Australian Politics Sucks

Australia’s inherited political system of Two Party Politics has become too simplistic, socially irrelevant and self-serving by its players.  It has had its day and the informal vote reflects this increasingly.

What is behind Queensland’s Liberal’s currently proposing non-compulsory voting?

Liberals and Labor (LibLab) have become a duopoly of petty, career political players who on both sides of parliament exude their identical ideology – short-term economic rationalism, breakdown of Australian institutions and self-serving agendas funded by undemocratically imposed privatisation and corporate globalism.

Lib Malcolm Fraser and Lab Gough Whitlam became best mates!  Keating was more Right Wing than most Libs and Turnbull could lead Labor. What’s the diff?

Australians have become tired of the LibLab pendulous cycle of over-promising Labor splurge and waste which disapoints and often fails in implementation; that is then thrown out by a disaffected electorate only to be supplanted by Liberal austerity cuts.  Libs get the budget back in the black on the back of a growing Australian underclass, who then go to the polls and throw out the conservatives for Labor overpromises.

Look at pith helmet Liberal Newman shooting down thousands of Queensland’s Anna Bligh installed public servants of late. And credit card packing Gillard Labor is head-long addicted to overpromising unfunded billion dollar schemes like Education Revolutions, NBN, Gonsky and National Disability. The only thing that now keeps Labor in power is  Sussex street-wise narcissism and John McTernan’s muck slinging.

Australian LibLab politics has become a self-serving crock.

Parliament House AustraliaTreated as Australia’s most extravagant public bar,
where taxpayer wealth is pissed up by the incumbent players against the wall


Perhaps only worse are the toxic Once Were Greens and their communist Leftist foreign prejudice which has seen them disgustingly celebrate another 17,000 boat illegals dumped on Australian taxpayer welfare in 2012 alone.

Even Bob Katter’s Australia Party is pro-immigrant prejudiced ahead of ordinary Australians.  Outback Katter needs to come into town more and experience the congestion and prejudice of urban ethnic Australia.

Australian Politics Sux.  Australian leadership has become a political vacuum.

Australians need a change from self-serving ‘Player Politics‘.

We each should reflect back on what Australian values and Australian standards mean to us.  Australians each have have a right to Australian identity for which our forefathers held and fought and died selflessly in multiple wars to defend us.

Traditional Australians have a birth right to shape the national priorities and agenda, not to enstrust that self-serving politicians will actually deliver on their word.

Gillard and Abbott Offshoring PartnersDon’t encourage their self-serving politics

– – –

Sarah Flood-Gate YoungCrying over 17,000 boat illegals, with now 20,000 every year

– – –

Independent Politicians sold out to GillardUnder Gillard’s spiteful reign, registered independents
(all ex-National Party members)
have each proven they can’t be trusted even with being ‘independent’

Vote 1:  Australia First Party

With us, Australians come first, unconditionally!