Islamic Bookshop raided – ASIO struggling to stay ahead of Labor’s imported Muslim threat

Two days before the anniversary of September 11 terror attacks on America, Australia’s retiring ASIO Chief David Irvine (67) publicly came out worried that Australia’s intelligence was actively considered raising Australia’s terror threat level, from Medium to High.

How belated, diplomatic, bureaucratic, timid, lax, incompetent and downright arse-covering before Irvine’s pensioning off!   Too many three-course meals in office. And to be replaced by a 61 year old Infantry Commander with what depth of strategic intelligence experience?  So many capable committed professionals have been passed off for this pivotal Defence leadership role.

The terrorist threat upgrade comes after Queensland Premier Campbell Newman held an urgent meeting with the state’s police commissioner to discuss security arrangements at the forthcoming G20 Summit in Cairns and Brisbane.

On September 9, 2014, Australian Federal Police raided the iQraa Islamic Centre disguised as a bookstore, gift shop and cafe at 2932 Logan Road in industrial Underwood, an ethnic enclave of Brisbane’s south.

Islamic Bookshop in Brisbane
Two Muslims were arrested by police and taken away for questioning.

The iQraa Islamic Centre sold Muslim propaganda and training materials, Muslim clothing, and provided for Muslim prayers and conversion.  It had a Facebook site and hosted a lecture earlier this year on what followers should do if they were contacted by ASIO.   The iQraa Centre is effectively a franchise for an international Muslim conservation movement already infiltrating the UK and America:

Proprietor of the iQraa Islamic Centre, Omar Succarieh (31) was arrested.  Omar lives in the nearby Arab enclave of Kuraby and was arrested his home as part of nine simultaneous dawn terror-related raids by Federal Police across Brisbane’s infamous ethnic south.

Omar Succarieh is the brother of infamous terrorist Ahmed Succarieh, believed to have died in a suicide bombing in Syria.  Ahmed was investigated over an incident in Syria in September 2013 when a truck laden with explosives was driven into a military checkpoint.

Terrorist Ahmed Succarieh is hailed by the mainstream media as Australia’s first suicide bomber.  Idiots, Succarieh was never Australian, just a product of illegally imported evil and filth by Leftist Labor.

Omar runs several businesses from the iQraa Islamic Centre.  He faces charges of providing $27,000 in funds to a terrorist group in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, which is a banned terrorist organisation in Australia, and also helped with preparing for incursions into Syria with the intention of engaging in hostile activity.

Omar SuccariehOmar is accused of funding a banned terrorist network, and was recorded by police telling his wife he had to leave country to escape arrest.  Omar was subsequently caught with a flight ticket to Dubai.

Secret listening devices, hidden in the iQraa Islamic Centre at Underwood reveal Omar professing his love for the al-Qa’ida-linked terrorist group that his younger brother carried out a suicide mission for, and Omar declaring “I love Jabhat al-Nusra, love it … Yeah I’m a JN you know and Allah …”

What a closet raghead loser!

His Muslim co-accused, Agim Kruezi (21) of nearby Boronia Heights, was actually born in Australia of Albanian Muslim Sunni background.  Police have learned that he has “extreme Islamic and jihadist views”.  Clearly Agim didn’t assimilate, couldn’t surf and probably couldn’t even swim.

Kruezi was a former employee of the Islamic Centre and has similarly been charged with preparing for Syrian incursions and recruiting people to engage in the Syrian conflict.  He was also charged with recruiting people to commit the same acts.

Omar Succarieh

Kruezi has form.  When Australian Customs officers searched Kruezi’s belongings at Brisbane International Airport in March, they allegedly found $A4000 (€1000), images of himself with an al-Qa’ida flag in the background, several images of empty graves with the words “are you ready”, and details for a bank account.  A week before he tried to board the Dubai flight, police allege he purchased a universal solar-powered phone charger.

Agim Kruezi’s passport was seized and six months later, the 21-year-old is behind bars on terror-related and weapons charges.

An affidavit handed to the court during his co-accused Omar Succarieh’s bail hearing reveals Kruezi is accused of recruiting an “undercover operative to join IS” to fight in Syria or Iraq.  The affidavit claims police surveillance from the centre captured Kruezi telling an associate: “if you join the military you’re a … because they’re at war with our Muslim brothers and sisters … as soon as you start fighting our brothers and sisters for the sake of the … you have … from your deed … you have to be killed … so like … if you join the military … I’m actually allowed to kill you … like Allah has actually ordered me to kill you.”

The nine search warrants, including one on the iQraa Islamic Centre and bookshop in Logan, seized crossbows, a gun and a “significant amount” of electronic data.

Weapon Seized in Raid on Islamic Bookshop

Bullet holes were found in the Centre’s side windows of the iQraa Islamic Centre, having been fired from with the Centre and several bullet wounds were found in mannequin heads outside – target practicing?

Bullet holes in window

Kruezi was found by police with a shortened .22 calibre semi-automatic sterling long arm, as well as small arms ammunition.

Federal Police assistant commissioner Neil Gaughan, the agency’s national manager of counter terrorism, said the nine raids involving ASIO, and 180 Queensland and Federal Police co-ordinated by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) investigation in Operation Bolton, and were the culmination of a 12-month investigation.   The raids involved nine search warrants in Logan and southern Brisbane.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the men’s alleged activities would be a big wake-up call for Queenslanders.

Asylum Seekers

And Greens-Labor let more than 50,000 in, unconditionally, each set up with welfare, and most with no I.D.


According to Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Control, from 2008-2013 under Greens-Labor, 92% of all considered asylum cases relating to people arriving by boat were granted (p.30) – Muslim, Sunni, Jihadist or otherwise, who knows?

Asylum Seekers Granted Visas in Australia