Acknowledging 1967 and how Tasmanians have rebuilt

We acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the devastating Hobart Bushfire.

This bushfire memorial in Snug is in memory of the 64 who perished, the 900 injured, 1300 homes lost, the 7500 made homeless, the 80,000 livestock and the 652,000 acres burnt out, plus all the cars, bridges, power lines, sheds, fences, the $40M in damage.  Snug lost eleven residents and eighty of the township’s 120 buildings in that summer inferno that came out of nowhere.

It was Hobart’s Cyclone Tracey – townships wiped off the map in just 4 hours.

Long time locals will recall and their offspring will know their stories.

We recognise the disaster, the decades to recovery, the community resilience and the rebuild.

We honour the community spirit. We remember.