins.

That ideal reeks through Sydney Traditionalists. It echoes in Q Society (which has the Pentecostal religious advocates in tow and they are chosen by heaven) and in the stoic bearing of Bernardi and the military look of Bernie Gaynor.


United Nationalists Australia:

“Alternatively, we nationalists represent the working population, the ordinary working class, the working farmer, the working small-trader and other patriotic working people. We are not born to the spoon. And we don’t seek a yacht trip with Gina Rinehart as Cory copped over the Christmas break. We don’t want our labour price reduced by deregulation or our terms of trade busted by the hyper free market and we don’t believe that money makes you ‘better’.”


There are in Australia several historical movements and parties. And indeed, Australian conservatism has a long history, if a rancid one of nation-squandering for class profit and the advantage of the foreign master. For our part, the Australian nationalist movement arose out of the original struggles of Australian labour and of the radical nationalist literary and political tradition. The spectres of Henry Lawson, Jack Lang, John Curtin, PR Stephensen, William Lane, William Spence, Louisa Lawson and a host of others, march in our ranks. In the struggle now alive in front of us, that tradition will be put up against the born to rule conservatives. It is a true fight for Australia and the future of our people.

While on the one hand, Cory morally rejects the extreme left:

  • Rejects deviant marriage, deviant Third World adoption, sexual experimentation by the leftist Safe Schools Programme indoctrinating minors
  • Rejects climate change alarmism and de-industrialisation
  • Rejects the invasion by Third World welfare squatters
  • Rejects Islamic fundamentalism dressed up as PC multiculturalism.

..well, most Australians do as well.  Like most Australians he supports “individual freedom, property rights, internal order, a strong national defence, and the administration of justice.”  He supports Australia’s traditional European “values, customs, conventions, and norms of the Judeo-Christian tradition”.  Nothing unique here.  It is why the Left, deviants and Third World advocates hate him.

Yet while Cori Bernadi may reject Malcolm’s lost ‘large-l’ Liberal Party, he endorses small ‘L’ neo-liberalism, globalism and hard right Thatcherism.  How is such conservative extremism (globalisation, more privatisation, lower wages, and a poll tax) likely to benefit Ordinary Australians?

Bernadi’s “conservative” values, principles and priorities have a disconnect to those of Ordinary Australians, especially his big business economic globalism  .

Is Bernadi to show the same conviction and gut feel to challenge the pedophilia rife across the Catholic Church in Australia which has destroyed the lives of 4500 Ordinary Australians?  Isn’t secular Australia respectful of a woman’s rights to terminate in 2017?  Bernadi is all about perpetuating globalisation, mass immigration, free enterprise providing a free-for all for big business and multinational cartels, for free trade to allow see Third World imports dumped on Australia undermining our decent wage levels and conditions and continuing to force our First World industries to our growing unemployed rust belts.

“A better way?”

NO COMPARISON IN LOYALTY:  Cory Bernadi is an Australian Conservative, not an Australian Nationalist


by Dr. Jim Saleam


“So Australia now has three Liberal parties: Liberal Party (Official), Pauline Hanson’s Liberal Party (Extra) and Cory Bernardi’s Liberal Party (Hard).

Quarrels between leaders and disputes over modes of presentation are important things.They should never be ignored. However, essentially there will be three globalist-capitalist free market parties, all in the tradition of the historic Liberal Party, calling themselves patriots and conservatives and vying for votes and support. They will spread diabolical confusion all over voter land and may even confuse new people entering politics for the first time and who take it all as ‘genuine’ disputation.

For the nationalists there is no confusion. These parties will be linked ideologically and politically and linked in terms of personnel. In that sense, the Officials will be the ‘father’ in this unholy trinity and the others satellites in its service. In saying that we still take account of human rivalries which will divide individuals. That is all to the good that they exist as in the end they may weaken the whole game.

Australian politics is beginning to come apart! Something is occurring deep in the belly of the globalist project. Many can feel it.
These conservatives (sic) are all in one way or another ‘immigrationist’ (including the sly Hanson) who favour the multiracial society united only by ‘values’. All want to break organized labour (and not just crook unions) and cheapen the price of labour. All target economic regulation. They do not challenge the globalist project and only want it to run more smoothly and in a way more friendly to the Aussie lifestyle.

It can only be that the people are starting to question the project itself that the ‘split’ in conservatism has occurred. After all, these conservatives love a bit of flag waving and pseudo patriot posturing! The deception of people is raised to a new level.

We say this too because the Australian Labor Party also has its Labor Party Extra, a group called the Workers Party that has the temerity to say it is true to old Labor principles and mentions as mentors the saints of true labourism – Jack Lang, John Curtin, Ben Chifley, those giants whom we nationalists say are our guiding spirits. Labor Party Extra would not happen on to the scene if the ALP was not frightened of losing a part of its base – to somewhere.

The new landscape pushes the nationalists immediately to the margin, the political jungle whence we were fighting to emerge. So what? It is clean there. We will now have to organize in the community, on issues neither the conservatives nor the fake laborites will touch. We will generate our own political space. We will be with all who fight globalism at the micro level and we will confront the conservatives in particular as they try to ensure the youth adopt a fake civic patriotism and not a full-blooded nationalism. Quickly indeed, we will unite ourselves and organize for the long fight.

The era of the three Liberal parties (and the two Labor parties) is the time for the growth of the one nationalist party that will step by step grow ideologically, politically and organizationally in the service of Australian Identity, Independence and Freedom.”

End Immigration Now