Don’t be a donkey, VOTE 1 Australia First Party in Parramatta (Dundas Ward)

Australia First Party is the only party placing Australians first.  We recommend no preferences. Australia First needs your vote in Dundas Ward in Parramatta tomorrow.



Australia First’s Victor Waterson is our candidate for Dundas Ward in Parramatta.

After more than a year under the control of the state-appointed administrator, voters will get to have their say and shape the look of the new council.  So tomorrow on Saturday, September 9 vote wisely to elect a new Parramatta Council that will honestly serve the people of Parramatta, not themselves.

Australia First Party is the only party that does NOT ‘preference’ anyone else. We are truly independent of all other groups.   And remember, a donkey vote or informal will do no good for the residents of Parramatta.

Victor along with Tania Rollinson and Adele Waterson are all commended for their campaigning and Australian activism over the past few weeks

The Australia First team in Dundas ward is committed to housing for Australians not super-development for overseas students and investors.

We believe that Australian heritage and identity are challenged by plans to make Parramatta part of a “global growth corridor”.

The massive highrise and the CBD changes, the freeway tolls and electricity price hikes for ordinary folk are part of creating this privileged enclave.

Our team is pledged to a clean politics that serves residents only, improves housing affordability and living standards.


Dundas Ward encompasses the suburbs of Dundas, Oatlands and Telopea, and parts of the suburbs of Carlingford, Dundas Valley, Ermington, North Parramatta, Parramatta and Rydalmere.

Polling Booths in Dundas Ward

  • Carlingford Public School
  • Carlingford West Public School
  • Dundas Public School
  • Ermington Community Centre
  • Ermington West Public School
  • Gospel Hall North Parramatta
  • Macarthur Girls High
  • Melrose Park Public School
  • Oatlands Public School
  • Parramatta East Public School
  • Parramatta North Public School
  • Parramatta Town Hall
  • Rydalmere Public School
  • St Bernadettes School
  • Sydney Town Hall
  • Telopea Public School
  • Yates Avenue Public School

It is time we placed Australians first