Hooded Caucasian Aboriginal vandalises Australian statues..paying respect to Elders past and present

Another leftard divisive hate campaign dreamt up on a gunge binge, another justification to cut their welfare.

Seems some half-cast has used his DOLE cheque to buy graffiti spray paint to do a rant on a Sydney Hyde Park statue of James Cook and forgo a high.  As if Everleigh Street doesn’t have enough.

Paying his respects to Elders past and present..then went chroming instead

He was obviously put up to it by leftards linked to Greens-Labor, all committed to Anarchism’s second coming, joining the perversion of climate alarmism, anti-vaxxing, and deviant marriage.  And ignore bleating Turncoat’s spiel about some hefty fines next time. Mal’s all talk.

Da left are addicted to trying to rewrite history in their extreme ideology.  It’s all a mis-taught history lesson in our schools by da leftard teachers federation for their own hip pockets. Certainly there is “no pride in genocide” by dinky Aussies for foreign ethnics.

And Aborigines should indeed “change the date” of false heritage from dreaming about 60,000 years. In truth the date was August 22, 1770 when Third World terra incognita got discovered. Then eighteen years later on January 26 1788, terra nullius got civilized by the First World British.

Before all that who knows?  Anthropologist analysis has shown that Mungo Man’s DNA was not Aboriginal and he was running around the Mallee 42,000 years ago. Similarly the Gwion Gwion rock art around Roe River in the West Kimberley was culturally non-Aboriginal, showing human forms adorned with tassels, hair ornaments and even clothing!

“There may have been people in Australia prior to the Aborigines…”

– Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm June 25, 2015.

Carbon dated Aboriginal Rock Art showing ancient White Mimi people having a great time in Australia 50,000 years ago


The Liberals will have the last Aborigine out of Waterloo and Redfern within ten years.  It will be full-blown yellow for black and remnant black fellas will be back on the reservation out of sight in scrub humpy ghettos around Wellington, Burke and Boggabilla – probably all on cashless welfare cards.

Have a Captain Cook at leftard cultural Marxist welfare political abuse across Redfern ,Marrickville, Newtown, Collingwood, Yarra, Darebin, Freemantle and Hobart leftard councils for starters.

So pull Federal grant funding for all these anti-Australians who reckon they can go it hatefully alone without Australia.

These deserve to be da next targets for Cashless Welfare Cards so they can’t spend their welfare on gunge and hydroponics!    Better still, despatch dem with a pack of Oxycodone.

Here’s some leftie historical truth.

Leftie hero Gough Whitlam let in the Vietnamese plague that ravaged Sydney’s working class Cabramatta, who introduced Australians to the white hard stuff and murdered Australian politician John Newman – Australia’s first political assassination. Comrade Whitlam took half-casting to a new level with totalitarian multiculturalisation of White Traditional Australia and then legalised sodomy along Oxford Street. 

Then after depleting the Treasury with hair-brained communist schemes, a month before his deserved dismissal ironically on Armistice Day in 1975, Whitlam had betrayed Australia’s five war correspondents based in Balibo in East Timor by siding with the Indonesian Suharto regime to let them be murdered by the Indonesian military.  Whitlam let the Balibo Five become collateral damage.  He later lied to the coronial inquest that he had not read Ambassador Woolcott’s telex of October 13 of the impending Indonesia invasion.   Whitlam knew. 

Whitlam was a war criminal.  Gough Whitlam was Australia’s Benedict Arnold.  Arnold’s treacherous pact with the then British enemy Sir Henry Clinton is comparable with Whitlam’s treacherous pact with Suharto over letting Indonesia annex East Timor from Portugal.

Stick that up ya jumper leftards.

Lest We Forget. God Save the Queen.

Try asking for welfare from da Chinese