Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott…the Laberal Pendulum Blade

The LABERAL system swings from one ‘face’ to ‘the alternate face’ between opposing odours of maladministration, self-interest and waste.  Between each three year swing the electoral victim dies cut by cut until divided and conquered.

Laberal Pendulum Blade

Abbott’s post-honeymoon but still smiling Liberal Party has big plans for us and seeks to mire us and then enslave us and the country into the globalist economy.  So did Rudd, so spot the difference.

If you are a farmer, expect your land to come up for grabs by the mining companies and your produce overwhelmed by subsidised foreign imports.  Don’t expect Canberra sympathy for drought, fire or flood.

Abbott Says No

If you are a worker, expect an army of offshored contract labour (on 457 Visas) to swamp your workplace and make you redundant.

If you are a small business, expect no end of two-bit competition from all variety of newly arrived ‘business migrants’.

If you are a student, expect that your siblings won’t make it into university on any tax support, because LABERALS has made sure our universities survive on funding drip feed from foreign student up front cash, even if they can’t understand a word of English.

If you are a pensioner trying to get into public housing, expect to be down the list as refugees get ahead of you.

And for our country, there are set to be more refugees than ever under the Liberals as the bad public relations boats are stopped.  They will allow the planes into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (never polly Canberra).

As the future takes shape, look northwards to CAPRICORNIA, the zone to be hived off from the country for the foreign multinationals and banks, where armies of contract labour will fly in to build the Asian Food Bowl and exploit the super mines.

The Liberal Party intends to integrate Australia as quickly as it can into the new Asia Pacific economy and do it with efficiency and by force – against farmer groups, trade unions and patriotic organisations.  The new ball-game demands an upgraded, professional and activist Australia First Party.

Eureka Resistance

At no point have the Liberals demanded an end with immigration, nor have they said a firm ‘No’ to refugee intakes. And we would have expected nothing less from them. Under John Howard, the Liberals boomed immigration to dizzying numbers. The Liberals know that the ‘end’ of the policy – is to effect a change in Australia’s demographics.

The questions for the Liberals have been to stymie community fears over such a monstrous thing dispossessing the Australian People in their own country..

  •  Will we Australians become a minority in our own country within 50 years?
  •  Is the attack upon our national identity (in education, media, politics, cultural institutions) part of this change in our status?
  •  When do we become “part of Asia”?

Chinese in Australia