Cattle king S. Kidman & Co sale to Chinese is wong for Australian sovereignty

Chinese exist for more ChineseBirds of a foreign yellow feather, plumage together! 


Currently, Australia’s greatest threat to our sovereignty and to our way of life is from foreigners – from foreigners flooding our shores and taking over our jobs, and from foreigners buying up our land.

Moreso than radicalised Islamics, cashed up Chinese seriously pose the greatest foreign threat to Australians.

Australia First Party vows to end immigration, deport those who are not Australian and reverse land acquisitions by foreigners not in Australia’s national interests.  This retrospectively extends back to Labor’s havoc PM Gough Whitlam and his personal infatuation for asians to flood Sydney and Melbourne.

Aussies need to screen foreigners, and especially anti-Australian foreigners who get into our politics like Penny Wong – an asian, lesbian, leftist, career politician who joined a union and so Labor parachuted into a safe Labor senate position.

So when yesterday, Australia’s Treasurer Scott Morrison declared the proposed $371m sale of Australian pastoral giant S. Kidman & Co to a Chinese, Zhaobai Jiang, to be against our national interest and so rejected it, Penny Wong came out in defense of her Chinese race: “this is about appeasing the xenophobic“.

Wong:  “This is a political plaything.”

Takes one to know one.


Penny Wong not AustralianThe eyes have it, when it comes to one’s ethnic loyalty

This is the second time Morrison has blocked the sale of Kidman, rejecting a Chinese-led offer in November 2015 amid concerns about the sheer scale of the landholding — 10 cattle stations encompassing 101,000sqkm — and the proximity of Kidman’s Anna Creek station to the Woomera weapons testing range in South Australia.


“Even after the excision of Anna Creek and The Peake properties, Kidman will still be Australia’s largest private land owner and hold over 1 per cent of Australia’s total land area, and 2 per cent of Australia’s agricultural land.  Given the size and significance of the Kidman portfolio I am concerned that the acquisition of an 80 per cent interest in S. Kidman & Co Limited by Dakang Australia Holdings Pty Ltd may be contrary to the national interest.”

“I have concerns that the form in which the Kidman portfolio has been offered as a single aggregated asset, has rendered it difficult for Australian bidders to be able to make a competitive bid. The size of the asset makes it difficult for any single Australian group to acquire the entire operation.”

Yet Morrison, Liberal’s passive group thinker, also announced he’s asked his department to launch “an external and independent review” of the tender process.

“I want to be absolutely confident when I finally consider this matter that Australians have had every opportunity to be participating in that process.  We will continue to work through this process. I will not be rushed into this. I will make a careful consideration on these matters.  This is a very big transaction and it’s important we do the right thing by the national interest.”

That is Liberal speak for…we will approve the sale to the Chinese anyway, but to appease patriotic Australians our minders have told us to speak tough initially then find an excuse for doing what the Liberals wanted anyway – foreign ownership.

No, No, NoThought Bubble #?:   “No, No, No !”


There is no difference between the treacherous Libs and Labor.  Labor’s biased yellow witch, Penny Wong, accuses Morrison of xenophobia.

It was Labor’s Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, then Minister for Finance and Deregulation, then Leader of the Government in the Senate. It’s now Labor’s shadow minister for our national Trade and Investment.

As if she has loyalty to Australia?  Penny Dreadful Wong (real name ‘Penelope Ying-Yang’) was born to an ethnic Chinese in Malaysia.  That Malaysians don’t like the immigrant Chinese is an understatement.

In 2015 “Our Malay way of life is under threat. We want to support Malays, Najib, and tell the Chinese to keep their place,” said Faisal Nur, 23, a demonstrator from Malaysia’s rural north.

Wanna see a protest by locals pissed off with invading Chinese massing their independent nation?

Indigenous Malays protest against invading ChineseKuala Lumpur, Sept 2015  (Read More)


In China, Chinese number 1.3 billion and since January 1, 2016 their one child per family policy has ended.  So yellow rabbiting is back in full swing again. Outside China, the yellow diaspora numbers more than 50 million.  In Australia, they number 2 million and breeding. Outside Sydney and Melbourne, most Australians wouldn’t notice beyond the local ubiquitous sweet ‘n sour takeaway.

Chinese buying Australia

Problem is, the Chinese Diaspora takes over and preferences work and deals to their own Chinese.  Like other racist diasporas – Jews, Arabs, Negros – the Chinese are racist toward non-Chinese and so favour and perpetuate more panface wherever they emigrate.

Weeds, feral pests do this.

Of course a red monkey would side with a fellow red monkey for trade and investment, if not foreign ownership of Australia.  Ordinary Aussies were a wake up to the hordes of greedy colonising Celestial Empire back in Lambing Flat in 1861.

Chinese Deportation

So of course flogging Australia’s largest beef pastoral landholding off to the Chinese is contrary to our national interest.  So is Penny Wong. She’s damn contrary to our national interest.

Kidman CattleWe’re Australian.  Don’t sell us to the Chinese.

Chinese Out of Australia Now