Every year around Christmas, over at least the past two decades, a collage of indigenous groups crank up their program to complain that they were dispossessed by Britain colonising Australia.

Tragically, this array of these indigenous entities across Australia is mute when it comes to condemning the contemporary agenda by politicians, captains of industry, and billionaires pushing open border programs. The most diabolical aspect of this agenda involves our relentlessly deepening ties with India.

In mid-2016, is when I first became aware of a high-profile scheme being nurtured by politicians, acting at the dedicated behest of big-business entities, to forge closer business and trade ties with India. I dubbed this to be ‘Out of the Wok, and into the Pyre’. Subsequently, I have written several dispatches from 2018 exposing the diabolical consequences which lay ahead for Australia with millions of Indians inundating Australia. Effectively, by early 2016, the very same collective of treacherous politicians and industrialists who over the previous 30 years had been relentlessly pushing for Australia to ‘get into bed with China,’ had come to the stark and horrifying realisation that, China was never going to become a stable and reliable member of the World Economic Order.

So, to counter both the huge economic losses of moving away from China being Australia’s portal of perpetual prosperity and the need to counter the dire threat China posed to the security of the region, this very same clique of treacherous politicians and captains of industry who got it disastrously wrong about China, are now seconding India to fulfil both of these requirements. This is palpably obvious in the areas of Defence, with what is called the Quad – which is short for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.

As for the economic-trade corridors, this comes in two nuances. One of them involves Australia exporting its ores and fossil fuels to assist with India’s development. And the other is with India exporting its citizens to Australia to propel the service sectors, and also with IT and high-tech industries. A significant aspect of the service sector lies in greatly ramping up the intake of international students from India (and other countries in the Subcontinent) as full-fee paying students.

The evolving Third City in southwestern Sydney is destined to become a colony of Indians, running a version of Silicon Valley.

Concerning IT and, most significantly, the development of high-tech industries, this comes to pass at a gargantuan and frightening cost whereby Indians establish a colony. The innate crux of this scheme inherently involves the emerging Third City in southwestern Sydney, which is buttressed in the bosom of the second airport at Badgerys Creek. The Third City is planned to stretch about 23km in the corridor from Badgerys Creek Aerodrome up to Penrith and adjacent suburbs.

In late October 2021, the former PM, Scott Morrison, and his political cronies made two visits to Badgerys Creek airport to gloat about the “hundreds of thousands of jobs” to ensue in the future years once the second airport was completed in 2025-26. However, what Morrison and, indeed, all of those lackeys pushing the Third City—amongst many in this cohort include, the NSW Premier, Domonic Perrottet, Jennifer Westacott of the BCA, and the IT billionaire, Cannon Brookes. In reality, the Third City is planned to be a Multi-Function Polis [MFP] with its prime objective being to focus on IT and high-tech industries. It’s to be a version of Silicon Valley.

At face value that all seems so grand. However, where it all comes askew is that most of the capital to establish these high-tech industries and, worst of all, virtually all of the people to be inducted to staff these concerns will be Indians. Quite simply, the ambitious MFP in the Third City is destined to become a colony overwhelmed with Indians. To gauge an insight into this can be ascertained by reading the piece by Matt Wade in the Sept 8, 2022, print of the SMH titled, ‘Moving at a very fast pace: Billionaires and politicians push Australia-India ties.’

Wade reports on a major dialogue that took place in Delhi on Tuesday. The piece is replete with a picture of the conference which depicts that over 30 participants were attending it. From Australia, there were the CEO of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott, Fortescue Metals CEO, Andrew Forrest, Mike Cannon-Brookes of Atlassian, and the shadow Immigration Minister, Dan Tehan. As well there were the former Australian politicians Tony Abbot, Ted Baillieu, and most significantly so with that arch-traitor Barry O’Farrell, who used the lame excuse for resigning as the NSW premier because he didn’t declare a gift of an expensive bottle of Grange.

When the reality of affairs was that, O’Farrell left his position to make way for Mike Baird to assume the premiership of NSW. This was because it was needed to have that criminal Baird at the helm to facilitate 140 billion dollars of capital—$25-30bn of it being from illicit sources—to flow in from China to be channelled into the state’s real estate markets. The reason for this occurring is because Mike Baird was au fait with facilitating huge amounts of capital to cross borders, from his time working as a merchant banker for the most corrupt money-laundering institution with HSBC.

This major conference just conducted in Delhi is called the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. As it transpires, this was originally planned to take place in March 2020 but was curtailed by COVID closing borders. One of Cannon-Brookes’ prime objectives is to pursue “the huge opportunities renewable energy projects offer”. Cannon-Brookes is specifically referring to the development of massive solar-panel farms and, maybe, a green hydrogen facility at Lake Argyle/the Ord River, across the Top End.

Once more, developing these massive renewable energy facilities sounds so impressive. However, the grave catch with it entails having to import hundreds of thousands of desperate and low-skilled immigrants from the Third World to operate them. One estimate is that six towns would spring up across the Top End from Kununurra to the NT with renewable energy plants that could entail up to 400,000 featherless Subcontinentals populating them. No doubt, these colonies would rile indigenous peoples across the regions. But if indigenous people protested these interlopers would doubtless respond with indignant violence. ■