Climate Change aka Global Warming is a leftist cult hoax to undermine capitalism

This leftist con reckons that carbon dioxide is causing the planet to heat up.  It’s crap because the planet is not heating up, except usually each summer, and because carbon dioxide or CO2 is not an “environmentally harmful gas”, but occurs naturally (a constant 3% of the atmosphere) and has nothing to do with atmospheric temperature.

The global warming conspiracy theory is up there with the loony cultism of scientology, messianic prophecies (the Second Coming or third one), apocalyptics, doomsdayers, and disciples of Nostradamus, astrologers, Y2K buggers, flat worlders, water diviners, tea-leaf readers, and assorted clairvoyants.

Cult founder Ronald Weinland of The Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God, believes that Jesus Christ will return on the eve of Pentecost on Saturday, June 8, 2019.   The late psychic Jeane Dixon claimed that Armageddon is to take place in 2020 and Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist, Satan and the False prophet between 2020 and 2037.

F. Kenton Beshore reckoned Jesus would return in 1988, but when he didn’t show up, Kenton blamed his Biblical generation calculation had been a tad out.  It was actually 70–80 years, placing the Second Coming of Jesus between 2018 and 2028 and the Rapture by 2021 at the latest – definitely.

The superstition of ‘global warming’ was first coined by a geochemist, Wallace Smith Broecker of Columbia University in New York in 1975 in an article he wrote ‘Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming’.

It was a baseless unscientific work of fiction and fantasy  as a dogmatic prophesy. The left adopted Global Warming as a faith, and Broecher as their scientific prophet of imagined planet overheating armageddon.  Global Warming has been their key campaign platform in pursuit of their globalist ideology – to engender fear and guilt across the industrialised First World.

Broecker Exposed as a Fraud

On March 2 in 2015, Broecker in an open letter of apology to the entire planet wrote:

“Dear Planet Earth And Its Denizens,

As the scientist who named human-caused climate change “global warming,” I’d like to formally apologize. Looks like I screwed the pooch on this one. Screwed the pooch real bad.

What I felt was more than a mere crisis of faith in the name I’d chosen. This was more like a horrible epiphany that I’d made an irrevocably terrible mistake. Maybe the inevitable environmental apocalypse we seem to be hellbent on hurling ourselves toward on a rocket-ship powered by carbon dioxide is all my fault, a course that could have been altered if I would have just given it a different name.

I wish more than anything I could go back to 1975 when I first published my paper, “Climate Change: Are We On The Brink Of A Pronounced Global Warming?” and give it a different name. “Climate change” was right there in the title, too! Couldn’t people have locked onto that part? I didn’t think that I needed to specify “Climate Change For The Worse,” but I guess people are so dumb that you have to spell everything out for them or else — I apologize. There I go again, blaming others, but as a scientist I must take responsibility for what I have done.

Such is the burden one takes on when you publish a scholarly paper in a little-read academic journal — you do it knowing that before long every single person on Earth might be quoting your words back to you.

I got to meet Bill Nye the Science Guy. That was cool. But mostly I am crippled with regrets.

Oh, that I could name it something else. Anything else. I wake up with nightmares almost every night now, screaming out other names I could have given it.

“The Bad Pollution Hurt Earth Effect!” I shout from a cold sweat at 3 a.m.

“The Let’s Stop Poisoning Our Grandchildren, Please? Phenomenon!” I cry softly in the early morning hours of another sleepless night.

“Global Warming ON AVERAGE, But Yes Some Places Will Still Be Cold Sometimes But Just Look At The Fucking Weather Channel That Places Besides Where You Are Are Getting Warmer, For Fuck Sakes Didn’t You See That Documentary Footage Of The Polar Bear Starving To Death On An Ice Flow Because Its Habitat Is Melting?” I yell from a somnambular stupor.

My wife and I sleep in separate rooms now.

