Hanson dupes 18 per cent of Longman for Liberal preferences, now implodes on cue

Mathias Cormann: “Don’t come Saturday Pauline.  You’ve got 18% preferences for the Liberals.  Take that cruise to China you’ve always talked about.”

We warned patriots. Pauline Hanson’s ‘useful idiot’ status for the Libs has expired.  Yesterday, The Courier-Mail newspaper found One Nation’s pre-polling for the marginal seat of Longman showed the Ashby-Hanson ticket has secured around 18% of disaffected voters.

Pauline Hanson has suddenly declared ‘exhaustion’ and suddenly quit campaigning, citing “pressure”.

Once again she’s dumped on voters and abandoned her own candidate in Longman, Matthew Stephen to fight the campaign alone.  To all Pauline’s campaign trail blind well-wishers in Caboolture mall…told ya!

New pre-polling has confirmed that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation preferences would be likely to decide the by-election, and of course where are the preferences going?  To the Liberal Party.

“Welcome back Pauline”

“I joined the Liberal Party in 1995 and look what you did to me”


Back in the Liberal fold

Another book

Senator Hanson could not be contacted yesterday, but a senior One Nation spokesman said she was “exhausted and in need of some R&R’’.

“She won’t be campaigning any more in Longman; she wisely has taken time off and isn’t intending to campaign in Longman this week … she needs the rest,’’ he said.  “There is a big year ahead, which will include a general election, and she wants to recharge over the next few weeks taking a cruise to China and come back bigger, stronger, hating Asians a bit less.’’

Pauline was caught recently in Sydney’s Chinese enclave of Chinatown, tucking into wontons at the Golden Century Yum Cha.  With a table stacked with spring rolls and deep-fried MSG squid, Pauline was feeling peckish for something out of the ordinary. “I’m bored, the grannies pushing the carts keep on up-selling us on the deep-fried MSG dishes. Can we try something funky?”

One Chinese granny, who is bilingual due to her grandchildren being unable to speak the mother tongue rushed over with her cart. “You want to try real Chinese food, red hair lady? Try this now.”

The granny smacked down the bamboo steamer containing the chickens feet, stamping their card and scurrying away. “Ooooh what do we have here”, says Pauline as she lifts up the lid. She goes HAM on the chicken’s feet, sucking them like a true old-gen Asian parent would. “Heard this shit has so much collagen, will be good for my wrinkly face. No wonder Asian women age so well” Pauline moans as she demolishes the delicacies.

“Thank God these restaurants don’t have a one dish policy, I may need to rethink my campaign name now.”

Sep 14, 2016 “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians, but if you can’t beat em…


Australia First Party President Dr Jim Saleam on July 7 2018, warned disaffected voters about Pauline Hanson’s political fraud and treachery, as being no more than a satellite of the Liberal Party’s electioneering apparatus, and of Hanson’s looming use-by date in the aftermath of the next Federal election.  Why do voters think she recruited Liberal insider James Ashby to run her electoral campaigning, to vet her puppet candidates, to preference the Libs?

The Hanson implosion has come even sooner than expected!

Beyond Hansonism: Dr Saleam warns patriots about the impending implosion of the Liberals’ One Nation satellite


Selected Voter Comments:

R. Ambrose Raven:  “Only yesterday, this paper (Murdock’s Australian) wrote that she was putting both dominant conservative parties under great pressure.”

William:  “Seams like a cop out to me. What a critical time to take a break. Isn’t this her job?”

Erin:  “Has Pauline Hanson had a bust-up with James Ashby? He generally smoothes over any problems for her. I read that she has recently been in Singapore and in Scotland. Jetlag? Truly, when she has one candidate to support in one by-election, the notion of exhaustion is a complete cop-out.”

Michael:  “I thought she was on a cruise ship.”


10 Days cruising the Yangzte checking for coral bleaching?