Dirt digging Liberals in Longman and Braddon – German-born Eric Abetz tries to call the kettle black

Australia First Party’s candidate for Longman in the July 28 by-election, Dr Jim Saleam, has blasted Liberal Party Senator Abetz for his comments made on July 17 that he was “a crook and a nazi”.

That was mighty foolish of the former German dual national.  Aren’t the current extravagant and wasteful by-elections around the country all because lazy, deceitful and self-interested politicians tried to hide their dual nationality and flaunted the Constitution of Australia because their allegiances lay elsewhere?

  1. Susan Lamb (Foreign Labor Party)
  2. Justine Keay (Foreign Labor Party)
  3. Scott Ludlam (Anarcho-Greens Party)
  4. Larissa Waters (Anarcho-Greens Party)
  5. Fiona Nash (Lapdog Gnats Party)
  6. Malcolm Roberts (One Pauline Party)
  7. Stephen Parry (Multinational Liberal Party)
  8. Jacqui Lambie (One Lambie Party)
  9. Nick Xenophon (One Xenophon Party)
  10. Skye Kakoschke-Moore (One Xenophon Party).
  11. Josh Wilson (Foreign Labor Party)
  12. Rebekha Sharkie (then Nick Xenophon Team).
  13. Barnaby Joyce (Lapdog Gnats Party)
  14. John Alexander (Multinational Liberal Party)

Now we’ve got committed anti-Australians like Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds abusing taxpayers’ wealth to unilaterally lobby to change the Constitution to treacherously excuse duplicitous foreigners represent Australians.  She reckons that Section 44 of the Constitution of Australia doesn’t accurately reflect the changing face of Australia.

Well stop changing the face of Australia, you anti-Australian bitch!  There have been 44 referendum questions put to the Australian people and only eight have been successful.  Why is that do you think?  Australians like Australia the way it is and don’t trust politicians like you.


Section 44 of Australia’s Constitution protects Australians by prohibiting those in our Parliament being:

  • Foreign nationals
  • Criminals or serious law breakers
  • Bankrupt
  • Public Servants
  • Have pecuniary interests with the Commonwealth

What’s bloody wrong with all that?  Australia’s Federation Forefathers had it right in 1901 and they still have it right.

Reynolds is an extremist.  Treacherously, she wants Western Australia to succeed from the rest of us (what and call it South China?).  She thinks she can resolve ABC leftist bias by selling it off, rather than by simply sacking the leftists for breaching national broadcaster’s charter, and insists on feminazi quotas.

Hateful Reynolds is attempting to do an ACTU Secretary Sally McManus – a frustrated Lesbian who doesn’t see a problem breaking Australian law when it doesn’t suit her anti-Australian agenda. 

Abetz conveniently turns a blind eye to his own Liberal Party members being crooks.   Revelations published today suggest that the Liberal Party MP in New South Wales Daryl Maguire, had deep links with Chinese companies with strong connections to the Chinese state.

Of course and in fact (!) it was Australia First Party which exposed this in 2012-2013 in its campaign against a China Trade Centre planned for Wagga Wagga.  At that time, Maguire denounced the Australia First candidate for Wagga Wagga Council Lorraine Sharp, for “making wild allegations”.

Now it transpires that these allegations were essentially – all true. Maquire was wonton corrupted – a simple son of a drover who ignored the MSG warnings.


The campaign waged by Australia First against the China Trade Centre, like our campaigns generally, have nothing to do with ‘white supremacy’ (sic) but in defending the European-Australian nationality and Australian independence.

Jim Saleam has hit back:

“And you call me a crook, Senator Abetz!? What we see is only the half-hearted responses by your party to deal with a problem that goes well beyond Maguire. What about Andrew Robb, who broke all rules of parliament to take on a directorship of the Chinese company that took over Darwin Port and who is now on his way to multi-millionaire status!? Crook? Why not try him? I call you the best of liars!”

Abetz conveniently turns a blind eye to his own family members being nazis.  Eric Abetz might indeed know all about nazis.  He was born in Stuttgart to a long line of German ancestry in Baden-Württemberg. His great-uncle Otto Abetz was a notorious Nazi SS officer; an SS-Standartenführer (colonel) no less, who proudly participated in Adolf Hitler’s Warsaw ghetto exterminations and was convicted for his role in ordering French Jews be deported to Nazi death camps in Poland.

Heinrich Otto Abetz (1903-1958) joined Hitler Youth, then Reichsbanner, Black Front, Nazi Party in 1931 and promoted to SS Colonel.

Otto was a full-blown Nazi.  He was Nazi Germany’s ambassador to Vichy France during World War II.

Abetz’s family including sister Hilda, with their notorious nazi connections think it’s smart to slander opponent candidates in Longman in 2018 as “nazis”?  Is this the pot calling the kettle black or what, Colonel Klink?

Australia First Party in its public material makes clear that the treason now infecting our country cannot be dealt with by current law. It is a mixture of corruption, espionage, pandering, patronage-arrangement and a real treason which no corruption commission nor treachery law (outdated as it all is) can address. It is unlikely ever to be addressed unless the nationalists possess state power and establish a tribunal to haul up the traitors, judge them, seize their property, deny them political rights for life and in a few cases – exact the ultimate penalty!

We urge the voters of Longman to vote for the man Herr Abetz has dubbed “crook”, “assassin”, “white supremacist” by the gangs of liars and fraudsters who swarm over the politics of liberal-globalist-capitalism across our sorry country!

In White Australia, is not White supremacy apt?  Just like Black supremacy in Africa?  Just like Chinese supremacy in China?

Eric Abetz would be well advised to check his own Liberal skeletons such as the corrupt millions in donations to his Liberal branch in Tasmania by the Federal Group gambling monopoly in Hobart and Launceston, by the big four banks, Gina Rinehart, the mining industry, big pharma and big business including Chinese billionaires expecting political favouritism.