For years I’ve blamed Fox News for purposely obscuring the fairly plain facts of the empirically observable occurrence and spinning it to make it seem like an “issue” for “debate” for you to pick a side on that suits your existing worldview. “No, just because we had a lot of snow this winter, that doesn’t mean that average global temperatures aren’t rising,” I have wanted to yell at my television countless times and, more times than I’d like to admit, have yelled at my television.

For years I’ve blamed the Republicans for taking lobbyist money from the energy industry. “For the love of our future existence on this planet, can we please not kowtow to greedy industries with a clear profit-based interest in undermining the research calling for environmental restrictions?” I’ve screamed into the answering machines of my elected officials.

For years I’ve blamed the Democrats for being too cowardly to make a clear stand on the side of science out of fear it would alienate their religious constituencies. “Here’s a thought: Just because some individuals think science is a four-letter word that insults their personal faith, that is not reason enough to make policy decisions that doom future generations to a scorched existence!” I’ve carefully written with tiny letters on tiny pieces of paper that I’ve inserted into the cute little claw pouches of homing pigeons, releasing them into the sky for whomever to find my messages while the air is still clear enough for birds to fly.

But now I see clearly. I have nobody to blame but myself. And for that I apologize.

Let me here and now be clear, for once and for all: The phenomenon I observed is that the Earth’s average climate temperature has been increasing for a century due to man-made increases in levels of greenhouse gases, which in turn corresponds to exponentially extreme weather effects; the slight but significant increase in global surface temperature we can predict will result in rising sea levels, melting ice regions, expansion of desert zones, and more. The global effects will be catastrophic and we are approaching the point of no return. Some think we’ve passed that point. The governing scientific board of every developed nation on Earth has declared global warming to be real.

But all that isn’t enough, because people get hung up on that stupid, stupid name, “global warming.” And for that I deeply apologize.

I’ve given it a lot of thought. As a final act of contrition, I’d like to officially rename the phenomenon. This is my new choice, a choice which I think properly conveys both the actual effect and terrible severity of the matter:

“Global Greenhouse Gas Chamber.”

There. Finally, at long last, a name that nobody will have a problem with.


Wallace Smith Broecker, The Scientist Who Decided On The Name ‘Global Warming’ ”

So the Left had to shop around for a replacement evangelist, which they championed in Al Gore after his 2006 ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ gospel, so the hoax could persist. 

Polls conducted in 2012 across 20 countries found over 14% of people believe the world will end in their lifetime, with percentages ranging from 6% of people in France to 22% in the US and Turkey. Belief in the apocalypse is most prevalent in people with lower rates of education, lower household incomes, and those under the age of 35.  The loony Left know they have a potential support base of useful ignorants.


Neo-communism ideology is all about wealth redistribution from the industrialised First World to the Über-breeding Third World.  Of course it will lead to anarchistic choas.  It is idealistic.

The wealth redistribution is euphemistically branded ‘Sustainable Development’ and the global Left is hell-bent on undermining First World capitalism.   Leftist Communism Utopia Mark 2 failed in the democratic revolutions agains the Soviet Empire in 1989.  Since then the ideological Left haven’t learnt.  Why let the truth get in the way of an imagined utopia?   They are hell-bent on restoring their imagined utopia of a Neo-Communist Mark 3.

Nostalgic Communist Utopia Mark 1

COP 24 Evangelism

Where are the Climate Change Cult leaders this week?   Hundreds of them and their taxpayer-funded cohorts all jetsetted first class polluting airlines to Katowice, Poland for the annual Climate Change ritual ‘Conferences of the Parties’ faithful.


This year’s chin wag is dubbed the 24th COP – a “Work Programme” or rule book of the Paris Agreement.  It was for the faithful to share joint reflections on what to do about de-industrialisation of the First World and a wish list for Third Worlders.   Prophet Guterres says he looks forward to the next episcopal conference COP25 in Antarctica.

That’s why the United Nations of the Third World (75% Third World membership) is leading the Climate Change evanglism and fear campaign.

Where were they last week?   Hundreds of them and their cohorts all jetsetted first class polluting airlines to Buenos Aires in Argentina, where UN neo-communist elitist Secretary-General, António Guterres, has declared the UN’s strong support of countries who signed up to the 2015 Paris Agreement in the fight against fake climate change.  (The chosen ones).

The United Nations is targeting the G20 ‘Group of Twenty’ – the world’s 20 leading industrialised and emerging economies. Why?

Guterres reckoned the G20 comprises the world’s leading emitters of environmentally harmful gases, and that the declaration provides hope for a solution to a global challenge that he has described as a direct existential threat:

“these agreements by the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies, which also contribute the largest share of global green-house gas emissions, can help rally the international community to make sure that climate change is a race we can win. Indeed, it is a race we must win.”

That’s just lying crap.   The G20 comprises:

  1. Argentina (Second World)
  2. Australia (First World)
  3. Brazil (Second World)
  4. Canada (First World)
  5. China (Third World)
  6. France (First World)
  7. Germany (First World)
  8. India (Third World)
  9. Indonesia (Third World)
  10. Italy (First World)
  11. Japan (First World)
  12. Republic of Korea (Second World)
  13. Mexico (Third World)
  14. Russia (Second World)
  15. Saudi Arabia (Third World)
  16. South Africa (Second World)
  17. Turkey (Second World)
  18. United Kingdom (First World)
  19. United States (First World)
  20. European Union (First World).

Whereas the P20 – top polluting countries are:

  1. Pakistan (Third World, Islamic)
  2. Qatar (Third World, Islamic)
  3. Afghanistan (Third World, Islamic)
  4. Bangladesh (Third World, Islamic)
  5. Egypt (Third World, Islamic)
  6. UAE (Third World, Islamic)
  7. Mongolia (Third World)
  8. India (Third World)
  9. Bahrain (Third World, Islamic)
  10. Nepal (Third World)
  11. Ghana (Third World)
  12. Jordan (Third World, Islamic)
  13. China (Third World)
  14. Senegal (Third World, Islamic)
  15. Turkey (Third World, Islamic)
  16. Bulgaria (Second World)
  17. Mauritius (Third World)
  18. Peru (Third World)
  19. Serbia (First World)
  20. Iran (Third World, Islamic).



António Guterres declared at the G20 meeting, his UN’s global blueprint for a fair globalization – a “global blueprint for a fair globalization that leaves no one behind”.  He means raming up the wealth redistribution to the Über-breeding Third World.  His global declaration notes a focus on four pillars of doomsday Agenda 2030 (it’s morphed from doomsday Agenda 21):

  1. The future of work (preferencing Third World migrants)
  2. Infrastructure for development (in the Third World)
  3. A sustainable food future (for Third Worlders, wherever they chose to live)
  4. A “gender mainstreaming strategy” (undermining decent family values by mainstreaming deviant behaviours) .

Climate change yes happens weekly, seasonally and it varies a bit.  Down in Oz, summer doesn’t always kick in on December 1.  Sometimes it kicks in for instance on December 2 or 3.  Australia also cops a spell of floods or droughts, like we’;ve got both now depending oin where you live around the country – dought in The Hunter followed by a deluge. Last week Tassie copped storms, The Kimberley is getting tropical storms this time of year and there are bushfires up in Queensland.   What’s new?

The closet thing Australia gets to what might be ‘climate change’ is the El Niño climate cycle of the Pacific Ocean every two to seven years.  The cycle begins when warm water in the western tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward the coast of South America.  It alternates with an El Niña cycle.  It sets the leftist conspiracy theorists into a recurring doomsday froth – “See told ya climate change was real!

Then every 100,000 years the sun’s radiation intensity lessens a tad and the plant cops an Ice Age foir a few thousand years. The last one was 11,700 years ago, so we should be right for a while.


To Aussies this hot summer, enjoy your carbonated cold bubbly of choice and slip slop slap.

‘Schweppervescence’ was coined by advertising agency S.T. Garland Advertising Service Ltd in London in 1945. 

For skeptical nationalists, it serves as a visual metaphor to counter the Climate Change Hoax.